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Chapter 559

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Chapter 559: Traitors.

For a moment, crimson darkness seemed to descend across the battlefield, and then…

Screams and roars of pain from the demons were heard.

When the darkness began to fade, everyone could see what had happened.

Demon bodies were cut by some kind of extremely sharp edge.

Flesh from demons that look like they'd been squeezed into a ball of meat

A black fire that spread through all the demons and was burning them corrosively.

Demons turned into literal statues.

And all those demons that died were slowly being swallowed by the shadow.

In a blink of an eye, over 70% of the demons that were outside the walls were killed by the aforementioned effects and absorbed by the shadows becoming Alucard's nourishment.

"...What the f.u.c.k..." Leonardo, completely losing his composure, spoke curse words near the seraphs.

The seraphim didn't even think to scold the man. After all, the man just expressed the inner feelings that they were also thinking.

"...A monster created by G.o.d..." Ariel muttered, and she could understand why he called himself that. After all, how could such an existence be allowed to exist if not for G.o.d?

He was very irregular! Just how many powers did he have!?

By a short count, she could see over 4 different powers! That was not something a normal progenitor could do.

[WHOAAA! So much food! Incredible! Amazing!] Roxanne was jumping with happiness.

[Demon meat is the best feast! Their souls are so delicious!]


[....] The Maids looked at Roxanne with a cold sweat breaking out on their foreheads.

This Maid, had she completely lost her mind?

[HUSBAND, DARLING, MY MASTER! Please USE ME!] Roxanne's voice was crazy.

[... Eh?] That was the Maids' reaction when they heard what Roxanne said.

[Not necessary yet, you and Big Guy are our a.s.sets.]

[...] Roxanne pouted as all her hype was killed with just one sentence.

She felt like a child whose toy had been confiscated by her father.

A feeling similar to what Ariel was going through with War, Death, and Sitri.

"HAHAHAHAHA, no wonder that man is considered at the same level of danger as Vlad by our king." War was laughing a lot, crazy happiness pounding in his chest.

He could already hear the war cries. Instead of fighting the glorified pigeon, he wanted to fight this man!

"Brother, control your war l.u.s.t. We have a mission." Death spoke in a cold tone.

"..." War's face becomes stern.

"You are right." He looked back at Ariel, his thoughts running through several options.

"Let's use our spy."

"... Are you sure? He's too important a tool to discard that easily."

"Yes, that Seraphim won't lower this 'holy' ground, so we won't be able to invade any other way. We need to kill Alexander the pope, that man must die today."

"…I will contact our spy." Death had no more to discuss and soon disappeared as if he didn't exist there in the first place.

War turned his gaze to Alucard.

He saw Alucard raise his right hand, covered with red eyes.


[Leave it to me, Master!] Bruna's eyes began to glow blood red in the shadow world, and through the various viewpoints spread across the darkness, she began to use her power.

"..." Se made an upward gesture with his fingers, and the effect was instantaneous.

All the remaining demons floated towards the sky using only telekinesis.

"W-What, what's going on!?" The demons started to panic

[...My power just got so much stronger!] Bruna commented in shock. She would never be able to lift so many beings by herself.

'As expected of my G.o.d! Your body is perfect!' Bruna looked obsessively at Victor's figure through the world of shadows.

'So handsome... My Master... My G.o.d... My father... he's so handsome~.'

[Master, that demon Sitri is making a move, he wants to sneak up on you.] Kaguya warned him.


[Yes, Master!] Maria's eyes sparkled, and she made some movements in the shadow world.

Extremely thin red threads started coming out of Victor's back and flew towards Sitri at ridiculous speed.

[... I caught you, mother f.u.c.ker.] Maria smiled.

"Huh?" Sitri looked at his feet and saw several red wavy threads there. He followed the direction of the threads and saw that they came from that monster.

Sitri's spine chilled a bit when he saw several eyes looking at him.

'Those eyes... Weren't they just for decoration!? Can he see the entire battlefield with those eyes? This is ridiculous!'



Maria's threads started to catch fire, and soon they climbed towards Sitri, and in less than a second, his whole body was burning in a black fire.

"AHHHHHHH!" A demonic scream was heard, and his body was visibly melting.

'What is this fire!? I feel like my own soul is burning! I need to erase this!' Sitri tried to use his power, but as soon as the power of water entered his body, nothing happened, the fire could not be extinguished.

It was quite noticeable that just like Bruna, Eve's firepower grew stronger when she used Victor's 'upper' body as a medium.

A corrosive fire that had properties of internal destruction, a fire that could never be extinguished, and despite being 'weaker' and inferior to the Snow Clan's normal fire.

Their destructive properties were much more severe than the Snow Clan's fire, and unlike the Snow Clan's, the fire could not be extinguished, only Eve could extinguish it.

A power that was the manifestation of her inner fears and her admiration for her 'father', a fire representing her s.a.d.i.s.tic side that wanted to harm others, and her inner rage due to the situation her 'father' found her in.

[20 Seconds.] The being inside Victor warned.

Victor increased the power output, and soon two gigantic, bat-like wings of darkness shot out from his back.

[Bruna, use everything.]

[HMM!] Bruna waved with emotion as her long hair began to defy gravity, her breathing became heavier, and hot air came out of her breath, she was excited!

And the result of that animation was instantaneous, all the demons flew toward the same place faster.

Soon the sky was covered with thousands of demons, a sight that would forever linger in the minds of humans.

[10 seconds.]

At that moment, Victor held Junketsu's handle with his right hand and removed Junketsu from the scabbard.


When the noise of the blade coming out of the scabbard was heard.

All beings, literally all beings without exception, felt an existential fear of that blade.

'...That weapon/Katana/Odachi...'

'It is dangerous!' Everyone screamed to themselves internally.

Victor a.s.sumed an Iaijutsu stance, his blade was coated with the power of blood as he looked up at the sky where all the demon hordes were together, and a scene he had practiced countless times in the Adrastea Clan's territory flashed in his mind.

[5 seconds.]

He flexed his legs a little and used the footwork that Scathach taught him, and maintaining the same position he stood in, he vanished and reappeared in the air near the demons.

... So fast!

Everyone was shocked by his speed, but the shock didn't just end there, as everyone felt a spike of killing intent suddenly explode. Then, a Second later, the killing intent disappeared, and Victor returned to his normal posture.

All of his killing intent and power that seemed to put a strain on everyone disappeared, and only his face was shown to everyone as he floated in the air.

[Only 2 seconds left...]

[I said 30 seconds was enough.] Victor snorted internally.

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"… Huh?" Both Ariel and Leonardo, who looked upon this scene, couldn't help but exclaim in confusion.

"..." A hush fell over the battlefield.

The humans and lesser angels visibly swallowed at the sight of Alucard floating still.

"It seems that demons can cry…" Victor's smile widened a bit when he saw the memories of Duke Sitri crying to Baal.

Getting the answer he wanted, Victor, at this point, was checking the demon's memories. He ignored all the sins this demon had committed and his plots as he instead went to the most recent memories.

"..." He narrowed his eyes. Sitri's memories were fragmented, it suddenly ended when Violet killed him, and then he woke up in front of Diablo.

Finis.h.i.+ng seeing his memories, he thought:

'Russia, huh... What is that organism? What was it that Diablo used to revive him?'

[Like us, the beings of the seven can trade with souls, and only the leaders of each h.e.l.l can make an 'equivalent exchange.'] The voice of the being inside Victor spoke.

[I saw this information with Dantalian, the king of h.e.l.l uses the souls of the innocent to resurrect a demon from h.e.l.l.]

[Yes. Normally, when you kill a demon that is on another plane of existence other than h.e.l.l, they just go back to where they belong.]

[The only way to completely wipe out a demon is to use the power of the saints of light G.o.ds and angels, or... to do as we do.]

[Swallowing their soul or breaking that soul completely solves the problem as well.] Victor replied.

[Sitri, Dantalian, and all those demons you absorbed will never be revived in h.e.l.l again.]


Victor, who was focused on his own thoughts, turned all his gazes to the source of the sudden scream and saw Ariel clutching her stomach in pain.

[Betrayal, huh… As expected of humans, I guess?] Roberta/Medusa spoke in disdain.

Zaniel and Daniel quickly approach Ariel, and look at her wound, they see a hole in her stomach that looks like it was made by a bullet:

"h.e.l.l's metal..." Zaniel's eyes glittered dangerously as she looked down and saw a human with a smile on his face while in his hands was a rifle with strange runes.

"Jonah! How dare you attack a seraph!?" Leonardo called out to his a.s.sistant and approached him.

Before Leonardo had time to do anything, Zaniel appeared in front of Jonas:

"Smug ant."

"Hahaha~, how does it feel to have an ant harm you, you 'higher beings'?'' The man snorted. He didn't even react to his chest being pierced by Zaniel's sword.

He spat in Zaniel's face, and it caused the pretty female angel's face to distort, and she split the man in half.

A foolish move. She should have captured him.

The death knight appeared beside his brother and spoke:


"Let's finish our work." War spoke while taking his greatsword in one hand. He flexed his legs a little and disappeared into the church.

Death followed in his brother's footsteps.

Soon the two knights found themselves in front of a blond-haired man with a very severe appearance.

"Demon sc.u.m, you have the nerve to appear in front of me." Alexander stood up with a sword in his hand.

"Big words coming from a human who borrows power from other sc.u.m." War spoke in disdain as his Greatsword began to emanate an orange-red aura.

"...." Nothing changed in Alexander's expression, but the atmosphere around him became noticeably more aggressive.

He was irritated.


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