Dragon-Marked War God

Su Yue Xi

Chapter 2917 - Five Elements Divine Dragon Seal!

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Chapter 2917 - Five Elements Divine Dragon Seal!

Translated by Sean, Desmond

Edited by Lifer, Fingerfox

Chu Tianzhou was slightly stunned. He thought Jiang Chen would order the Fire Qilin to attack him since without it, what does he have to face him? Asking Fire Qilin to take control of the formation and willingly fight him alone, isn’t that courting death? It’d be pitiful for a Half-Step Hierarch to fail to kill a Mid Divine King, might as well kill himself.

“Jiang Chen! Be Careful!” Ling Yun said.

Although Jiang Chen managed to defeat thirty Divine King experts and killed Chu Yunji, the one before him now was a genuine Half-Step Hierarch. It’s totally different from before.

A Half-Step Hierarch could easily level a sect! That’s how powerful they were.

“Such a daring fool! Die!”

Chu Tianzhou shot himself towards Jiang Chen. Everyone took a deep breath as they noticed that Jiang Chen’s cultivation realm was lower than Chu Tianzhou, and by a large margin.

“Little friend, careful!” Ling Kuang said.

Jiang Chen immediately unleashed the Dragon Transformation, allowing him to reach the Late Divine King Realm. He then threw his mighty draconic punch towards Chu Tianzhou. Their clashes shook the mountains and the rivers below them.

Jiang Chen’s body was invincible to be able to face such an enemy. He attacked with unbelievable giant techniques without caring about Chu Tianzhou’s attack, pus.h.i.+ng forward with lethal attacks.


Jiang Chen and Chu Tianzhou clashed again and again, shocking the whole Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect. Although he’s not overpowering Chu Tianzhou, it’s already a win for him to not lose immediately.

“How terrifying could this fella get? That’s a Half-Step Hierarch over there!”

“Zhu Clan’s Old Ancestor has finally met his match, looks like it’s not an easy battle.”

“d.a.m.n! A Mid Divine King with such battle strength, his future is definitely scary once he grows…”

“That may not be so… Chu Tianzhou has the initiative now, Jiang Chen may not be able to take on Old Ancestor Zhu’s barrage, what does he have to withstand it without the Fire Qilin?”

All the sect elders’ expressions were heavy as they silently observed the battle. Chu Tianzhou was pretty shocked that Jiang Chen was able to retreat and defend against his attacks.

“This fella’s strength is pretty strong, to think he can take on my attacks.”

Chu Tianzhou was shocked while throwing out attacks after attacks without stopping, pressuring Jiang Chen.

“ Half-Step Hierarch and Divine King Realm have a big gap.”

Jiang Chen retreated with a heavy expression. To overpower a Half-Step Hierarch, he needed to be at least at the Late Divine king realm. Still, it won’t be easy for Chu Tianzhou to defeat him.

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“Die little boy!”

“Blood Cloud Exorcising Palm!”

Chu Tianzhou unleashed his greatest technique.

“Five Elements Divine Dragon Seal!”

Jiang Chen unleashed his seal that had undergone a tremendous change. The Five Elements Divine Dragon Seal was stronger than its previous version, it’s much stronger now that Jiang Chen was at the Half-Step Hierarch state.

“Such a terrifying seal.”

Everyone felt helpless towards this power, Chu Tianzhou included. That devastating dragon soaring across the sky and roaring towards its enemy.

The Five Elements Divine Dragon Seal instantly destroyed Tianzhou’s Blood Cloud Exorcising Palm and the mighty seal crashed upon him. Chu Tianzhou quickly retreated, however the Five Elements Divine Dragon Seal was right at his nose.

“NO………” Chu Tianzhou shrieked in fear.

Unfortunately for Chu Tianzhou, Jiang Chen’s attack was too swift as Jiang Chen couldn’t control it. The Five Elements Divine Dragon Seal almost destroyed half of the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect. Chu Tianzhou managed to withstand it but suffered a lethal injury, his breathing became chaotic.

“Five Elements Divine Dragon Seal, terrifying.”

Jiang Chen also gasped at its might, the Five Elements Divine Dragon Seal was shockingly powerful!

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