From Sidekick to Bigshot

Er Fengchong

Chapter 1231 - Do You Miss Me Then?

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Chapter 1231: Do You Miss Me Then?

Jian Yiling: [You’re shameless.]

Zhai Yunsheng: [I wonder who was the shameless one first? Hm? Are only state officials allowed to light fires whereas civilians are not allowed to light lamps?]

Jian Yiling: [It’s still work hours.]

Zhai Yunsheng: [Well, if I’m not allowed to be shameless during work hours, I am meant to be shameless after work hours then?]

Jian Yiling: [I’m staying at the Jian Residence at the moment.]

Even if he wanted to be shameless during after-work hours, it wouldn’t be possible.

Zhai Yunsheng: [Do you miss me then?]

Jian Yiling: [Mhmm.]

Zhai Yunsheng: [How much do you miss me?]

Jian Yiling: [Quite a bit.]

Zhai Yunsheng: [Do you miss me or do you want to have a baby with me?]

Jian Yiling: [I don’t miss you anymore.]

As Jian Yiling read the message, her face became flushed. Thankfully, An Yang and Hu Jiaojiao did not notice Jian Yiling’s face becoming flushed.

Zhai Yunsheng: [Oh? Are you sure?]

Jian Yiling: [Hush, you’re being shameless!]

Ever since Zhai Yunsheng became well again, his wolfish nature got completely unleashed.

He not only said these things, but he also did certain things.

Currently, he was seated in a conference room with many other people. The managers of various departments were also presenting their reports and presentations to him.

Even though he appeared to be a normal person to them, his mind was filled with such dirty things.

After Hu Jiaojiao applied the medicine to An Yang’s wounds, the atmosphere became even more awkward.

“Just now… Thank you…” Hu Jiaojiao said politely.

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An Yang probably got into a fight with that man because she was Yiling’s friend. Or perhaps, he was just used to getting into fights when he saw something he didn’t like.

Even though a lot of women knew that he was a playboy, they still chose to flock to him.

When he entered the room, he first greeted Jian Yiling: “h.e.l.lo, sister-in-law.”

As there was a puzzled look on Jian Yiling’s face, Han Mengyu told Jian Yiling: “Master Sheng asked me to send Jiaojiao back home.”

Then, Han Mengyu turned around and said to Hu Jiaojiao: “Let me send you back home. It’s not safe for you to make a trip alone.”

“I don’t want to inconvenience you with…”

“It’s not inconvenient at all. Master Sheng knew that I was going somewhere near your university. It will be on the way anyway. That’s why he asked me to pick you up,” Han Mengyu explained.

Ahh, so that was the reason.

Since it was arranged by Zhai Yunsheng, Hu Jiaojiao couldn’t say no.

“Then I’ll trouble you for a bit,” Hu Jiaojiao said to Han Mengyu.

“No no. Not at all. You’re my sister-in-law’s friend. Therefore, we’re technically family. There’s no need to be polite,” Han Mengyu replied with a warm smile.

Then, Han Mengyu said to Jian Yiling: “Sister in law, I will bring Jiaojiao back home. Don’t worry about anything. I promise you she will arrive home safely.”

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