Emperor’s Domination

Yan Bi Xiao Sheng - 厌笔萧生

Chapter 4643: Fight?

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Chapter 4643: Fight?

Tian Feng has yet to attack but his battle intent struck the barrier relentlessly in waves.

Golden Gate’s members were nervous and suppressed by the intent. Tian Feng was clearly aiming at both buildings and people.

The a.s.sault captivated the spectators’ attention. They thought that Tian Feng was indeed crazy and reason didn’t apply to him.

Though everyone came here for the same reason, they had constraints requiring them to use a roundabout method. Rules were necessary for these great powers or all of Sky Border would revert into a chaotic mess overwhelmed with wars.

Tian Feng didn’t care about this. He himself acted like the flames of war and rules didn’t apply to him.

“It’s starting.” A spectator said.

All members of Golden Gate were ready for battle. They would fight to the bitter end even against True Immortal and Three Thousand Dao.

“Very well, time to experience the Golden Fist Dao.” Tian Feng became excited with immense bloodl.u.s.t. It was akin to a beggar coming across a free meal.

“You mustn’t, Senior Brother.” Jadedragon Monarch pulled Tian Feng’s arm and said: “Our Divine Dragon Valley is a righteous sect, we cannot ruin Golden Gate’s joyous occasions. Justice is not on our side, Senior Brother.”

“I do not care for unnecessary conventions.” Tian Feng responded.

“Senior Brother, you are a member, no, the successor of Divine Dragon Valley. You cannot be impetuous while shouldering the weight of the sect. You may not care about your personal reputation but think about the sect built with the blood and sweat of our ancestors. Don’t lead it into ruins.” Jadedragon had a way with words.

“Jadedragon, you are ruining my mood. Keep this up and I’ll wring your neck.” Tian Feng’s voice became serious and his aura became even more intolerable.

Listeners sweated for Jadedragon Monarch since the same fate as Voidburn Saintess could happen to him. Most wouldn’t be foolish or have enough courage to stop Tian Feng.

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However, Jadedragon didn’t relent: “Tell the ancestors if you’re unhappy. If they disagree with my action, they can sentence me. You, on the other hand, need to keep in mind our legacy as the successor. You are our hope and the responsibilities are heavy…”

“My a.s.s.” Tian Feng gave the opponent zero face: “Too many supreme geniuses around then if he is one. He has only learned a few merit laws from Worldraiser Dao Lord but mastered none.”

True Immortal Spirit became awkward after hearing this. Though he was inferior to the five conquerors, he was strong enough to dominate the young generation. Calling him a supreme genius was not unreasonable.

Shame turned into rage. He cupped his fist toward Jadedragon: “I would like to test myself then.”

If it was anyone else, he would have attacked and decapitated them with haste. However, this was Tian Feng, someone strong enough to look down on others. Provoking this madman would not end well.

“I’m afraid I won’t put up a good fight.” Jadedragon had no intention of joining the battle stage.

Tian Feng disagreed right away: “Sure, True Immortal’s techniques are exceptional but the same can be said about our own. Stop destroying our own morale. Go fight, show him what you can do.”

“Divine Dragon Valley’s Draconic Might is world-renowned. You two should fight since this is a rare opportunity.” True Immortal Young Emperor interjected.

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