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Empire Black Knight

Chapter 1204 - 1204 Mutated Creature

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Chapter 1204 - 1204 Mutated Creature

1204 Mutated Creature


Warren nodded and understood what Fang Heng meant.

He pa.s.sed Andrast’s autobiography back to Sandy and said in a deep voice, “I’ll think about it after I’ve confirmed the internal safety of the Imperial mausoleum. Sydney will be back soon. I’ll take you out of here first.”

Fang Heng knew that he couldn’t push him too hard, so he said, “Alright, I’m the feudal lord of the Land of Plague, Fang Heng. Come and find us anytime.”


While they were talking, they had already reached the end of the pa.s.sage.

The path ahead was once again blocked by a large bronze door.

“Be careful and stand behind me.”

Warren said as he stepped forward and pressed his hands on the bronze door.

The alchemy magic array on the bronze door was activated.

“Ka ka ka…”

The bronze door slowly moved to the right.

Behind the door was a familiar hall.

It was the place where they had fought with Sydney.

Fang Heng looked into the hall and found that there was no one there.

The strange thing was that the alchemy magic array in the center of the hall was still in operation, and it was constantly emitting blue light.

“There’s trouble.”

Seeing the operating alchemy magic array, Warren’s expression changed slightly. He hurried into the hall and pressed his hands on the magic array.

Seeing that there was something wrong with Warren’s expression, everyone quickly followed him and stood around him.

“What’s the matter?” Sandy could not help but ask.

“Not good! Quickly, leave this place!”

Warren had wanted to try to stop the operation of the alchemy magic array, but he realized that it was too late, so he simply stopped. After getting up, he did not have time to explain and immediately urged everyone to leave.

“Now! Immediately!”

Seeing this, Fang Heng frowned and said hurriedly, “Let’s go first!”

He quickly left through the pa.s.sage he had come from and entered the familiar area of the abyssal stairs.

Fang Heng walked to the front of the team, pa.s.sing through the raised platform, and began to run up the stone steps built by the rock wall.

Tang Mingyue asked, “Why are you in such a hurry, Mr. Warren? What was that magic array just now?”

“Sydney has always been guarding the Imperial mausoleum. He came here earlier than I did, so he knows the Imperial mausoleum better.”

“A long time ago, he mentioned to me that it was too dangerous to control the power of the ‘demonic seed’ directly. One’s mind would be eroded by the ‘demonic seed’. Even Her Majesty Andrast, who founded the entire Empire, could not completely avoid it and suffered a great backlash.”

“That’s why he has been thinking about how to use the power of the ‘demonic seed’ indirectly.”

Warren paused and said in a deep voice, “For example, find a way to control the monsters that are affected by the ‘demonic seed’.”

Sandy did not know what was going on, he frowned and asked in confusion, “You mean those dark serpents?”

He thought to himself, “It’s just a mutated dark serpent. Fang Heng has already killed so many of them. There’s no need for him to be so fl.u.s.tered.”

“No, it’s not just the dark serpent.”

Warren’s expression was very ugly.

In this endless abyss, there were creatures far more terrifying than the dark serpents!

Fang Heng listened to their conversation and frowned slightly. Just as he was about to ask questions, he suddenly heard a loud sound of something rubbing against the stone wall.

“Chi Chi… Chi Chi…”

The sound came from the bottom of the abyss!

Everyone also heard the sound and couldn’t help but look down at the endless abyss below the left side of the stone steps.

What was that?

In the darkness, everyone could vaguely see a huge shadow sticking to the wall and making a loud “Chi Chi” sound.

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The giant abyssal worm immediately climbed up the rock wall under Sydney’s command!

“Enjoy it! You’ll be the first sacrifice of the abyssal worm after its rebirth, and you’ll be honored.”

At the same time, a game prompt flashed on the retina of Fang Heng and Tang Mingyue.

[Hint: The player’s team’s main storyline trial mission-the inheritance of the Empire’s ancestors has triggered the next phase of the mission.]

Mission t.i.tle: Mutant Sydney.

Mission difficulty: SSS

Mission description: Sydney relied on the power of the omniscient eyes to forcefully use alchemy to fuse himself with the mutated abyssal worm, and now has a power that far exceeds his own.

Mission requirement: Kill the mutant Sydney.

Mission reward: Obtain main storyline guidance for the next stage; additional trial time, increased trial score.

Penalty for failure: The main storyline mission chain is broken, and the trial score will be reduced. An additional 30 hours of trial time will be consumed to trigger the next main storyline mission chain.

“Quickly retreat! Go back to the platform! Hide!”

Fang Heng shouted at Sandy and Tang Mingyue who were unable to fight. He immediately put his hands together in front of his chest and stared at Sydney, who was rushing towards them.


The Shrine of Bones was floating in front of him.


In an instant, his lifeblood exploded and a wave spread rapidly in all directions!


Sydney’s hair, which was growing on the head of the giant worm, was blowing in the air, but he still maintained his posture of charging forward.

Sydney saw the scarlet reflection behind Fang Heng, and a touch of disdain flashed in his eyes.

No matter what it was, everything would be completely crushed under the impact of the abyssal worm!

As his lifeblood exploded in all directions, the Vampire King’s reflection condensed behind Fang Heng and raised his fist to meet the worm’s body.

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