Dragon-Marked War God

Su Yue Xi

Chapter 2919 - Let Fate Decide Northern Shadow S

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Chapter 2919

Let Fate Decide Northern Shadow Sect

Ling Kuang looked towards Jiang Chen.

It’s not easy to kill a Half-Step Hierarch, plus, Zhu Zhenfeng still had the Northern Shadow Sect behind him, one of the top-ten sects.

“This brother is unparalleled and possesses superb morality, you must be joking.” Zhu Zhenfeng looked towards Jiang Chen and nodded with a laugh, with a hint of flattering in his voice because he knew that he couldn’t go against Jiang Chen and the others.

“How would the world know of the might of the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect if this person lives? Chu Tianzhou and the Blood Tool Sect must die, that is the result of them going against the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect. Does Senior Ling not want the whole Tian Xing Boundary to know of his sect’s power? The Northern Shadow Sect must be vanquished too, Zhu Zhenfeng is a threat if he’s left alive. They have conspired against your sect with the Blood Tool Sect, the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect’s might will not be acknowledged by the boundary if he’s left alive. It’s up to you to decide on whether to kill them, but the Blood Tool Sect and the Northern Shadow Sect, I believe none of them shall be left.”

Jiang Chen sent a telepathic message. Ling Kuang became silent. Killing Zhu Zhenfeng was easy, however, the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect would be destroyed if the remaining nine sects sent out their experts.

“The nine great sects may not be as close as you think, they only wanted something when they sided with the Blood Tool Sect. They knew what they wanted, there was only interest and no absolute alliance. Now that the Blood Tool Sect is gone, those interests are gone, do you think that the nine sects will fight for the fallen Blood Tool Sect? Destroying the Northern Shadow Sect is to show the world that your sect is not to be trifled with, the remaining eight sects will not help the Northern Shadow Sect. That was their due karma. Zhu Zhenfeng joining in this meant that they’re deep in league with the Blood Tool Sect, the others didn’t send out their best experts, this is pretty clear on their relations.h.i.+p, they’re just business partners.”

Jiang Chen’s message resounded in Ling Kuang’s mind. Ling Kuang was shocked but his mind became clear, he had cultivated for tens of thousands of years, wanting to improve further, yet he had forgotten the complicated relations.h.i.+p and politics between sects, he had become soft. But now, his murderous intent towards Zhu Zhenfeng had become thicker.

“Alright!” Ling Kuang said.

Zhu Zhenfeng’s expression changed drastically as he quickly retreated, his eyes were filled with anger and hatred.

“Ling Kuang, are you really going to kill me?”

“You’re right, you and the Blood Tool Sect worked together to bring down my Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect, despicable men shall not be left alive.”

Ling Kuang waved his arm with vigor, instantly reaching Zhu Zhenfeng. Jiang Chen was right. The current Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect must show its might! To show the world that they’re not to be messed with, the Blood Tool Sect must receive its karma, Northern Shadow Sect’s Zhu Zhenfeng too shall receive its due.

“This one will never allow you to reach your goal. Want to kill me?! Keep dreaming!” Zhu Zhenfeng quickly turned and left.

“Fire Qilin, give Senior Ling a hand.” Jiang Chen smiled.

Fire Qilin and Ling Kuang blocked Zhu Zhenfeng’s escape.

Jiang Chen had spent a lot of his stamina and energy from the previous battle since the Five Elements Divine Dragon Seal required a lot of his flame essence. Jiang Chen would be sucked dry if he uses another seal.

Half an hour later, Ling Kuang and Fire Qilin dealt a lethal blow towards Zhu Zhenfeng. The latter was in a sorry state as he roared and shouted. However, no one could help him now.

In the end, Ling Kuang managed to kill Zhu Zhenfeng, but he too lost quite a lot and was injured terribly. It wasn’t an easy battle.

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The nine great sects, including the three elders of the Northern Shadow Sect, wore a terrified expression. Chu Fangzhi’s heart was quaking, he wanted to run away now but he was trapped within Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation.

“We thank Senior Ling’s grace.”

The remaining Divine Kings said in grat.i.tude, their expressions were pale as they quickly ran away.

The Blood Tool Sect was thoroughly destroyed, the Tian Xing Boundary was shaken to the core as the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect wiped the whole sect from the trace of the earth and no one dared to utter a sound of dissatisfaction.

“This time, we’re lucky to have Jiang Chen with us. otherwise, the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect would have been destroyed for sure.” Ling Kuang said with a serious expression.

“Senior Ling flatters me, I’m just doing what needs to be done, plus, I have quite a relations.h.i.+p with the sect. Lady Ling Yun once saved me in the past, and I remember this grat.i.tude.” Jiang Chen smiled.

“Yes, won’t these two make a good pair, plus, you guys have long since known each other very well, I shall allow Ling Yun to you, little friend Jiang Chen. What do you think?” Ling Kuang smiled.

Ling Yanyu and Yang Le looked at each other, to have two love-birds get together, it’ll be great news for the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect. The disciples shouted and celebrated. However, Jiang Chen shook his head.

“Er… this, let fate play its part.” Jiang Chen smiled bitterly.

At this moment, Xiao Yu and Big Sis Ning could not be found. Although Ling Yun had a place in his heart, he could not be together with her, at least not now! Because he couldn’t give her any solid promises.

Ling Yun’s smile froze.

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