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Chapter 236 - Megaloptera 3

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Chapter 236 - Megaloptera 3

Aldrich flicked his hands like he was done was.h.i.+ng them, slinging off chunks of mashed up carapace and yellow, gooey insect guts. Around him were the corpses of the megaloptera nymphs, thoroughly put down with fist sized holes in their heads and abdomen.

Aldrich's spiritweave suit was stained with insect guts, but by just summoning a bit of his magical energy, he could get the clothing to self-clean itself, getting rid of any nasty stains or smells.

Very convenient.

In the distance, the fight continued to rage on with the megaloptera. Stella kept bombarding it from above while Ace covered her, acting a flying s.h.i.+eld to protect her from any spines. All the while, the megaloptera faced a slow death with Tox burying herself deep inside.

Aldrich noted that Tox's mindset completely s.h.i.+fted when she fought. It was something he had observed back in Blackwater as well. Normally, she was loud, expressive, skittish, and picky about what to do or what to eat. But when she got into a fight, all of that washed away, leaving behind a trained killer's core.

Tox exhibited signs of thorough mental conditioning. From Aldrich's research, he knew she had been kidnapped by Scavengers - villains that snapped up orphans from variant ruined battlefields to a.s.sess them for combat potential - when she was just five or six.

Even though most Alter organs remained dormant until age ten, it was still possible to roughly measure how strong Alter children could get by a.n.a.lyzing the organ's potential to house Alter cells and process them.

When Tox bloomed her power as an Elemental Augmenter - one of the rarest and best power categories - she was sent to Ember, a powerful mercenary organization that comprised one of the Dark Six.

Ember was known for indoctrinating its mercenaries from a young age with conditioning techniques that were not known even to others in the criminal underworld. What was known was that once a child came out of Ember, they came out trained, ruthless, and deadly.

Ember agents were valued as top tier prizes in the criminal underworld, fetching hundreds of thousands of credits minimum for even the most minor of jobs.

From what Aldrich knew, Tox was specialized for battlefield combat. In particular, she was feared for her expertise in invading other's bodies and melting them from the inside with expert efficiency, abusing her liquid form to its maximum capability.

Aldrich figured this fight was over at this point with Tox inside the megaloptera already.

But as he thought that, the megaloptera unleashed one more struggle.

The giant creature began to flap its wings rapidly. The wings glowed bright red and orange, generating intense amounts of heat and steam.

The rapidfire movement of the huge wings pushed the heat outwards like a hurricane of scorching winds, blowing everything around it back.

The heat waves were so intensely hot that they melted the rock around the megaloptera like it was b.u.t.ter.

Stella and Ace both flew backwards, getting out of the range of the fiery winds.

"Now that's something," said Aldrich. He watched as the heat waves circled around the megaloptera with extreme speed, forming into a howling angry orange tornado of crus.h.i.+ng winds, melting heat, and scorching steam.

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"Ain't it?" Clint landed beside Aldrich, driving up a small crater with the impact. He looked around at the beaten nymph corpses and whistled. "Hot d.a.m.n! You're no slouch either. Makin' me respect ya even more!"

However, Ace noted that the atmosphere within turned into a vacuum. Not that he needed to breath anymore. The biggest issue was it was still intensely hot here, the ground turning in a bath of liquid rock the megaloptera lay upon.

Too hot for Tox to survive.

Ace flew down to the hole Tox had gouged out. He went into it but the deeper he traveled, the narrower the opening became. Most likely because Tox had probably shrunk herself, compacting her corrosiveness so that she could melt through the variant faster.

The s.p.a.ce became so cramped that Ace had to eventually end up punching his way through, but the insides of the d.a.m.ned bug were almost just as tough as its outside.

Ace was strong, but he was not the strongest. He could not easily rip a variant of this size and strength apart easily. His punches blasted off chunks of flesh, but the variant, like many of its strength, had a decent healing factor that worked even through Tox's poison, hampering his progress.

He grimaced. He was still weak.

Weaker than Seth Solar.

'You're just a copy of me. An inferior one.' Seth Solar's words after Ace had suffered a decisive defeat and broken arm against the golden child.

'If you are weak, you are a failure.' Words rung in Ace's head from his time in the labs.

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