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Beauty Under the Moon

Chapter 4096 - The Other Side 65

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Chapter 4096: The Other Side 65

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After being held in the ward for a long time, she became unwilling to be imprisoned indefinitely. Having studied it for some time, she finally discovered a secret door that allowed her to enter and leave the ward freely. As a result, Natalia would often sneak out of.

She had been trying to retrieve the box of candies from Professor Romanka’s office while he wasn’t paying attention. It was hers. Professor Romanka had no right to take it away!

Actually, she had stopped taking her medicine, so she could eat candies. However, Professor Romanka had forgotten about this matter, so he did not take it to heart.

Natalia was not close to the man and therefore was unwilling to be upfront with him in all matters. Naturally, Professor Romanka could not understand why Natalia kept escaping from the ward.

“It’s yummy!”


Candy makes people happy. There is no doubt about that.

Natalia’s mood brightened suddenly, like suns.h.i.+ne after the rain. It really tasted great. However… There seemed to be only one soft candy of this flavor. Was there no more? She couldn’t help feeling disappointed. She lay on her stomach and looked out through the crack in the door. She saw a few candies placed outside the door, but it was obvious that no one was outside.

Who was the person who had just given her the candies?

Natalia was curious, so she sneaked to the window, taking out a strong magnet from her pocket to unlock it. She flipped herself out of the window before landing and turning to look at the door. She was surprised to see candy bars forming a line that continued down the hallway.

Curious, she walked over and took a look. Then she knelt down and picked up the candies one by one. She followed the route marked by candy bars all the way to the end of the corridor, and saw that they continued around the corner.

Natalia hid behind the wall and peeked out from around the corner. From where she was, she could see candy bars stretching out into the distance in a line.

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She wasn’t sure if it was a prank.

There was a contemplative pause before she asked suspiciously, “Did you leave all these candies at the door?”

“Yes. Are they yummy?”

Natalia nodded as though she had forgotten all her anger! She quickly held herself back and snorted. She looked haughty and was reluctant to acknowledge him.

The boy felt helpless. “Are you still angry?”

Natalia glared at him, clearly perceiving him to be the big bad guy.

The boy immediately begged for mercy. “I was wrong. I thought you were sick and were not supposed to be eating candies.”

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