Dragon-Marked War God

Su Yue Xi

Chapter 2916 – Take Control Over the Formation

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Chapter 2916 – Take Control Over the Formation

Translated by Sean, DesmondEdited by Lifer, Fingerfox

Chu Fangzhi’s face was filled with shock as he gasped. The Fire Qilin had devoured Chu Yunji whole. The three Half-Step Hierarchs were wary of the might of the Fire Qilin. It would be extremely difficult for them to kill a Peak Divine King Fire Qilin. The flame of the Fire Qilin was domineering, n.o.body below the Half-Step Hierarch Realm could withstand it.

“Great lad, to think he even subdued a Peak Divine King Fire Qilin to do his bidding, fascinating.” Ling Yanyu said with a solemn expression.

Ling Yun’s eyes were filled with happiness. Jiang Chen’s current strength had overpowered everyone else, probably on-par against the three Half-Step Hierarchs. Even the Fire Qilin willingly supported Jiang Chen, this caused Ling Yun to view Jiang Chen in a greater height.

“My Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect is saved.” Yang Le cried tears of joy.

At this moment, she could feel a glimpse of hope, Jiang Chen was able to subdue the thirty Divine Kings. Now, the ones that had no victor yet was the battle between the Half-Step Hierarchs. The Old Ancestor of the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect was in a bad situation but not life-threatening.

The morale of the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect’s disciples had risen, and they fought back enthusiastically. Chu Fangzhi and the gang’s expression became pale. Under Fire Qilin’s pressure, they couldn’t do much to help the situation. Chu Fangzhi had lost his composure after Chu Yunji died. Jiang Chen fought and subdued his enemies. At this moment, Chu Fangzhi hoped that the Old Ancestor could subdue Ling Kuang and only then could they have a chance to fight back.

“Things are going out of hand, Brother Chu, looks like we need to end this fast.”

Chu Tianzhou saw Chu Yunji being devoured by the Fire Qilin and Jiang Chen gaining victories across the battlefield. He started to get anxious.

“Alright!” Zhu Zhenfeng agreed as he knew what was at stake.

Both of them quickly attacked Ling Kuang, the whole mountain shook as the battle between Half-Step Hierarchs had started once again. The Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect was on the verge of collapsing.

“Blood Cloud Palm!”

“Ghost Shadow Trace, Wolf Pack Onslaught!”

The attacks of the two Half-Step Hierarchs pushed Ling Kuang back. He was overwhelmed.

“Earthly Fire Seal!”

Ling Kuang threw a powerful seal to defend but Zhu Zhenfeng and Chu Tianzhou were slightly stronger. Ling Kuang’s life was in danger.

“Heavenly Lightning Seal!” Ling Kuang threw another seal but the two withstood it.

“Ling Kuang, you’re fated to lose, hahaha, surrender now or it’ll be too late.” Chu Tianzhou laughed.

Ling Kuang’s situation was worsening.

Ling Kuang gritted his teeth with a pale expression.

“d.a.m.ned fellas, I’ll make sure one of you goes down with me, hmph.” Ling Kuang shouted in anger.

He was at least 30% stronger than the other two, he could certainly overpower any of them if they came at him alone but now, it was different. Both of them kept attacking him relentlessly. Ling Kuang was showing signs of losing.

“It’s a pity that you’ve lost your chance, heh.” Chu Tianzhou sneered.

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Ling Kuang fell from the sky as the Blood Cloud Palm hit him, he kneeled with one knee and looked up disgruntledly.

It’s just a Mid Divine King, let’s quickly get rid of him.

“Brother Zhu is right, let’s kill him. He’s hateful indeed.

You’re not powerful enough to help the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect, you’ll die a pitiful death.” Chu Tianzhou shot his aura towards Jiang Chen.

The latter did not step back and withstood it head-on with his battle intent.

“Senior Ling, leave the trash from the Blood Tool Sect to me, you take the other one, what say you?” Jiang Chen said.

“This… are you really sure?” Ling Kuang’s eyes were filled with shock.

To have the guts to challenge a Half-Step Hierarch, he’s definitely b.a.l.l.sy, but the gap between them was just too great.

“Alright! You’ll take Chu Tianzhou.”

“Do you think you can face me without the Fire Qilin?! I’ll only need a finger to kill you. Arrogant fool, I’ll teach you a lesson that one doesn’t just go against authority!”

Chu Tianzhou and Jiang Chen stared at each other with murderous intent.

“Alright, I’ll face you alone. Fire Qilin, take control over the formation for me.” Jiang Chen said.

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