Emperor’s Domination

Yan Bi Xiao Sheng - 厌笔萧生

Chapter 4463: Ancient Ancestor Of The Wu

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Chapter 4463: Ancient Ancestor Of The Wu

At this crucial moment, the clan master decisively tidied his robe again. He kneeled towards Li Qiye and loudly said: “Your descendants greet you, Ancient Ancestor. In our ignorance, we do not recognize you.”

The others followed suit despite their hesitation. This was simply a dangerous bet from the clan master.

Nonetheless, he felt that this was worth it due to the coincidences. First, this stone house had an ancient emblem of theirs. This youth also slightly resembled one page from their ancient record.

Though it wasn’t a frontal portrait, the side profile looked similar enough. There was a non-zero chance that he might be their ancient ancestor, and the clan master thought that the risk was warranted. His Wise Ancestor shared the same thought, wanting to hope for the best.

Of course, doubts remained in their mind. The youth’s cultivation was just not enough to be an ancient ancestor, the same for his aura.

Alas, the clan master and Wise Ancestor have spoken. Thus, they had to kneel and accept this as well.

Li Qiye didn’t react at all to the kneeling party. They waited patiently and didn’t dare to stand up.

After a few hours or so, some started doubting. One youth wondered if he was actually alive. Of course, their heavenly gaze would indicate that he was alive and well.

They just didn’t have enough patience and wanted to stand up. Unfortunately, they had to follow their clan master’s lead.

Time continued to pa.s.s with no reaction from Li Qiye. Eventually, even the seniors of the clan questioned this.

Wise Ancestor could see his clan master’s hesitation, so he shook his head to tell the guy to continue onward.

He was an influential ancestor known for his wisdom. Thus, the clan master always listened to him. The guy took a deep breath and calmed his mind.

As days pa.s.sed, the youths were going crazy and wanted to get out of this place. Alas, the same constraints remained.

Finally, the “statue” spoke: “I’m afraid I don’t have unfilial descendants like you all.”

The content was unpleasant but this sounded like the perfect melody to the ears of the clan master and Wise Ancestor. They became ecstatic right away. [1]

Li Qiye finally opened his eyes. He knew what was going on the whole time but didn’t bother replying.

“Ancient Ancestor! The descendants of the Wu respectfully greet you!”

“Rise.” Li Qiye stared at them with a smile and then waved his hand.

The group exchanged glances and thought that it was looking more likely.

“As I said, I am not your ancient ancestor. I don’t have descendants like you all.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“...” The clan master didn’t know what to say. The others thought that he was putting them down.

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“Ancient Ancestor, we have your portrait in our record.” Wise Ancestor reacted quickly.

This ancient ancestor played a key role in the transformation of the clan, s.h.i.+fting them from alchemy to cultivation.

Li Qiye noted that there were more details on this ancient ancestor than their progenitor.

Their progenitor’s t.i.tle was Alchemy Saint and only had one page. However, the saber ancestor had a dozen pages dedicated to her.

The main focus was during the early Chaotic Era when she reached her prime. Most importantly, she followed a person known as the duck egg buyer. Their group focused on re-creating Eight Desolaces. [2]

Remember, the world was torn asunder during the great calamity. This duck egg buyer stabilized the world and formed Eight Desolaces. If it wasn’t for this cultivator, the present wouldn’t be anywhere near as prosperous.

Thus, since their saber ancestor was a follower, she greatly contributed to the current landscape. Unfortunately, their record didn’t say much about this duck egg buyer.

This being was another question mark in history. The only thing clear was the being’s frightening power.

The saber ancestor’s generation was already so long ago, let alone their progenitor’s. Their clan has been around since before the great calamity.

Eventually, Li Qiye finally stopped at the last section - the unfinished portrait of a youth resembling him.

1. Keep in mind that older adults/seniors in Asian culture are usually tsundere. This word is actually apt in this case. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside, for the most part. Thus, they interpreted Li Qiye’s comment the way they wanted to ☜

2. Once again, this duck guy is just a weird thing to translate. It could be a name as well, which is Mai Yadan ☜

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