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Chapter 551: He doesn't understand the cruelty of the cultivation world at all!

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Chapter 551: He doesn’t understand the cruelty of the cultivation world at all!

“Go to the main hall of the sect to watch the live broadcast!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Brother Lufei started, started again!”

“What started? Tell me! d.a.m.n it!”

“Tianlong Island, Brother Lufei punched and disabled the descendants of the G.o.ds! d.a.m.n, that’s my brother Lufei!”

“What kind of plot is this? Hold the gra.s.s! Reproducing the cla.s.sics? This game is too awesome! Is this all right?”

The players of the first test, the second test and the third test all crowded into the main hall of the sect like a tide, looking at the huge live screen.

On the screen, w.a.n.g Lufei was alone, facing thousands of powerful enemies in front of him!

In the sky, there were many forces from various parties who heard the news and came to control the huge flying boats!

The shocking power of this scene exploded directly!

But even more shocked than the players, the Earth friend in the live broadcast room.

As many players posted posts on the forum, more and more Earth friends poured into the live broadcast room.

“Oh my G.o.d, I saw Brother Lufei violently beating the descendants of the G.o.ds on Tianlong Island in the live broadcast room of the Heaven-Defying Demon Immortal!!!” “Is this plot designed? Or is it a plot created by Brother Lufei’s free choice?”

“Who knows, didn’t you say that Brother Lufei and Master of Theory went to the human race to negotiate?”

“Show, as expected of him, Brother Lufei, so beautiful!”

“Wait, why did it suddenly become like this? Who knows what happened?”

“There are so many players, it’s over, brother Luffy!”

The number of Earth friends in the live broadcast room would soon exceed 100 million!

Moreover, it was still growing at an alarming rate.

At this time, Chaos Star Sea Tianlong Island, outside the Tianlong Arena…

“That kid, the guy who beat up the descendants of the G.o.ds?”

“Looks like a piece of trash. Just this kid, dare to beat the descendants of the G.o.ds?”

“It’s not surprising, this kind of stunned young boy, how can he understand the cruelty of the cultivation world! Do you really think that you have some talent and strength, you can mess around?”

Many spectators who came to Tianlong Island, after hearing the news, all looked at w.a.n.g Lufei curiously.

In the eyes of all viewers, w.a.n.g Lufei’s capture was a sure thing!

The slaves rescued by w.a.n.g Lufei, at most one stick of incense, would be taken back and tortured twice!

How dare they escape?


However, at this time, many people raised their heads one after another, looking at w.a.n.g Lufei with almost cloudy eyes. There was a last shred of hope in those almost desperate eyes.

Many of these people were slaves, some were people of humble status, and more were descendants of people from the upper realm who came to the Chaos Star Sea and gave birth to them, or the descendants of slaves they brought with them.

Many of them, because they didn’t have enough talent, gradually became the bottom of the bottom, and even worse, they became slaves.

These figures were mixed among countless audiences, and they also looked at w.a.n.g Lufei.

“I’ll say it again. Immediately release His Royal Highness Yan Jun, the descendant of the great celestial, and come over to lead you to death by abolishing your cultivation base. Maybe, I can give you a happy death!” The tenth elder of Ten Thousand Beast Sect said lightly, his voice was extremely loud, and everyone

around heard it clearly.

“What if I say no?” w.a.n.g Lufei replied.

“Hehe, then you have to suffer!” The Tenth Elder of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect sneered, and the terrifying power of the bloodline exploded!

Between breaths, the aura of the Tenth Elder raised to the extreme. On the body, it was scales, the meridians, flow the powerful blood of the big demon!

The fists were shining brightly, and they had been transformed and inlaid with top-quality earth equipment into double fists!

“Since you are not convinced, this deity will let you know today that in this Chaos Star Sea, there is no chance for ants like you to run wild!”

In the early days of Heavenly Pill Realm, he will face the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm Realm!

On one side was the n.o.ble Tenth Elder of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect, who contained eighty-eight kinds of sub-dragon bloodlines, and had top-grade earth weapons integrated into his fists. He far surpa.s.sed w.a.n.g Lufei who looked poor and young.

“You can’t stop this punch!!!” The Tenth Elder sneered and punched.

“My fist likes to kill you high-ranking b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!!!” w.a.n.g Lufei said lightly, his Colored Arm burst out, and he punched!

“Haha, stupid, physical fists are more powerful than my top-grade weapont?” The Tenth Elder laughed.



w.a.n.g Lufei punched through, smashing the fist of the Tenth Elder and smashing the other arm that the Tenth Elder was trying to resist in panic.

Then again, a punch… exploded the head of the Tenth Elder!

w.a.n.g Lufei’s right fist was stained with blood, standing in front of everyone.

“???” The audience was dumbfounded.

The players were shocked!

The Earth friend was fried!

“This guy… killed the tenth elder of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect in seconds?”

“Why? How can he do it?”

“You must be kidding!”

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w.a.n.g Lufei closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, a terrifying power of intent swept across the audience!


Between breaths

Thousands of guards at the pinnacle of the Sea Wheel Realm, as well as tens of thousands of onlookers, all frothed and fainted to the ground.

This scene once again shocked many figures who could resist this blow.

“The power of Major Achievement intent?”

“What kind of power of intent is this? So scary?”

“This kid, isn’t he too monstrous?”

Most of the figures on the flying boat were not affected too much, but everyone was shocked. So they quickly began to notify the high-level officials of their respective forces.

“Hold the gra.s.s, what is Lufei doing?”

“COS murloc hero, save all the slaves on Tianlong Island? Show, it’s too showy!”

“h.e.l.lo everyone, I’m a newbie in the third test, and I’ve been practicing for almost a month and was beaten every day by the War Hunchback Beast! But Lufei, the boss of the first test, has already played the game of cultivating immortals and became a certain king! So I want to ask, am I handsome today?”

“Say, why did Brother Lufei save so many slaves! They are all NPCs!”

“Yeah, I didn’t understand it either! How good it is to negotiate and follow the main line!”

“You know what, Lufei has been doing whatever he wants, right? This is called freedom!”


Many players started to talk about it, and a few players felt that it was unreasonable. After all, they didn’t know these slaves, so why save them!

But more players support w.a.n.g Lufe. They thought there was nothing wrong with Lufei doing this!

This demon fairy is like a real world!

Then, it is Lufei’s freedom to choose whatever you want!

But some existences didn’t think so.

A small island away from Tianlong Island…

“His Royal Highness Yan Jun was attacked?” A figure couldn’t believe it as he picked up a jade slip that flew in.


But the next moment, a terrifying aura erupted, almost crushing the small island thousands of meters away!

“Very good, there’s really someone who’s not afraid of death!” This figure spoke ferociously, then turned around and rushed back to Tianlong Island with astonishing speed!

“I let you know that today, even if a Nascent Soul great power comes, he can’t save you!!!” The figure said ferociously, and at the same time, involuntarily touched the ring on his right hand.

On the ring, a terrifying aura that pressed across the sky flashed past…

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