Evil Emperor's Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss

Sounds Of Snow In The Night - Ye Yin Ru Xue - 夜音如雪

Chapter 941 - Chapter 941 – I refuse to accept! (2)

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Chapter 941 - Chapter 941 – I refuse to accept! (2)

Chapter 941 – I refuse to accept! (2)

Facing the coercion that was one level higher than his own, Yu Zhan stubbornly lifted his head and said, “I don’t accept it! I was careless just now.” Ye Yu Xi smiled slightly, pointed her toes, and floated two meters backward.

Yu Zhan felt his body lighten, and the sense of oppression disappeared. He looked at Ye Yu Xi again, and a trace of solemnity appeared in his eyes.”


“Yu Zhan let out a furious shout, and his spiritual energy surged again. However, this time he did not rush over. He gathered his spiritual energy and condensed it on his arm.”

Ye Yu Xi’s willow-like eyebrows furrowed, he had the same spiritual technique as Yu Ling! Ye Yu Xi was deeply impressed by Yu Ling’s white arm, which could withstand a blade’s edge. Different from Yu Ling, Yu Zhan’s two arms are simultaneously covered with white spiritual power.

A look of solemnity appeared in Yu Ling’s eyes. From childhood to adulthood, Yu Ling had fought with Yu Zhan more than a hundred times and never won. The main reason was that Yu Zhan had more innate spiritual limbs than Yu Ling.

The aura on Yu Zhan’s body rose a bit. Ye Yu Xi’s strength had completely ignited Yu Zhan’s fighting spirit. With a roar, he once again charged towards Ye Yu Xi.

Yu Zhan’s aura was sharp, bringing up layers of power gusts of wind, causing the surrounding weeds to fall to the side.

Ye Yu Xi’s face changed suddenly. This Yu Zhan was completely different from just a moment ago! With a thought, purple flames enveloped his arms.

Wanting to sweep the melting temperature across the hillside, Yu Zhan’s face changed, the spiritual power in his body was circulating wildly, causing the white armor on his arms to instantly thicken!


With the same posture and the same sound, Yu Zhan once again fell to the ground.

Next to her, the cold sweat on Yu Ling’s forehead was gradually evaporating under the scorching heat. Unexpectedly, she actually… had such a trump card!

Yu Ling’s eyes were full of shock and astonishment! Who the h.e.l.l is Ye Yu Xi! Beast fire is an unattainable thing, but she can actually refine different fire!

There was a hint of unwillingness in Yu Zhan’s eyes as he lay on the ground. He struggled to get up and said, “I don’t admit defeat! Come again!” Ye Yuxi did not speak and released the suppression on Yu Zhan.

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The thumping sound kept echoing on the hillside. It has to be said that Yu Zhan is a person who is very resistant to getting beaten up.

“Young Master, there are a total of twelve shadow guards who came this time. Will it be okay to send only ten?”


“I will stay at the academy during this period of time. I will go to the Tianling Mountains with Ye Yu Xi in two months,” Bai Jinyi said.

Shadow lowered his head and obeyed, “Young master, yesterday I discovered something. It seems that some of the Ghost Luomen’s people have arrived in Qiuyang City.”

Bai Jin Yi suddenly turned around and asked, “Ghost Luomen? Have you investigated this thoroughly?”

“The specific information has not been confirmed yet, but indications are that they should have come to deal with the destruction of the temple’s sub-hall on Huangshan Mountain.”

“I understand. Investigate the movements of those people and, if necessary, eliminate them directly,” Bai Jin Yi waved his hand again. “Yes!” Shadow leapt and disappeared from the courtyard.

Bai Jin Yi’s starry eyes turned slightly. He thought for a long time, and then left the yard with a solemn expression.

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