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Chapter 84 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (19)

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Chapter 84 – I Hear I’m a Battle G.o.d (19)

Then, 061 pressed his forehead lightly against Chi Xiaochi’s hair, trying to soothe him with his body temperature. His lips were lukewarm against his own, warm puffs of breath from his nose stimulated the person beneath him into small tremors.

Chi Xiaochi and 061, were just like a lock and key.

The key was like a thief, pecking lightly at the keyhole, in soft, circular strokes, rubbing lightly, memorising every line on the lock. His fingers carefully held up the lock’s body, ma.s.saging gently, making the lock first shiver, then break into uncontrollable light giggles. The lock’s eyes also seemed to have relaxed. He relaxed his mouth, huffing out a warm breath, a hint of tongue exposed. The key then smoothly entered, carefully playing with the lock’s tongue, as if tasting a soft and sweet jelly.

But he invaded for only a moment. Soon, the key retreated, a little uneasy, unsure as to whether he should try to open that door.

Innumerable techniques flowed into 061’s brain. He absorbed them like usual, learning, but when put into practice, he kept feeling like there was something lacking.

061’s mind was blank. The only complete thought he could form, was that he was worried about squashing Chi Xiaochi.

So he picked Chi Xiaochi up, and placed him on his knee. The medicine’s effects hadn’t kicked in yet, so Chi Xiaochi hmph-ed softly as he searched for the pair of lips that could make him feel better.

061 brought his lips down once more, kissing the corner of his mouth, but he already didn’t know where to put his hands, and just rocked Chi Xiaochi’s body like a cradle, like he was coaxing him to sleep.

Low groans of “mm-mm” left Chi Xiaochi’s mouth. His legs went weak, and he was kissed so hard that he couldn’t even open his eyes. He wrapped his arms around his waist and squeezed tightly.

When he kissed the faint mole by the end of his eyebrow, Chi Xiaochi began to tremble, a white light flashed before his eyes.

After all, his spirit was too sensitive.

His body that had been thrown into chaos by the pheromones finally relaxed.

He closed his eyes. There was an already dry tear track winding into his hair. His eyelashes were stained with a slight mist, making them seem incredibly long.

And now, those lashes were fluttering, looking like they would open at any minute.

061 started, waking up from his dream. He called out in a soft voice, “Xiaochi? Xiaochi?”

Chi Xiaochi’s spirit, however, just flipped over, and went straight to sleep.

Given how he’d been drained of energy, no wonder he was exhausted.

Only then did 061 have the mind to think back to everything they had just done. His entire body started to burn with heat, feeling as if he was floating up into the clouds. He could only hold Chi Xiaochi in his arms in order to keep himself from floating away and disappearing without a trace.

……It was as if Chi Xiaochi was his world.

That night, 061 thought about a lot of things. He thought about each and every bit of his and Chi Xiaochi’s interactions, and thought about that person whose whereabouts he didn’t know and who made him yearn to return to his world. He thought about Chi Xiaochi’s inevitable departure, and that person who he’d already been separated from for more than ten years and he didn’t know if he was still waiting for him.

Even after thinking all the way until the sun rose, he still couldn’t think of the answer.

The morning of the next day, Chi Xiaochi woke up. Seeing his clothes that had been thrown to the floor, his said calmly, “Liu-laoshi, yesterday, I was in a muddled state, but I still have some sense of what happened. ……You were the one who kissed me, right.”

061, “En.”

After thinking back and forth about it, 061 had decided that he still needed to hear Chi Xiaochi’s thoughts on the matter first.

Chi Xiaochi stroked the outside of his ear and commented, “Your kissing skills aren’t bad. You’ve practiced a lot before, huh.”

There were too many points to roast in these words, that for a time, 061 didn’t know where to start.

061 thought, could this be the legendary heartless perked b.u.t.t.

Chi Xiaochi changed to a different position, going to rub his other ear. “Look, I have someone I’m waiting for, and you have someone you’re waiting for as well. It’s just a kiss that happened in heat, and it’s not like I’ve never kissed anyone before.”

He didn’t know if it was his own misconception, but Chi Xiaochi felt as if 061’s voice suddenly cooled, “……En, I know.”

061 thought, of course he knew, at 72:13 in《72 Hours of Panic》, and at 26:02 and 69:59 in《Paper Marriage》, there were kissing scenes.

《72 Hours of Panic》was the second movie Chi Xiaochi had acted in. At that time, he had just turned 18, and his co-star was also a rather famous child star who had just turned 19. The two were a perfect match in terms of looks, and rumours of them being in a relationship had spread for a very long time.

061 then asked, “What does that prove?”

Chi Xiaochi said with a smile, “It proves that I have abundant experience.”

061, “……”

Since Chi Xiaochi said this, 061 simply responded with a joking tone, “How did it feel, pretty good?”

Chi Xiaochi said, “Nothing much, I vomited after we kissed.”

061, “……”

“I said that I didn’t mean to. She didn’t believe me,” Chi Xiaochi said, “When we walked down the red carpet at the Film Festival, she wasn’t willing to lock arms with me, only willing to lock arms with the director, so I could only hold Elder Sun’s arm. Later on, some people were like Columbus discovering a new continent, and started to spread rumours about my and Elder Sun’s relationship not being shallow like dogs chasing their own tails.”

061, “……”

This was clearly the atmosphere of an argument, but 061 couldn’t help but want to laugh.

Chi Xiaochi stood up, picked his clothes off the floor, and put them back on one by one. While Ji Zuoshan was still yet to awaken from him knocking himself out, he felt like he needed to make things clear with 061.

“Liu-laoshi, this thing happened, but that’s all. There’s no need to turn it into anything. You’re so smart, you should understand what I mean.”

He put on his pants, then began to put on his shirt.

“To put it frankly, Liu-laoshi, I, do feel like you’re indeed a little similar to Lou-ge.” Chi Xiaochi slotted his gem and pearl inlaid b.u.t.tons through the b.u.t.tonholes of his shirt one by one, then rearranged his lapel in the mirror. “But I know, casually using someone as a replacement for someone else isn’t something a normal person can do. This wouldn’t be fair to you, and neither would it be it fair to Lou-ge.”

061’s tone was slightly strange. “How is it unfair to him.”

“How would you know what Lou-ge would think?” Chi Xiaochi buckled his belt, cinching his thin waist and went to grab his tie. At the same time, he asked, “Are you Lou-ge?”

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061 immediately denied it, “I’m not.”

——One of his memory fragments involved him going to feed a little yellow dog, which he called Maimai.

Before dying, Lou Ying had countless concerns, one of them being Chi Xiaochi.

——He remembered, there was a person waiting for him to come back.

The way the confidentiality system was set up, how when his friends heard the name “Chi Xiaochi”, they would smile ambiguously, and start to speak then stop……

This was clearly his first time going to 023 to download Chi Xiaochi’s movies, but he could take out the already downloaded resources, and had said, with a face filled with hating iron for not becoming steel, there was a braindead fan, who had downloaded all of Chi Xiaochi’s movies, and recommended them to everyone……

Braindead fan……

Right, Xiaochi had said, two and a half years ago, a fan of his calling himself Lou Ying, had arranged a meeting with him, but had stood him up.

And if he hadn’t remembered wrongly, he just so happened to have, two and a half years ago, because he’d broken the rules, been punished with being reformatted.

061 started panting lowly, forcefully suppressing a turbulent rush of longing. He said, “Xiaochi, listen to me, I might be……”

However, even after exhausting all his strength, he couldn’t speak the next part of what he wanted to say.

Chi Xiaochi tied up his tie. “You are?”

He waited for a long time, but didn’t hear 061’s continuation, so he picked up his coat and draped it over his shoulders and went to the washroom to wash up.

The interior s.p.a.ce of the single-person mecha was sufficiently large, almost equal to the size of a small apartment, outfitted with all the facilities one would need. Just as Chi Xiaochi was splashing water onto his face, he heard 061, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly laugh.

It was a kind of laugh that made one’s spirit feel soft like it had been bathed in the spring breeze. Chi Xiaochi had to admit, even though he’d heard it countless times, he still couldn’t stand up to this voice.

Chi Xiaochi supported himself against the washbasin. “What are you laughing about?”

061 looked at the damp Chi Xiaochi in the mirror. “Your ears are really red.”

Chi Xiaochi coughed lightly, “It’s cause I was rubbing them earlier.”

061, “It’s already been so long since, but they’re still red now.”

Chi Xiaochi buried his face in a wrung-out washcloth. “I have a good complexion.”

061 then laughed gently again, thinking, his complexion when I kissed him yesterday still looks better.

The heavens knew how much effort he’d spent just now, before he could suppress his urge to immediately go back to the Lord G.o.d’s s.p.a.ce and look up all the past information on himself.

Taking into account the current situation, if he really was Lou Ying, the Lord G.o.d might have set his attentions on Xiaochi and himself since the moment they entered. Even though he didn’t know what its ultimate goal was, but 061 was clear, currently the most important thing for him to do was to not beat the gra.s.s and scare the snake, in order to avoid the Lord G.o.d sensing something, and making another move against Xiaochi.

Just like what he’d said just yesterday, they could take their time, there was no rush.

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