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Beauty Under the Moon

Chapter 3974 - A Perfect Match (170)

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Chapter 3974: A Perfect Match (170)

The manager asked, “You’ve put on makeup?”

Liang Yin became nervous at once and replied, “What’s wrong… is it too thick?”

He rubbed the tip of his nose. “Yes,” he said. “It’s a little thick.”

Like a little painted tabby cat. Liang Yin covered her face guiltily. She did not have a mirror on her, so she felt helpless at once.

“It’s cold. Let’s get in the car!” As he spoke, he unlocked the car. Liang Yin lowered her head and got into the car in frustration. But for some reason, or perhaps because she was worried about sitting too close to him. The failed make-up on her face was obvious.

When Qin Zhou got into the car, he was surprised to see that she had gotten into the backseat.

“Why are you sitting in the back?”

“Well…” Liang Yin said guiltily, “Do you want me to go up and remove my makeup? I’m not good at makeup. I think it’s too ugly.”

“Why put on makeup if you don’t know how to do it?” the manager asked.

His remark caused Liang Yin to become even more depressed! It seemed that the makeup was really ugly! He wouldn’t have said that otherwise.


She’d wanted to put on some makeup to impress him. In the end, it backfired!

Just as she was beginning to feel even more depressed, Qin Zhou blurted out, “I think you’ll look good with makeup.”

Liang Yin was stunned, a little surprised and incredulous, she ventured, “Is… is that true?”

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Nodding earnestly, he patted the pa.s.senger seat and grinned. “Come sit over here!”

Liang Yin smiled and rubbed her hands shyly, feeling a little awkward. It was obvious that she did not know how to be at ease in his presence.

Qin Zhou opened the armrest compartment. In it were some tools for makeup, some cotton, and a vanity palette. He took them out and said to her, “Let me help fix your makeup?”

“What?” Liang Yin was too surprised to react for a moment. “Do you know how to put on makeup?”

“A little. In the past, when I was managing Xingze, work was busy. I would help with his makeup, so I am used to keeping these things at hand.” At the mention of Xingze, Qin Zhou’s eyes flashed with a fleeting loneliness.

Liang Yin carefully took the makeup palette out of the armrest box and glanced in the mirror. In it, she finally saw her own face, which was not properly made up. It was patchy and a mess. No wonder Qin Zhou kept staring at her! It was really… ugly!

Qin Zhou said, “Turn around.”

When Liang Yin turned her face, Qin Zhou cupped her chin and picked up a cotton pad. He wet it with makeup water and carefully wiped the thick eye shadow from her eyes.

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