Dragon-Marked War God

Su Yue Xi

Chapter 2923

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Chapter 2923

A Six-Tailed Spiritual Fox That Drove Them to Despair

Translated by Sean, Soya

Edited by Lifer, Fingerfox

“Although this guy is merely a Mid Divine King, he’s capable of fighting Late Divine Kings.”

Bai Ying nodded silently. He believed that even Gu Maolu would not be able to resist that attack. It seemed like they had underestimated Jiang Chen’s strength.

“Kid, you’re digging your own grave. I will change my last name if I didn’t kill you today!”

Jiang Qing howled furiously. The Jiang Brothers tried to approach them once again and as a reply, the three of them looked at each other and struck out with all their strength. Even though Gu Maolu was not strong enough, he’s still a formidable opponent. If they were not at the Divine King Realm, the both of them would be no match for him.

Jiang Chen attacked and defended at the same time. At the moment, he should at least go through with it. Although they could not defeat the brothers, the Jiang Brothers still failed to take advantage of them.

On the other hand, Yu Chenglong was fighting ferociously, rendering Jiang Tian and Jiang Di unable to confront him. Yu Chenglong was fighting them aggressively. Even though he had been seriously wounded, his power remained the same. It even made Jiang Tian and Jiang Di think of retreat. Yu Chenglong was too strong, it seemed impossible to defeat him without uniting all of them ganging up on him.

But at the moment, Jiang Dan and Jiang Qing still failed to constrain Bai Ying and the others. Especially the guy who came unexpectedly and was able to resist their attacks. Even though this was not all because of him, he still played a crucial role in the battle and his strength was comparable with a Late Divine King expert.

Yu Chenglong soared up into the sky overwhelmingly. While Jiang Tian and his brother were forced to retreat eventually, in great dismay.

“Outer House Three Dragon Head, you just impressed me. Brother Yu, we’ll meet again someday.”

Jiang Tian shouted in a deep voice and glanced at Jiang Chen. His eyes were filled with a cold and terrifying gleem.

“Kid, I don’t want to see you again. I will kill you if I meet you again in Xing Yin County!”

Jiang Tian and the others retreated swiftly and Yu Chenglong did not mean to run after them. He coughed quietly, his injuries were still severe at the moment. However, the Jiang Brothers could do nothing to him.

“I am much obliged for your help, brother.”

Yu Chenglong fixed his eyes on Jiang Chen.

“It is nothing.”

Jiang Chen shook his head with a smile.

“How could a Mid-Divine King expert have such invincible strength? Where are you from?”

Yu Chenglong went on.

“It doesn’t matter where I came from. I am heading to the Profound Connection Divine Palace.”

Jiang Chen answered.

“Oh, the Profound Connection Divine Palace? Hahaha. It seems like it’s destiny, we are from the Profound Connection Divine Palace too. You’re supposed to call me Senior instead, Brother Yu Chenglong is one of the Outer House Three Dragon Heads in the Profound Connection Divine Palace, which is also recognized as one of the strongest students among the third batch trainees.”

Bai Ying burst into laughter.

“That’s great. It means my seniors can lead the way to the Profound Connection Divine Palace.”

Jiang Chen had guessed this earlier, three of them were probably from the Profound Connection Divine Palace.

“Oh, well. Let’s set out on our journey.”

Yu Chenglong said lightly.

“Although Senior Yu looks cold and quiet, he is a kind person. If you follow me in future, I will guarantee to make you enjoy a life free from worries and cares in the palace.”

Gu Maolu patted his chest, and said confidently.

“Thank you in advance, senior.”

Jiang Chen said with a faint smile.

“You’re such a brave guy to pa.s.s through Mt. Qing Ping alone. Didn’t you know that there are Hierarch Realm beasts staying in this Mt. Qing Ping?”

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Gu Maolu looked around him with a worried and solemn face.

At the moment, Jiang Chen could see the strong determination in Yu Chenglong’s eyes. He was trying to resist the Six-tailed Spiritual Fox alone with his precious life to get them an opportunity to escape.

“He’s a real man.”

Jiang Chen thought. But it was impossible for him to compete with the Six-tailed Spiritual Fox at the moment. This fox did not give them any breathing s.p.a.ce by putting them under a great pressure. Even Jiu Mozhi did not give him this kind of terrible aura in the past.

The Six-tailed Spiritual Fox owned six lives and its battle strength was double, which was nearly invincible in the world. Neither human or Divine Beasts were no match for it. Otherwise, Yu Chenglong could’ve fought against the Three-tailed Spiritual Fox with the three of them and not suffer severe injuries.

“No way! Brother Yu, let’s leave together. Or else, we swear to die together with you!”

Bai Ying said, grinding his teeth.

“G.o.dd*mn, how dare you kill my son? It’s my son!”

The Six-tailed Spiritual Fox stood in front of Jiang Chen. It looked similar to the Three-tailed Spiritual Fox. However, the six tails had sunk them into despair as they were unable to strike back. Confronting the pressure of a Hierarch expert, they had fallen into a helpless and hopeless situation.

The Six-tailed Spiritual Fox’s grievance and rage made them feel like dealing with a formidable opponent, they could hardly breathe at the moment.

“All of you must die!”

The Six-tailed Spiritual Fox’s voice had made Yu Chenglong and the others feel hopeless.

“It is way stronger than Lord Lin……”

Gu Maolu knew that no one could save them this time.

“Sister Zhu, it’s a pity that I can’t meet you again. I think I will die with regret.”

Yu Chenglong gave a hasty glance at the sky, his face looking white. He was not afraid of death, but had some concerns.

“We have no choice but to give it a try.”

In this critical moment, Jiang Chen knew well that the four of them were all in the same boat with him.

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