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Chapter 1599 - Insurance!

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Chapter 1599: Insurance!

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“You can store the b.a.l.l.s over the brocade pouch. Both of them came from the same source and could be used at the same time. Little Yuan, I will enter the bells and wait for you to take me to the marsh world!”

When Lin Yuan heard the Moon Empress mention her death, his eyes welled up with tears.

“Master, you have an endless lifespan now that you contracted the Lifespan Mouse. How will you die?”

When the Moon Empress saw Lin Yuan’s state, she gently tousled his hair and realized that he had grown taller again.

When Lin Yuan asked about the red moon, she also hesitated because her secret weapons were her biggest secrets that she only utilized at the right times in order to fix crises.


A decade ago, the Moon Empress had been a member of royalty for less than 20 years.

Yet, she had been able to take down a previous member of royalty from the Freedom Federation who had been a member of royalty for more than two centuries.

Despite being seriously injured, she managed to live and used her remaining 13 to 14 years of life to find an heir.

This was the reason why she never told anyone about her secret weapons.

However, she hesitated when Lin Yuan asked her and decided to tell him eventually because she trusted him and understood what it meant to pa.s.s down a legacy.

A legacy needed to be nurtured.

When she had been locked away, and the incident happened at Whale Ocean Commerce, Lin Yuan proved that he had become a pillar of the Radiance Federation and was able to pull off something that not even the royalty could do.

However, the Moon Empress could trust Lin Yuan implicitly yet did not want to find out what his secret weapons were.

While nurturing him, she decided to do only what was best for him.

This was in spite of how curious she was about the method he used to enter the marsh world.

“Silly child, I was just explaining a principle to you. I have never taught you a more sincere lesson since I accepted you as my disciple.”

Lin Yuan took a deep breath.

He was already fully satisfied with his current power.

But the Moon Empress’ words made him abruptly aware that he could not set his sights on only the younger generation.

His true enemies were not the people who were in his generation but the Freedom Federation’s Freedom Envoys and royalty, the First Emperor Shark Clan, and Tower Canon.

Hence, Lin Yuan was far from being sufficiently powerful.

The Moon Empress placed Zixi on the ground and said, “Zixi, go and pick some fruits while you’re waiting for Little Yuan and me to return.”

Zixi scratched its ears and knew that the Moon Empress was not taking it along because it could not control its curiosity.

At that moment, Zixi was rather jealous of Lin Yuan.

She was treating him so well that she was practically spoiling him.

Luckily, Lin Yuan had not become warped by her spoiling him.

Rather, he became almost all-powerful in spite of the Moon Empress spoiling him.

Lin Yuan tied the bells the Moon Empress gave him around the Jeweled Cave Golden Toad and pulled the Moon Empress in.

Lin Yuan also checked on the s.p.a.ce in the bells and saw that each had a s.p.a.ce of 50 square meters within.

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This meant that each of them was five square meters larger than the Jeweled Cave Golden Toad’s stomach.

Thus, every building here was s.p.a.ced far apart in case any had to be expanded.

Currently, a few Medusa Snake Demons were fortifying the pavilions with jade-textured wood shelves.

There were climbing Jadeite Grapes planted on the shelves.

The Jadeite Grapes were the favorite of the Hundred Questions Beasts and could nourish their spiritual energy.

Lin Yuan had specially selected a few Bronze/Legend Jadeite Grapes and nurtured them to Diamond grade.

It was very extravagant to evolve fruits to such an extent.

A few lifeforms with human bodies and crocodile heads were holding buckets of water next to the Medusa Snake Demons.

The Medusa Snake Demons were scooping out water and watering the Jadeite Grapes.

All of these lifeforms with human bodies and crocodile heads were the Marsh Crocodiles that White Pavilion had transformed using its natural skill. They had all been working hard on the territory but had not felt a shred of exhaustion.

The Moon Empress sniffed the humid air br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the fragrance of flowers.

When she looked up and saw the light green moon in the sky, she was finally certain that she had entered the marsh world.

The environment was already set up so beautifully that it proved that Lin Yuan had already been expanding in the marsh world for some time.

Lin Yuan said softly, “Master, you should absorb the light green moon!”

The Moon Empress nodded and said, “I will only need two hours to absorb the light green moon. However, the people from the Freedom Federation are also bathing under the light of the light green moon. If I absorb it, they will definitely sense it. However, I have a good idea. It will be an insurance that I leave in the marsh world for you.”

The Moon Empress paused before she gave out an instruction, “Sacred Tears, after I absorb the light green moon, you shall condense its power and put up an imitation version in the marsh world’s sky.”

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