One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Beauty Under the Moon

Chapter 3981 - A Perfect Match (177)

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Chapter 3981: A Perfect Match (177)

“I remember when I accompanied Qin Zhou to Fas.h.i.+on Week last year. The Cartier brand manager gave him a pair of cufflinks that were worth a million dollars. There were also those from brand names Bulgari, Hermès… and Qin Zhou preferred those from Bulgari and Versace. Most of his cufflinks are from these two fas.h.i.+on houses.”

Liang Yin was already dizzy from listening. She now felt that the million yuan she had was not worth mentioning in the context of these two brands.

The wicked capitalist! Wasn’t such a wealth disparity simply too great?

When she’d finished trying on her makeup, Liang Yin took a cab to the department store. She stood at the Bulgari counter, her head spinning.

Should she buy it?

What excuse would she give to Qin Zhou for giving him something like that?

Liang Yin thought hard and finally found an excuse. “Just to say thank you for that Michelin dinner he bought me! Mmm! That settles it.”

She put her hand in her pocket and gripped her bank card tightly. Because she had been holding it, the cold bank card warmed up.

Terrified, Liang walked up to the Bulgari counter. The reason why she was trembling with fear was entirely because the posh facade of Bulgari dazzled her somewhat. Even the staff at these counters were dressed exquisitely and were very good-looking.

She decided to walk around inside first! It was better to be familiar with the price range, in case she asked and would be told an item was either hundreds of thousands or millions. She couldn’t afford that. What would she do at that point? That would be awkward.

It felt like such a shop wasn’t the place for her. She wandered around the counter as if no one else was there. The shop a.s.sistants in the shop sized her up and left her alone. No one went forward to offer a.s.sistance.

Those who worked in such counters were the cream of the crop, and every one of them had an extremely sharp eye. Just one glance at the person and they could tell the brand of clothes this person was wearing.

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The clothes Liang Yin was wearing were all bought online. They were clothes that cost at most a few hundred yuan. People who visited these counters were wealthy ladies in mink fur coats or successful men accompanied by beautiful women. They thought Liang Yin was probably a poor girl who stepped into Bulgari out of curiosity!

“She doesn’t look like a thief to me.”

“Who knows? Is the word ‘thief’ etched across a thief’s face?”

The store manager grew impatient and spoke. “There are only so many items displayed in the counters. Go and check that nothing’s missing!”

The shop a.s.sistants immediately nodded and pretended to patrol the area, acting nonchalant and trying to ascertain if anything was missing from the counter display.

Another clerk stepped forward and asked, “h.e.l.lo, Miss, how do you do? I see you’ve been looking around for some time. Is there anything in particular you’re looking for?”

Liang Yin looked up, a little fl.u.s.tered.

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