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Chapter 1597 - The Moon Empress's Sacred Source Lifeform: Forage Moon

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Chapter 1597: The Moon Empress’s Sacred Source Lifeform: Forage Moon

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Lin Yuan followed Night Leaning Moon into the Spirit Guards’ land and saw the pale and sweat-covered Liu Jie standing at the door.

Liu Jie’s eyes lit up when he saw Lin Yuan, and he rushed up with a worried expression as he said, “Lin Yuan, the period after the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection will be very dangerous. As your retainer, I will fight by your side!”

Night Leaning Moon immediately snapped, “Nonsense!”

Creation Masters could call on their retainers to fight with them in a battle to the death.

However, the Freedom Federation envoy group would only be proposing a pretend friendly match.


In such a situation, Lin Yuan would not allow his retainer to partic.i.p.ate even if he was a Creation Master.

Liu Jie was usually composed. But whenever the matter concerned Lin Yuan’s safety, he immediately lost his head.

Night Leaning Moon said, “Little Yuan knows more than you do. Let me come up with a way for you to join the fight when the Freedom Federation suggests a friendly match.”

At that moment, Night Leaning Moon handed the 12 Firefly Demon Fetuses to Liu Jie and said, “Lin Yuan is giving these to you for your transformation. Little Jie, I only have one request for you.”

Night Leaning Moon’s expression turned stern, and Liu Jie was stunned when he saw this.

He had never seen Night Leaning Moon talk to him with such a demeanor.

Liu Jie hurriedly said, “Master, please speak.”

Night Leaning Moon looked deeply into Liu Jie’s eyes and sighed before she said, “Little Jie, your current personality makes you unsuitable to be a Radiance Envoy. You are more suited to be Lin Yuan’s Radiance Knight.”

She paused before saying slowly and punctuating each word, “If ever such a day comes, I hope that you won’t do anything that endangers the Radiance Federation.”

Liu Jie’s eyes widened, and he did not understand why his master was saying such a thing.

He had never thought about harming the Radiance Federation. Rather, he always wanted to protect it.

However, the first part of what Night Leaning Moon said made him let out a sigh of relief.

Ever since he became Lin Yuan’s retainer, his thoughts were preoccupied with how he could best protect Lin Yuan.

He never wanted to become a Radiance Envoy. He would prefer to be one of Lin Yuan’s two Radiance Knights.

Liu Jie knew that Night Leaning Moon had high hopes for him.

Thus, he never knew how to broach the subject with Night Leaning Moon.

But now that Night Leaning Moon had said it, he could set his mind at ease.

Liu Jie knelt on the ground solemnly, just like he did when he became her disciple, and said, “Teacher, I will never do anything in my life that puts the Radiance Federation at risk.”

Night Leaning Moon helped Liu Jie up and said, “Little Jie, your change started with the Blade Queen Bee. I suggest that you combine the first Firefly Demon Fetus with the Blade Queen Bee! Once it transforms, its psychotoxins will be improved. Its psychotoxins are the roots of its mutation. The Insect Queen has always reacted to the Blade Queen Bee’s psychotoxins. There’s a possibility that after the Blade Queen Bee transforms, its venom will enable the Insect Queen’s bloodline to mutate again. It might be able to gain its third pair of wings.”

As Liu Jie’s master, Night Leaning Moon already knew what the best choice would be for him.

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Before she accepted a disciple, she did not care about anyone else in the Radiance Federation besides the Moon Empress.

But it was currently a key time for Liu Jie to increase his power.

If time was managed well, Liu Jie would be able to increase his power using the Firefly Demon Fetus within two days.

While Liu Jie returned to seclusion, Lin Yuan returned to the Radiant Moon Palace and spotted the Moon Empress when he arrived.

She was hugging a little rabbit and sitting next to the lotus pool as she observed the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish swimming within.

When she sensed that Lin Yuan had returned, she stood up and said, “Cold Moon is going to bring Chu Ci back today. I haven’t seen Chu Ci in many days, but I heard from Cold Moon that she has improved significantly. And now you’re back too! Let’s go up the mountain to pick some fruits. I miss Cold Moon’s cooking!”

Cold Moon was one of the two Moon Envoys and usually stayed with the Moon Empress.

But ever since she accepted Chu Ci as her disciple and brought her out to train, she rarely had time to spend in the Radiant Moon Palace.

Lin Yuan called Chu Ci almost daily and knew that Chu Ci was returning today.

He missed her badly but had something even more important to do.

Lin Yuan said softly to the Moon Empress, “Master, is the red moon inside the Crescent Moon Radiant Sunlight Tablet you gave to the Mother of Bloodbath from the abyssal world?”

The Moon Empress replied honestly, “My sacred source lifeform is called Forage Moon. One of its abilities is that it can take control of moons.”

The Moon Empress was usually a very private person. Not even Night Leaning Moon knew what the Moon Empress’ sacred source lifeform’s name was.

This was the first time the Moon Empress revealed the name of her sacred source lifeform.

Lin Yuan said with a smile, “Master, I think I should give you a light green moon.”

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