Emperor’s Domination

Yan Bi Xiao Sheng - 厌笔萧生

Chapter 4883: Trouble Stirring

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Chapter 4883: Trouble Stirring

With five sacred fruits, Venerable had enough power to show disdain for the rest of the world. Few were stronger than him currently.

The members of Eight-stallion immediately paid their respect. He was the second in command and had battled alongside them.

He was not only the supreme commander and the strongest cultivator but also a trusted comrade. This emotional connection was second to none. They truly wanted and a.s.sumed for him to be the next king in the dao lord’s absence.

The villains themselves were intimidated. Some of them had been defeated by him and his legion previously. They were completely convinced by his prowess in battle.

His existence was the reason for the relative peace. Otherwise, villains would have divided the dynasty instantly after the dao lord’s death.

“His Majesty has arrived!” The horns sounded again with an announcement.

They echoed across the entire region. Members of Eight-stallion posed solemnly to perform the rite properly, painting a magnificent scene.f???????૦νℯl.co?

Court soldiers, civic officials, the legions, and the top cultivators all kneeled in that direction.

The solemn and dignified atmosphere impressed all the guests even though they knew that the new king was only a youth with no feats to speak of. They saw Li Qiye calmly walking onto the monument without any aura or divinity.

They recalled the previous one with Eight-stallion Dao Lord. The moment he appeared, visual phenomena accompanied him in an awe-inspiring manner. His dao lord aura made the world tremble.

Some of them experienced this aura for the first time during that event, causing them to lower their head and bow.

Today, Li Qiye didn’t possess the same unbeatable presence which weakened the ceremony’s prestige.

At first, the atmosphere was still dignified enough to deter the villains. Now, after seeing Li Qiye’s ordinary appearance, they started becoming more audacious.

After all, this junior was not qualified to lead Eight-stallion Dynasty, subdue the monsters around Chaos, and rule the people.

The guests simply didn’t understand why he was chosen instead of Venerable Dragon G.o.d. Perhaps the rumor regarding him being an illegitimate son was true. This was a logical explanation given the circ.u.mstances.

A’zhui walked behind him as well and they thought that this confirmed their suspicion. She was a legitimate daughter even though her mother remained unknown. Now, she might be following her half-brother.

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Of course, given his romance with numerous women while not marrying any of them, it would be incorrect to call him an illegitimate child.

“Light the fire?” She was rather confused because he was treating her like a servant. This was detrimental to her reputation and face.

“Mmm.” He nodded, seemingly enjoying the throne and not wanting to do anything else.

A’zhui was furious, not having used to this treatment and especially in this grand setting. She glanced over at Northern Monarch and Venerable Dragon G.o.d. Both nodded at her.

There was nothing else she could do. She walked over to the brazier, activated her dao flame, and lit the charcoal inside.

Meanwhile, the majority of Eight-stallion Dynasty was also livid. They adored their dao lord who had done so much for them. Thus, they also pampered and respected his daughter.

Now, Li Qiye seemed to be purposely humiliating her and the branch of the late king. This was unacceptable but their commanders were turning a blind eye to it.

As for the guests, they could smell the scene of rifts and internal strife already after seeing this. The new king was not showing proper respect for his predecessor. This was rather unwise but also beneficial for them.

A’zhui tried several times but the fire would not start. It simply didn’t react to her dao flame.

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