From Sidekick to Bigshot

Er Fengchong

Chapter 1232 - External Assistance is Very Effective

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Chapter 1232: External a.s.sistance is Very Effective

Under An Yang’s watchful eyes, Han Mengyu and Hu Jiaojiao left the Jian Residence.

A few moments after they left, An Yang couldn’t help but ask.

“Boss, is Han Mengyu reliable? Why did Master Sheng suddenly ask Han Mengyu to send Jiaojiao back home?” An Yang said. His voice was filled with doubts.

Even though Jian Yiling did not understand Zhai Yunsheng’s intentions, she knew it must be related to the message she had just sent him.

“I don’t know,” Jian Yiling replied.

Upon hearing this response, An Yang bit down on his lips. For some reason, there was an uncomfortable feeling in his heart.

And how dare Han Mengyu call her Jiaojiao?

Who did he think he was? Did he even know her well?

Even though An Yang was upset, he could do nothing to stop this from happening.

He was in no position to stop that man from sending Jiaojiao back home. Furthermore, he had no reason to question Zhai Yunsheng’s intentions either.

After An Yang left, Jian Yiling sent a message to Zhai Yunsheng:

[Why did you ask Han Mengyu to pick up Jiaojiao?]

[If some random man called you Yiling and planned to send you back home, I’d skin him alive.]

[I don’t understand.]

When it came to these problems, Jian Yiling needed a more straightforward explanation.

Otherwise, her brain would not comprehend what was happening.

However, Jian Yiling believed that if she experienced more of these things, she would gradually get what was happening.

What she lacked was relevant experience.

[This is what jealousy is. When a man is jealous, he can no longer hide his true feelings. He will quickly recognize what he truly wants.]

Han Mengyu knew how to flirt with women. He also knew what things would make other men incredibly jealous.

Therefore, Zhai Yunsheng was right to ask Han Mengyu to send Hu Jiaojiao home. An Yang indeed became jealous.

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Furthermore, An Yang couldn’t even express his jealousy.

This meant that Hu Jiaojiao placed the gift box on her lap as she took the photo in the pa.s.senger seat.

As Hu Jiaojiao’s family was not in Beijing, the person seated next to her was definitely not a family member.

Furthermore, he remembered that Hu Jiaojiao told him whenever she took a taxi, she would not sit in the front seat. If the taxi driver was a bad guy, she had a chance to escape if she was not seated next to him.

On top of this, if she was taking a taxi, Hu Jiaojiao would not be unwrapping a gift there.

From this a.n.a.lysis, it was inferred that Hu Jiaojiao must have been in a car with someone she knew.

And it just so happened that Han Mengyu sent Hu Jiaojiao back home today.

This meant that this photo was likely to be taken in Han Mengyu’s car.

To make matters worse, when Hu Jiaojiao left the Jian Residence, she wasn’t holding a gift box.

In other words, it was highly likely that Han Mengyu gave this gift to Hu Jiaojiao!

It seemed as though anyone in love could become Sherlock Holmes with their detective work.

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