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Chapter 1596 - No Tradition of Marriages of Convenience

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Chapter 1596: No Tradition of Marriages of Convenience

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Liu Jie was walking down this path because Night Leaning Moon had laid it out for him.

She had gotten the inspiration to turn Liu Jie into the ultimate weapon from Seventh Page War’s Nightmare Squad.

Although insect-species carcinoma feys could cause disasters, they were also resources for war, and it would be difficult for regular people to control them.

The Insect Queen had mutated and could now contract insect-species carcinoma feys.

As the Insect Queen became stronger, Liu Jie was now able to use it to control insect-species carcinoma feys.


However, Liu Jie had not been walking down this path for long before Night Leaning Moon found a loophole.

The Insect Queen’s power could be increased alongside Liu Jie’s spirit qi professional rank.

It could potentially break through to Creation, Immortal, or even Eternal.

However, the most powerful insect-species carcinoma feys that the Insect Queen could only take control of were Diamond X/Legend because of their intelligence levels.

The insect-species carcinoma feys’ muddled intelligence prevented them from comprehending Willpower Runes.

A few years ago, before the Spirit Guards fully banned carcinoma feys, a few factions would feed soul-strengthening spiritual ingredients to carcinoma feys.

This could enable the carcinoma feys to gain slight intelligence.

However, conventional methods could no longer control the slightly intelligent carcinoma feys.

The untamed carcinoma feys would undoubtedly start disasters.

This was the reason for the disaster that took place in the Radiance Federation and led to the banning of carcinoma feys.

Thus, Night Leaning Moon a.s.sumed that Liu Jie would only be able to contract Diamond X/Legend insect-species carcinoma feys.

She never expected that this limit could be exceeded.

If the Insect Queen contracted the Firefly Demon Fetuses, Liu Jie would be able to choose the strongest insect-species carcinoma fey that he contracted and combine it with the Firefly Demon Fetus.

This would turn the insect-species carcinoma fey into a source-type lifeform.

Just as Night Leaning Moon was about to burst with joy about this opportunity for Liu Jie, Lin Yuan went on to say, “Auntie Night, I have a total of 12 of the Firefly Demon Fetuses. It might be dangerous for the carcinoma insect-species feys to combine with the Firefly Demon Fetuses. You will need to watch over Liu Jie!”

At that moment, Lin Yuan took out the remaining Firefly Demon Fetuses and handed them to Night Leaning Moon.

Night Leaning Moon’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when she saw the 12 mustard-colored Firefly Demon Fetuses in his hand.

One of them was already enough for Liu Jie to transform.

With 12 Firefly Demon Fetuses, not even Night Leaning Moon would be able to estimate how far Liu Jie could go in the future.

Previously, the Firefly Demon Fetus would be Liu Jie’s final weapon.

But with so many Firefly Demon Fetuses, Liu Jie would be able to become the master of disasters.

He would be able to create insect-species carcinoma fey disasters whenever he wanted to.

Ever since Night Leaning Moon accepted Liu Jie as her disciple, she saw him as her heir.

Night Leaning Moon was not adept at expressing himself.

However, she treated him just as well as how the Moon Empress treated Lin Yuan.

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Lin Yuan not only gave her an opportunity to transform but was also giving a similar opportunity to her disciple now.

The Firefly Demon Fetuses were so important that Night Leaning Moon felt that she needed to discuss them at tomorrow’s imperial meeting.

Night Leaning Moon was reminded of the Freedom Federation’s Firefly Fantasy Earthworm.

The Firefly Fantasy Earthworm had just evolved to Myth Breed and was rumored to be a source-type lifeform that was native to the Freedom Federation.

Night Leaning Moon wondered if the Firefly Demon Fetus was of the same species as the source-type lifeform that had mutated the Firefly Fantasy Earthworm.

She felt that she needed to look into this.

“Little Yuan, where did you obtain the Firefly Demon Fetuses from?”

Lin Yuan fell silent for a moment before revealing everything Yin Lin had told him to Night Leaning Moon.

Night Leaning Moon’s brows furrowed tightly.

The Radiance Federation’s royalty already knew about what Lin Yuan had just told her.

However, this matter concerned the Radiance Federation’s reputation.

If the Freedom Federation proposed a friendly battle, the Radiance Federation would have to accept.

Night Leaning Moon was also going to present the information that Lin Yuan shared at tomorrow’s imperial meeting and discuss it with the other members of royalty.

However, she did not expect Lin Yuan to have a direct line of communication with Yin Lin.

If Yin Lin could reject working with the Freedom Federation and give something like the Firefly Demon Fetuses to Lin Yuan, it showed that they were on good terms.

Night Leaning Moon did not think about it in any other way.

After all, there was no tradition of marriages of convenience in the Radiance Federation.

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