Eternal Reverence

Jian You Tai Xu - 剑游太墟

Chapter 982: Devil Horn Star Sea

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Chapter 982: Devil Horn Star Sea

Tss Tss Tss Tss…

As though electric currents were pa.s.sing through, Li Fuchen’s calamity power was rapidly declining.

But at the same time, there would be new calamity power gathering from all directions.

“This isn’t going well.”

Li Fuchen could sense that the replenishment speed was obviously not able to catch up with the consumption speed. It also meant that his Calamity Immortal Body was going to break if this continued.

Of course, Li Fuchen wasn’t a fool. If the Purple Pole Lord was determined to kill him, he would definitely escape and return for revenge in the future.

“No injuries?” The Purple Pole Lord frowned and stopped attacking.

“I am impressed with the Purple Pole Lord has overwhelming strength.” Li Fuchen cupped his fist.

“No, no, I am not able to injure you too.” The Purple Pole Lord suspected that Li Fuchen possessed an extreme-grade supreme rate defense cardinal artifact. He didn’t think that Li Fuchen could simply use his body’s defense to block his attack. Not even a body refinement star domain-level heaven lord.

Since the Purple Pole Lord couldn’t injure Li Fuchen, there was no meaning for him to stay here. After some courtesy talk with Li Fuchen, he left along with the Sky Dome Heaven Lord and Sky Wave Saint Lord.

“I am impressed with the Primary Extreme Lord’s matchless sword art.”

As soon as Li Fuchen entered the Dragon Pond City, the Dragon Pond Heaven Lord welcomed with an even more respectful expression.

Among the star domain-level heaven lords, there were only a few who could withdraw unscathed after a battle with the Purple Pole Lord.

According to what the Dragon Pond Heaven Lord knew, star domain-level heaven lords were separated into five levels: Regular, Superior, Elite, Pinnacle, and Unparalleled.

As an elite lord, the Purple Pole Lord was able to kill a regular lord, especially those who had been newly promoted.

For the Purple Pole Lord to have no methods to deal with Li Fuchen, it meant that Li Fuchen’s strength was of a superior lord, if not close.

“As compared to the Purple Pole Lord, I am still far inferior.” Li Fuchen shook his head and let out a bitter smile.

“Primary Extreme Lord don’t need to be so humble. The Purple Pole Lord has been a star domain-level heaven lord for millions of years, I can see that the Primary Extreme Lord is still very young. There are definitely chances for you to surpa.s.s the Purple Pole Lord in the future.”

“Then I shall borrow your blessings.”

“We are not done with the wine, let’s continue drinking!”

With the pa.s.sionate invitation from the Dragon Pond Heaven Lord, the duo returned to the city lord residences and continued drinking.

“This is my communication token. As long as I am competent enough, I can help you once.” On the day of departure, Li Fuchen tossed a communication token to the Dragon Pond Heaven Lord.

The Dragon Pond Heaven Lord had been too generous. Not only did he gifted Li Fuchen thousands of Jade Dragon Wine, he even gifted Li Fuchen some of his prized wines.

If Li Fuchen didn’t reciprocate, it wouldn’t be appropriate.

“Thank you my lord. Once you leave, I wonder when we will meet again. I will be rooting and praying for my lord to rise up to the pinnacle of the universe.”

The Dragon Pond Heaven Lord’s objective was to make friends with Li Fuchen. Without a doubt, he had succeeded and the price was only a few thousand bottles of Jade Dragon Wine, and some of his prized collection of wines.

“There is no need to send me.” Li Fuchen waved before stepping into the void and vanishing without a trace.

“The ability to roam freely in the universe, it is truly something to be envious about!” The Dragon Pond Heaven Lord was filled with admiration as he turned and returned to his residence.

“Great wine.” During the trip, Li Fuchen would occasionally take a sip of two.

A decade pa.s.sed by quickly.

During this decade, Li Fuchen visited plenty of star domains and hazard lands; he had also encountered plenty of star domain-level heaven lords too.

These star domain-level heaven lords were venturing around just like Li Fuchen, but there were some who oversaw their native star domain.

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Those that oversaw their native star domain were normally powerful, the weakest was also a superior lord, while the strongest was an elite lord, but there were none who were pinnacle lords like the Crosswise River Primogenitor.

From far, Li Fuchen noticed a white bone island.

This white bone island was actually a corpse of a city lord-level heaven lord. For city lord-level heaven lords and those inferior to city lord-level heaven lords, the white bone island had great value. But for those who dared to venture into the Devil Horn Star Sea, the value would be significantly lower and wouldn’t be worth collecting.


The white bone island suddenly stood up. Inside the two eye sockets, there were two bundles of black flames.

“Star sea evil creature?” Li Fuchen squinted his eyes. He clearly saw an evil figure diving into the white bone island.

The star sea evil creatures were terrifying lifeforms that only existed in the Devil Horn Star Sea. They were the fusion of evil dao source and spirits which died here. They didn’t have a true body, therefore, they were extremely difficult to kill. Only soul dao attacks could neutralize them.


The giant corpse that was controlled by the star sea evil creature made a violent claw strike at Li Fuchen.


With a brandish of the sword, Li Fuchen severed the white bone limbs.


With another brandish, the giant corpse was sliced up into millions of pieces.

The star sea evil creature obviously had intelligence. When it saw that Li Fuchen was hard to handle, it immediately escaped into the depths of the star sea and didn’t appear again.

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