Dragon-Marked War God

Su Yue Xi

Chapter 2921 - A Three-tailed Spiritual Fox

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Chapter 2921

A Three-tailed Spiritual Fox

“Finally, I found you after four years and five months, kid.”

Bai Ying touched her hand fan softly. She wore a faint smile and her eyes were fixed at that white soul.

“You’re such a miserable human. I have never offended you but why are you trying to kill me?”

The White Spiritual Fox’s eyes were burning with resentment and hatred, staring at the three of them sharply.

“It is the law of the jungle, the strong rules over the weak. It’s about the survival of the fittest.”

Yu Chenglong said lightly.

“Kid, without the human’s essence of origin, it’s impossible for you to achieve the Three-tailed Realm easily or the Half-step Hierarch Realm even after cultivating for a thousand years. I think this should be a sufficient reason to kill you. Haha.”

Bai Ying chuckled.

“Let’s cut the c.r.a.p. Brother Yu and Brother Bai, just kill it now. We must hurry on our way.”

Gu Maolu burst into laughter, he could hardly wait.

“It is not easy for the three of you to catch me. I swear to give you guys a really hard time even if I die!”

The Three-tailed Spiritual Fox said and glowered at Yu Chenglong and the others.

“Be cautious. The Azure Spirit White Fox is not ordinary, it is not inferior to a Divine Beast. The three tails represent three lives, don’t let down your guard before you kill it three times.”

Yu Chenglong said in a low voice. While holding a large sword carved with dragons, there was a cold beam of lights around him, looking inspiring and magnificent.

“Brother Yu was extraordinarily strong and unbeatable. I believe that you’ll win a place for yourself in the Divine Palace.”

Gu Maolu was flattering Yu Chenglong with a serious face.

“Stop stalking nonsense, just strike out now!”

Yu Chenglong glanced at Gu Maolu. The three of them rushed at the Three-tailed Spiritual Fox directly.

Squeak squeak……

The Spiritual Fox uttered piercing cries, three of them frowned and looked serious. Even though they’re all almost at the Half-step Hierarch realm, they should still be extremely cautious when dealing with it.

Both Yu Chenglong and Bai Ying were Peak Divine Kings while Gu Maolu was also at the Late Divine King Realm. Even so, they still shouldn’t underestimate the opponent’s power. Even though the Three-tailed Spiritual Fox was moving swiftly, its moves were constrained by three of them and was only defending pa.s.sively. It did not get any opportunity to fight back.

“Ultimate Temptation!”

The Spiritual Fox exclaimed in a low voice. The white fur on its body spread all over the place and the air was saturated with a penetrating odor. Yu Chenglong and Bai Ying stepped backward rapidly, but Gu Maolu was unlucky and was completely covered by the white fur and fell into the Spiritual Fox’s trap.

“Wow, you’re so charming. Come here!”

Gu Maolu slapped his own b.u.t.t, and said with an ambiguous face. His eyes seemed blank. Apparently, he had fallen into a realm of illusions.

“This is just too much.”

Bai Ying did not know whether to laugh or cry. Gu Maolu was inferior to both of them and used to be affected by the world. His state of mind was never peaceful and that was the main reason that he fell into the trap easily. Under the Ultimate Temptation, he fell into other’s control.

“Break it now!”

Yu Chenglong flourished his sword and swung it. It was earth-shattering and frightening which forced the Spiritual Fox to retreat rapidly. However, Bai Ying blocked the fox’s way and both of them hit a strong blow at the same time. The Three-tailed Spiritual Fox tried hard to avoid the attacks, it was startled and anxious. Eventually, Bai Ying’s Flying Fan Needles struck it on its back.

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“Chop down its head!”

“Brother Yu and Brother Bai, this is why you guys should appreciate me. Look, I just killed the Three-tailed Spiritual Fox.”

Gu Maolu tried to catch the Three-tailed Spiritual Fox after he finished speaking. Unexpectedly, the Three-tailed Spiritual Fox woke up instantly and gave him a kick. Gu Maolu’s face was scratched by the Three-tailed Spiritual Fox, shedding blood.

“d.a.m.n! My face is disfigured because of you.”

Gu Maolu was in a towering rage. All of them attacked the Three-tailed Spiritual Fox once again. But it learned its lesson, it tried to attack and retreat at the same time. Although it was a 3 versus 1 fight, it was extremely intense. The Three-tailed Spiritual Fox would not be easily killed if it was careful. Moreover, it was as strong as a Half-step Hierarch, even three of them could not deal with it easily.

After fighting for three days continuously, they had triumphed over the Three-tailed Spiritual Fox eventually. The fox was dead after losing three lives. But Yu Chenglong and the others had suffered severe injuries at the same time.

“Soul Sealing Lamp, absorb!”

Yu Chenglong was holding a green treasured lamp and the Three-tailed Spiritual Fox’s soul was absorbed utterly into the lamp.

“Hard work pays off. Haha. Brother Yu and Brother Bai, it seems like we got a fruitful result this time.”

Gu Maolu smiled gleefully and felt excited. The Three-tailed Spiritual Fox was formidable and even Yu Chenglong had no confidence to defeat it alone. So it was impossible to achieve it without the others.

“Our efforts brought a reward this time.”

Bai Ying shrugged his shoulders and smiled, his heart was filled with joy. However, Yu Chenglong looked cold and dignified.

“A hero will never hide in the dark, just come out.”

Yu Chenglong said coldly, startling Gu Maolu and Baiying. They wondered who was hiding at the back.

“Hahaha. Three Dragon Heads, you’re all well named. Yu Chenglong, what you did really impressed me but you’re still slightly inferior to me. Now you should learn that the wolf will win when shepherds quarrel.”

They heard a soft and gloomy voice. The sound was reverberating through the forest.

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