Emperor’s Domination

Yan Bi Xiao Sheng - 厌笔萧生

Chapter 4882: Demoness

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Chapter 4882: Demoness

The coronation was as grand as can be. All the gates were open for incoming guests.

Putting aside those wanting to fish in troubled water, some still came with sincerity. Though the dao lord was dead, a lean camel was still bigger than a horse. It still had Northern Monarch, Venerable Dragon G.o.d, and other powerful cultivators. The legion known as Soaring Stallions was back as well.

Many lineages sent disciples here to congratulate Eight-stallion even if it weren’t the high-ranking ancestors or top cultivators.

Today, clouds suddenly billowed above. The phenomenon made the guards enter a state of alert.

Once they dispersed, a shadow as large as a city appeared. This turned out to be a great wars.h.i.+p that was as long and wide as a mountain range.

The outer layer was reinforced with ancient black metals, looking like the impenetrable scales of a dragon. Other blessings were embedded such as runes and dao laws.

They brimmed with the aura of emperors, allowing this wars.h.i.+p to become an unbeatable fortress.

“It’s Ceaseless, so Demoness has arrived.” The disciples heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the s.h.i.+p anchoring in the sky.

“A guest minister of the dynasty.” Everyone knew who it was.f?ℯℯ????oν?Ɩ.c?m

Ceaseless was a famous s.h.i.+p that has been traveling across three continents. This was virtually a traveling sect.

Rumor has it that several emperors and monarchs worked together to create it. The most impressive thing about the s.h.i.+p was its stealth ability in spite of its size. Recently, it has been staying at only Chaos. No one knew the reason why.

Its current master was also famous with the t.i.tle of Demoness, the ninth-ranking member of the Ten Monsters. She was a dragon lord with one sacred fruit.

True to her moniker, she was a merciless person who enjoyed the sight of blood. Moreover, she never knew when to stop, always killing down to the root.

She eventually lost a bet to Eight-stallion Dao Lord and had to contribute to the dynasty, the same for the wars.h.i.+p.

No one knew how many disciples were up there due to their nomadic nature. Nonetheless, the fact that it was still around after many eras was an indication of its strength. Today, they were back to celebrate the coronation of the new king.

Eight-stallion’s top dogs were all present, meaning that the hyenas wanting to take advantage of the situation must be patient and law-abiding.

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The horns started blaring to signal the start of the coronation. The coyote was decorated with lanterns and colored banners.

Northern Monarch appeared before the crowd, wearing a royal regalia with a golden cloak. She resembled a phoenix among men, intimidating members from prestigious sects and villains as well. They wisely bowed in her direction to show respect.

She was the dao lord’s capable a.s.sistant on top of being a great genius. Although younger than Monochromatic Master and Demoness, her fame exceeded theirs.

In recent years, her conquest made many kingdoms and sects join Eight-stallion Dynasty.

Morale immediately soared with her presence. Everyone knew that she was loyal to the dao lord and his dynasty.

“Venerable Dragon G.o.d has arrived!” The same ceremonial calling happened for the dragon G.o.d.

Guests immediately quieted down; even their breathing became subdued.

He wore his battle armor today, looking unstoppable. Others didn’t dare to look straight at him. He also had his s.h.i.+ny three-fork blade at the ready. This was his famous weapon - Draco.

It was a spear with the blade side as long as a saber with three forks, looking like the tongue of a dragon. It had accompanied victoriously him to numerous battlefields.

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