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Beauty Under the Moon

Chapter 4097 - The Other Side 66

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Chapter 4097: The Other Side 66

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The boy immediately begged for mercy. “I was wrong. I thought you were sick and were not supposed to be eating candies.”

Natalia immediately retorted, “I’m not a patient. I’m not sick.”

“Well, now I know. You’re not a patient and you are allowed to have candies.” Youyou placed his palms together, looking aggrieved. Cautiously, he gave her a wink and said, “Don’t be mad, okay?”

Perhaps his mischievous look finally dispelled the moodiness Natalia was feeling. She took a deep breath, raised her eyebrows and mumbled an “uh huh”, feigning generosity.

“Alright then! I guess you didn’t mean it!” As she spoke, she fixed her eyes on the box of candies the boy was holding. She couldn’t bring herself to reach for it, so she used her eyes to subtly remind him to hand over the “candy box”.


The boy watched helplessly as her eyes remained fixed on the box.

Wasn’t this la.s.s rather gullible? A stranger could just come along and trick her into leaving with him, using a few candies!

Youyou deliberately raised the box, and immediately, Natalia’s purple eyes followed the movement of the candy box, focusing all her attention on it. The boy could imagine the amount of drool forming in her mouth.

“Do you want some?” he asked the girl.

Natalia, however, was instantly on her guard. She was deliberately calm, trying to appear as if she didn’t care. Her throat moved as she gulped, but she was obviously ravenous.

“That’s … my candies!”

She emphasized.

However, Youyou said solemnly, “The box might look like your box, but it’s not. Besides, the candies here are mine!”

“You’re lying!”

“I’m not lying to you. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.”

The boy opened the box. Natalia looked inside and saw that none of the candy bars was hers. Besides, these were the same soft candies she had tasted earlier, better than the ones she had hidden herself.

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She looked at the candies transfixed, ravenous.

As he chewed, the scent of blueberries filled the air and reached the tip of Natalya’s nose.

She sniffed and the aroma of the fresh fruit immediately caused her to salivate!

As though it was provoking her.

Because it was a soft candy, the sound it made when he chewed only made her salivate even more.

After the boy finished eating, he even smacked his lips and licked them.

“Smells good.”

Natalia felt as though she would drool the moment she opened her mouth. She swallowed but said nothing, staring at him silently.

The boy laughed inwardly at this, so he casually peeled off the wrapper of a strawberry-flavored soft candy and walked over to her. He held it and beamed at her.

“This is strawberry-flavored!”

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