Dragon-Marked War God

Su Yue Xi

Chapter 2922 - Taking Advantage of Others

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Chapter 2922 - Taking Advantage of Others

“Jiang Brothers?”

“Wow, you’re wise. Haha.”

A young man with red clothes was standing arrogantly and his eyes were judging the world like the devil. There was light glittering in his bright eyes, he had a powerful aura and a remarkable spirit like Bai Ying.

“It seems like the Jiang Brothers have planned for this.”

Yu Chenglong said lightly. His clear eyes met Jiang Tian’s directly, the red-clothed young man.

“Oh Brother Yu, I am flattered. Both of us are just trying to earn a living. Frankly, we have had our eyes on this Three-tailed Spiritual Fox for some time, but the three of you got it first. Would you consider giving it up to us?”

Jiang Tian burst into laughter, remaining calm. Apparently, it sounded like a robbery.

“Seems like you guys are taking advantage of us.”

Gu Maolu said in a low voice.

“I am trying to contain myself for the sake of Brother Yu, otherwise you would’ve already been dead by now.”

Jiang Qing said with a cold smile, he did not care about Gu Maolu. The brothers were inseparable and each of them was similar to Bai Ying in strength. They would be an incredibly strong power if they joined forces. It was rumored that the four of them even killed a Half-step Hierarch Realm expert before, so most people rarely offend them.


Gu Maolu was glaring at the Jiang Brothers with gloomy and cold eyes. But the brothers were indeed extremely terrifying, even Yu Chenglong was unwilling to fight them. Besides, their injuries were severe at the moment.

“What if I am not willing to do so?”

“I think Brother Yu is not a silly person. If you want to fight, I’m guessing that you might not be able to defeat two of my brothers in your current condition. Do you think that you could survive if the four of us strike together?”

Jiang Tian said in a low voice.

“Fine, let’s fight.”

Yu Chenglong said lightly, he was not afraid at all and he swore to get the Three-tailed Spiritual Fox! His sister needed it to cure her sickness, since without it her condition would only get worse and worse.

“You guys are taking advantage of us.”

Bai Ying felt indignant about it. It was not the right time to lose his temper at this moment, this was a life and death fight after all. They would lose their precious life if there was any mistake. Since the Jiang Brothers were here for the Three-tailed Spiritual Fox, it meant that they came prepared for battle and ready for the fight at any time.

“Humph, you’re really an ungrateful wretch. Yu Chenglong, I wonder if you could resist our attack. We, the Jiang Brothers, can’t wait to experience the Outer House Three Dragon Head’s real strength now.”

Jiang Tian narrowed his eyes slightly and said in a low voice. Since Yu Chenglong was obstinate and wrong-headed, the battle was inevitable.

“Taking advantage of others is despicable and it’s not a hero’s act. I would like to interfere this time.”

Jiang Chen soared up into the sky and landed on top of the hill. It shocked everyone there, even Gu Maolu fixed his gaze at Jiang Chen silently with a confused and strange face.

“Hahaha. You’re merely at the Mid Divine King Realm, how dare you interfere in our business? Don’t blame me for killing you here with a punch.”

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Jiang Qing held his sides, looking at Jiang Chen with a scornful face. This guy’s appearance was like a kind of insult to them. How dare a Mid Divine King guy come around and mess with their pride.

“Chenglong’s sword skills, Blood Blade Seal!”

Yu Chenglong’s sword shadow pierced through the sky. The large sword with the carving of dragons was a Low Grade Origin Divine Tool which could not be treated lightly. He wielded the sword wildly and each hit was fatal. He did not seem like an injured person and the sword was extremely sharp. He surged toward Jiang Tian and his brother violently with a terrifying aura.

The forest underfoot was utterly destroyed and the trees in rows turned into powder completely under the edge of the sword.

“You’re well named, but I wonder how far you could go. Humph.”

Jiang Chen was not afraid at all even though the two brothers were moving in sync and their attack and defence was perfect.

“Jiang’s Family Leg!”

Jiang Tian’s legs were moving at lightning speed. The shadow of his legs were travelling through the sky. The three of them were fighting intensely. The Jiang Brothers failed to take any advantage of Yu Chenglong.

On the other hand, Bai Ying and Gu Maolu’s condition was worrying. Both of them were constrained by Jiang Dan and Jiang Qing, they were taking each move carefully and they could hardly strike back.

“It’s my turn.”

Jiang Chen wore a faint smile and soared up into the sky. He cast the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal, which astonished Jiang Dan and Jiang Qing.

“It is such a strong blow!”

Both of them escaped rapidly. Jiang Chen’s attack had made the brothers look terrified. Jiang Chen did not use the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique as his strength was limited and the power of the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal would be greatly reduced. Even so, the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal was still not ordinary. An ordinary Late Divine King expert would not be capable of resisting the attack. Even Jiang Dan and Jiang Qing, as Divine Kings, had to avoid this. Moreover, the Jiang Brothers had just broken through the Divine King Realm, so their strength was not stable enough.

The Jiang Brothers broke through Jiang Chen’s Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal successfully, but suffered a shock from the Combat Dragon Seal’s power and stepped backward. Gu Maolu and Bai Ying were in hot pursuit and attacked instantly. Even though their strength was limited, it made the Jiang Brothers wear a worried frown on their face.

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