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Chapter 1574 - Chimey Causes Trouble

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Chapter 1574: Chimey Causes Trouble

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Lin Yuan would not have dared to acknowledge them if he was not very certain that they were Genius and Chimey.

Genius and Chimey’s changes were similar to what had happened to Lin Yuan when he consumed the Silver Stamen Gold l.u.s.ter Ca.s.sia nectar.

Before he consumed the Silver Stamen Gold l.u.s.ter Ca.s.sia nectar, there were still impurities in his body. It was inevitable that some impurities could not seep out of his skin.

But after he consumed the Silver Stamen Gold l.u.s.ter Ca.s.sia nectar, his aura, features, and figure had not only changed significantly, but he even grew taller.

Genius was still white. But previously, it had been white like snow and faintly silver. But now, it was white like the shade of ivory that only existed in imagination.


Genius’ light blue eyes used to resemble Paraiba. But now, it was dark blue like topaz. Now, its eyes were so blue that they seemed to absorb all other blues, and it made Genius appear even wiser and more farsighted.

It still had eight tails. But previously, its tails resembled fox tails. Now, they had lost all of their volume and resembled eight ribbons that danced agilely in the air.

While most of Genius’ changes took place to its aura, Chimey’s appearance had fully transformed.

Although Chimey’s feathers were still pale blue, its feathers were now constantly fluttering proudly.

The rising and setting of the sun would affect the movement of Chimey’s feathers.

When the sun rose, its feathers would become bright gold and eventually resemble beautiful flames.

Chimey reminded Lin Yuan of the legendary vermilion bird from his previous life.

Yet, it was also different from the vermilion bird because the vermilion bird wielded fire-elemental energy, but Chimey’s power lay with light and the heat naturally a.s.sociated with it.

This ability was along the same line as the one that the Mother of Bloodbath gained from the Sky Sundial Jade Spider.

Now that Chimey’s entire body was alight with gorgeous flames, Lin Yuan thought about the legend of the Golden Crow.

However, it was clear that Chimey was not only going down the path laid down by the Twilight Willpower Rune.

When the sun set, Chimey’s feathers would darken.

This was a characteristic that Chimey had never displayed in the past.

The cloud patterns that sloughed off from Chimey’s body crawled back onto Chimey’s body after its feathers darkened.

Sound-type energy was intangible.

But now, Chimey could control the cloud patterns and manipulate them into musical notes. The musical notes could produce any sound that Chimey wanted by clas.h.i.+ng the musical notes together.

With a wave of his hand, Lin Yuan used Source Sand’s Close Guard Sand to form a wall of sand.

Lin Yuan said, “Chimey, try to use the musical notes to use Shatter Sound Attack.”

Chimey collided the musical notes together, and each collision produced a sound hammer.

When the sound hammer hit the wall of sand, it broke into many smaller hammers that crashed through the wall.

Source Sand was now Fantasy V.

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The wall of sand produced by Source Sand’s Close Guard Sand should be able to easily handle the attacks of any of Lin Yuan’s feys.

But when the thousands of sound hammers slammed into the sand walls, the power was so explosive that it immediately detonated seven walls of sand.

Granules of sand littered the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Luckily, Lin Yuan had used a s.h.i.+eld of Close Guard Sand to protect all the other feys in the Spirit Lock spatial zone. Otherwise, Chimey would even have blown up its own nest.

By now, even the block-headed Chimey was aware that it had caused trouble.

Chimey just wanted to show Lin Yuan its new ability, but it had not intended to cause damage.

But at this moment, Chimey did not even have the strength to apologize because the final usage of Shatter Sound Attack had sapped all of its spiritual power.

Luckily, the last usage of Shatter Sound Attack had been weaker because of Chimey’s lack of spirit qi.

Otherwise, the thousands of sound hammers would have been difficult for even Lin Yuan to fend off.

He would have had to use Di Wanmi to step in to protect him.

Lin Yuan looked at the exhausted Chimey with exasperation and injected a shot of spirit qi into Chimey.

However, Chimey’s body was so empty of spirit qi that it would take some time to activate the cells that had been wrung dry of spirit qi.

After recovering slightly, Chimey looked at Lin Yuan and the rest of the Spirit Lock spatial zone apologetically and said, “Yuan, I’m sorry. I will never again flippantly use an attack if I don’t know how strong it is!”

Lin Yuan reached out and ruffled the feathers on Chimey’s head as he replied, “Chimey, you’re lucky that you tested out the ability in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.”

If they had not tested it and used it for the first time in battle at full force, the thousands of sound hammers could even produce an effect that rivaled Lin Yuan’s Sword Skills.

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