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Chapter 76 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (13)

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Chapter 76 I Hear I’m a Battle G.o.d (13)

As if in order to prove 061 right, a slight ripple appeared on the water surface illuminated by the dim light of night with seemingly no cause. Circles spread out from the centre of the lake, like they were coming from a tremor from the earth’s core.

Zhan Yanchao’s expression changed slightly. He turned his gaze away from Ji Zuoshan, focusing on the lake.

In the water, it was hard to sense an approaching object. Those two were still splashing around in the water, forcing the human sacrifice towards the centre of the lake.

The human sacrifice didn’t dare to resist. As he wiped away the water that had already entered his eyes, he pleaded in a small voice, “Young master, young master, the water’s too deep, I can’t swim very well.”

Square face lifted up some more water, and splashed it into his mouth.

Zhan Yanchao stared closely after that human sacrifice, the look in his eyes complex.

As the human sacrifice stumbled backwards, the soft dirt beneath his feet suddenly crumbled away, submerging him in the lake. He panicked slightly, spreading his arms and flailing around a few times before sinking downwards. Fortunately, his luck was pretty good. He found a foothold nearby and got his head back above the water. From his throat, rough from choking out water, he let out a hoa.r.s.e cry, “Can I get up?”

Other than the noise from over there, the surroundings were still quiet, the insects’ chirping from before having completely stopped at some unknown time.

w.a.n.g Xiaoqing hadn’t yet fallen into deep sleep. Sensing that the atmosphere wasn’t right, she flipped over and sat up, her palm pushing into the just sleeping w.a.n.g Xizhou’s face. “……Wake up.”

Although he was still bleary, w.a.n.g Xizhou snapped awake very quickly. Before he even sat up, his right hand was already touching the mecha calling b.u.t.ton on his left wrist. “Jie?”

Chi Xiaochi stood up and called them over, “Come up quickly, there’s something in the lake.”

Hair gel guy asked Square face, “What’s he shouting about?”

Square face had heard Ji Zuoshan, but didn’t really care. He raised his voice and shouted at the human sacrifice who was more than twenty metres away from the sh.o.r.e, filled with schadenfreudic glee, “Oi! There’s something in the lake, did you hear? Quickly run~”

Water had entered the human sacrifice’s eyes, ears, mouth and nose, making him choke to the point that all his seven orifices were burning. Furthermore, his ears were filled with the sound of water, how could he possibly hear what Square face was saying? He could only cough vigorously, rubbing his eyes.

Hair gel guy laughed at his stupid appearance.

However, less than two seconds later, a giant, bow-shaped steel back surfaced, soundlessly flitting across the surface of the water two metres behind the human sacrifice.

Hair gel guy’s eyes widened. “……What’s that?”

Square face was still laughing merrily. “You’ve also gone crazy?”

Hair gel guy raised his hand and pointed behind the human sacrifice, but that area had already calmed, with only slight ripples spreading across, unclear whether a creature had pa.s.sed by there, or if it was just remnant ripples from his flailing.

But Square faced already couldn’t laugh anymore.

Right by the human sacrifice’s right elbow, was a round object, glowing a faint yellow, emerging from the water’s surface, like there was a water demon carrying a human head lantern as it departed on its night walk.

If one looked closer, they would then notice, that thing emerging ghost-like from the water, was an eye the size of a lantern.

The human sacrifice didn’t notice. Dirt had entered his eyes, stabbing into them and making his eyelids throb with pain.

Meanwhile the black pupil in that eye looked around slowly, as if it didn’t have very good vision. It looked a little simple, even harmless to people and animals.

w.a.n.g Xiaoqing let out a slight sigh of relief, thinking that it might not be a carnivorous creature.

But w.a.n.g Xizhou, standing next to her, had already started to tremble slightly.

w.a.n.g Xiaoqing grabbed his hand. She lowered her voice, deathly afraid that if she was a little louder, she would startle that huge creature with unknown intentions. “What?”

w.a.n.g Xizhou rose a trembling hand and stuck something onto w.a.n.g Xiaoqing’s temple.

That thing was a miniature, one-time use, biological nano magnifier. As long as it came into contact with the human body, it could receive one’s brain waves and adjust the focal distance of both eyes at will, with a viewing range of up to one kilometre.

With just one glance, w.a.n.g Xiaoqing’s scalp exploded with gooseb.u.mps.

Along with that one eye, emerging from the water was another tiny, extra limb, on it growing tens of thousands of tiny eyes!

And those densely packed compound eyes, were all locked onto the human sacrifice, filled with a cold, hungry gleam.


Coming back to their senses, Square face and Hair gel guy each let out a scream and scrambled back to sh.o.r.e as fast as they could.

Seeing this, w.a.n.g Xiaoqing’s anger and anxiety rose simultaneously. She raged, “You’re the closest, help pull him over——”

Hair gel guy pretended not to hear her, tremblingly trying to start up his mecha with his bracelet, but he accidentally turned on his flashlight.

The mecha that had been parked right by the lake shot out two beams of soft white light from its eyes, illuminating the lake.

w.a.n.g Xiaoqing almost spat out blood.

And that black pupil that had been faking slowness was stimulated by the lamplight, abruptly shrinking to the size of a pinp.r.i.c.k.

Zhan Yanchao was the first to move.

He had long since started up his mecha, but as he currently didn’t have the time to enter it, he’d started up the shared senses function in advance.

His left hand suddenly spun. A roughly hundred metre long whip made of light suddenly lashed out, the tip of the whip steadily wrapping around the human sacrifice’s neck.

At that moment, how could he possibly still have the time to care about whether it was safe or not? Zhan Yanchao roughly dragged the human sacrifice who was on the verge of fainting towards the sh.o.r.e.

It was impossible for the monster hiding in the water to just sit there and watch as the prey within its reach escaped. A roughly six metre long limb slid out from below the surface of the lake, still dripping wet. Its tip was like the brightest dagger, stabbing at the human sacrifice with the speed of a lightning bolt!

As Zhan Yanchao was making his move, w.a.n.g Xiaoqing shouted, “Judgement!”

w.a.n.g Xiaoqing’s mecha, “Judgement”, picked up w.a.n.g Xiaoqing in one move, holding her by her shoulders, and threw her onto its back like it was putting on a cloak. The start-up bracelet on her wrist instantly opened up the cabin door. She leapt into the cabin.

This movement was far too practiced. Without wasting any time on hesitation, her senses had already merged with her mecha.

She had long since started up emergency mode. Its right and left arms crossed, letting out the sharp clang of steel clashing. Both the grenade launcher in the right arm and the MP5 in the left arm shot out, already facing the right direction, and automatically loaded.

w.a.n.g Xiaoqing didn’t pull the trigger just yet. She aimed her mecha’s left arm at that single, lantern-sized eye. Her right arm opened fire the moment the limb that was launching a sneak attack left the water, bullets from both barrels shooting out in full force, not holding back in the slightest.

A few stray bullets. .h.i.t the sh.o.r.e of the lake, nearly hitting Hair gel guy’s foot.

Hopping, he said, “Aim properly! Aim properly!”

w.a.n.g Xiaoqing gnashed her teeth in anger. Just as she wasn’t sure about how to shout back, a ray of pulsing light shot straight into the water from the forest diagonally across from them, stirring up rounds of surging waves.

She heard Rosie’s shout come from that direction, “Move further away! If you don’t get lost and get hit, I’ll count it as my kill!!”

The blue, lit by the tongue of flames, shone with a strange gleam, breaking the stillness of the night.

A monitoring camp more than fifty li away received the real-time feedback.

“There’s fighting in Area C13. ……This must be the first group to trigger a battle this early in this round of summer training, no, it’s two groups.”

The staff officer in charge of the night watch disagreed. “If there’s two groups, it should be fine. This bunch of brats who’ve never seen the world could even open fire at a sand centipede.”

The staff officer monitoring the cameras stared at the screen and thermal imager. His Adam’s apple bobbed convulsively. “Officer Li, sir, come and take a look. They seem to have b.u.mped into…… a behemoth bug?”

The officer in charge almost fell off of his chair. “What? Did you see wrong?”

The monitoring officer moved aside, and the officer in charge almost lunged at the computer. As he stared closely at the thermal imager, his face gradually turned green.

The monitoring officer asked anxiously, “Officer Li…… Did we place in any creatures with a danger level of 3A like behemoth bugs in ‘The Scar’?”

w.a.n.g Xiaoqing’s attacks bought Zhan Yanchao time. w.a.n.g Xizhou also took advantage of this time to enter his agility-focused mecha that was designed like a mantis, rush to the side of the lake in a few quick steps, and work perfectly in tandem with Zhan Yanchao, grabbing the already unconscious human sacrifice and bounding back to the forest in a few steps. He picked a tall tree, quickly and easily climbed up, pulled over vine and settled the person on the tree.

After a round of intense shooting, the gun barrels of both of w.a.n.g Xiaoqing’s guns were already burning. She held up one of her arms and slammed the other against it, causing two scalding hot magazines to pop out onto the dew-stained gra.s.s.

After confirming that those two straw bags had already struggled into their mechas, w.a.n.g Xiaoqing turned her head, and noticed that Chi Xiaochi was still standing where he was, not even having entered his mecha. She couldn’t help but get angry. “Why haven’t you——”

Chi Xiaochi, “Shh.”

w.a.n.g Xiaoqing, “Aren’t you——”

Chi Xiaochi cut her off again, “Why hasn’t it moved?”

w.a.n.g Xiaoqing was filling a small ray gun with ammunition. Hearing this, she paused, stunned.

From when the round of vigorous shooting had begun just now, the Zerg hadn’t moved much, merely pulling the limb it had tried to use to pierce the body of its prey back into the water, neither slow, nor fast, rather methodically.

And its eyes had already been blinded by Rosie’s pulse gun, but it still remained securely sunk below the water, especially calm and tranquil, as if the heavy damages it had suffered weren’t anything important.

Chi Xiaochi asked Ji Zuoshan, “What’s the situation now?”

Ji Zuoshan frowned in contemplation. “This is a behemoth bug. It’s extremely large, with a tough sh.e.l.l. It’s generally used as a meat tank in battle. But it has a very violent nature, it doing this…… doesn’t match up with its biological instincts.”

Chi Xiaochi and Ji Zuoshan both fell silent for a while.

061 seemed to realise something. “Since it’s not going by its biological instincts, then it has to be following orders.”

An oasis, a lake, a behemoth bug hidden below the surface……

The three all thought of a possibility at the same time.

There was no time to test out their theory any further. Chi Xiaochi asked Ji Zuoshan, “Can you use Blue to fight the behemoth bug?”

Ji Zuoshan decisively shook his head. “Blue is to fragile compared to it. With its sh.e.l.l, even military-grade artillery might not be able to blast it open.”

Chi Xiaochi said, “If Blue can’t, then can you.”

Ji Zuoshan had to think about it this time. “……I can.”

Chi Xiaochi moved Ji Zuoshan’s body, jumping into Blue. At the same time, he said, “When it’s over, pull off its sh.e.l.l for Rosie to study it.”

As they were speaking, the behemoth bug had already started to slowly sink down, as if it was planning on retreating.

Square face and Hair gel guy, whose limbs had already gone weak, each let out a big sigh of relief.

Them daring to come to “The Scar”, was for no other reason than their elders pressuring them to come. They had originally planned on depending on their human sacrifice and other teammates to carry them through these few days. Who would have thought that the heavens would treat them so generously, letting them into Ji Zuoshan who’d set out at a similar time to them, and having a ‘hired thug’ in the form of Zhan Yanchao voluntarily sending himself to their door.

Now, they already no longer felt that this was good luck, just lamenting their bad luck in their hearts.

Who would have expected that at this moment, the two who thought that they’d managed to avoid this battle would hear Ji Zuoshan, who hadn’t partic.i.p.ated in the battle, say, “Rosie, make it lift that b.a.s.t.a.r.d head of its out of the water.”

Rosie aimed her gun barrel, which she had already raised, down once more. “……You mean, we’re not going to let it run?”

Square face was so scared that even the colour of his face changed. “Don’t find trouble! It’s not even paying attention to you anymore!”

These words were rather disgusting. Don’t talk about the explosive-tempered Zhan Yanchao, even w.a.n.g Xizhou, who’d just come back, was a little irritated. “What do you mean by ‘you guys’? Wasn’t it you guys who provoked it?”

Hair gel guy was also in a rush to leave this place, “Let’s go, let’s go, you’re just making yourself unhappy. Cui, really unlucky.”

Chi Xiaochi let out a laugh. Out of nowhere, he said, “……Hide yourself well in your mecha.”

Square face, “……What?”

Without another word, Chi Xiaochi raised his gun barrel, adjusted it to funnel mode. He shot it towards Square face’s chest, pushing the mecha-clad Square face into the water.

Hair gel guy was stupefied. “……”

Chi Xiaochi carefreely put away his gun. “Rosie, I found you some bait.”

Then, he added, “……Watch out for whirlpools.”

Even though Rosie didn’t know what his last sentence meant, she knew that there was no time to waste. She didn’t say anything else. She licked her lips, then clicked her tongue at the w.a.n.g Xiaoqing who had raised her gun once more and issued a sharp order, “Little Jasmine, watch for an opportunity to help me out.”

w.a.n.g Xiaoqing, “……” Who’s Little Jasmine.

Even though she didn’t know what she and Ji Zuoshan wanted to do, she still pulled out her third AWM from her mecha’s arm and a.s.sembled it with a resounding click. At the same time, she asked Chi Xiaochi, dissatisfied, “Why aren’t you going down there yourself?”

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Chi Xiaochi looked at her, and said, full of the confidence of knowing one was in the right, “Blue isn’t waterproof.”

The behemoth bug’s gigantic body spasmed violently, before falling back into the water, sending up a splash like a bomb had exploded.

While Ji Zuoshan jumped back, his legs slightly bent, and landed steadily on the ground.

While still in shock, w.a.n.g Xizhou vaguely noticed something off.

He pointed at the waterline and said, “Jie, look.”

Suppressing her fear, w.a.n.g Xiaoqing moved her gaze that was like she was looking at a monster away from Ji Zuoshan, looked down and found that the water level of the lake in this oasis had dropped by more than a metre!

At that moment, Rosie jumped out of the water, landing lightly on her feet.

The steel cable in her right hand was dragging Square face who was already foaming at the mouth along, while the steel cable in her left was dragging Zhan Yanchao.

Upon seeing Ji Zuoshan’s face, Rosie took the lead to complain, “Why didn’t you warn me that you were going to use your spiritual power?! I almost vomited in my mech!”

However, her complaint was just a complaint. After she vented out her anger and had her fun, she didn’t care any longer.

She pointed at the lake with a still-falling water level and said, “You should really come down and have a look. ……There’s a hole at the bottom of the lake.”

Chi Xiaochi got out of his mecha and asked, “How big is it?”

Rosie’s answer was concise and comprehensive. “As big as an adult behemoth bug.”

The truth of the matter had already become clear.

At some unknown time, the Zerg had dug a hole, and infiltrated “The Scar” summer training grounds. And they had chosen this little lake in the oasis as their exit point.

Those who came to “The Scar”, were all future reserve members of the military without any combat experience.

It could be imagined, once all the hidden Zerg burst out at once, the human army would lose a huge number of excellent potential troops within a year.

And this behemoth bug was the gatekeeper guarding this hunting path with its body.

It should already have been lying here for a very long time, and there should also have been Zerg with high offensive power hiding within the training grounds. First, it concealed the behemoth bug with the surrounding mud, making it easier for it to block the hole. Then moving through the water, it would hunt a few snakes, or wild sheep for it to eat. This could be deduced from the sheep and snake bones hidden in the mud at the bottom of the lake.

However, recently, as summer drew near and the increase in patrols, these Zerg were afraid to move about easily.

If not for it being incredibly hunger, the behemoth bug might have waited until the army came before making its move.

It wasn’t until the team members had made the concerted effort to drag the behemoth bug’s corpse over to block the hole once more that the nearest supervising officer finally arrived, late, in a helicopter.

After investigating, Officer Li had originally wanted to stop this operation, but soon, a female Alpha officer in charge arrived at the scene. Seeing the few people covered in the traces of battle, she calmly announced that the summer training on “The Scar” would continue.

Officer Li was rather uneasy. “But, the Zerg……”

The female Alpha said calmly, “Li, don’t forget, what we’re choosing are soldiers.”

She pointed at Ji Zuoshan’s group, “……Soldiers like these.”

However, before her words fell, two loud, hoa.r.s.e cries cut her off.

Chi Xiaochi looked over in the direction of the noise. Sure enough, it was Square face and Hair gel guy. Their tears were falling down their faces like rain as they begged to withdraw from the summer training.

The female Alpha was vaguely disappointed. “……And not people like them.”

The team Zhan Yanchao had expended a lot of effort to find disbanded, but in the end, he didn’t go off with Ji Zuoshan and his group.

Before he left, he fixed Ji Zuoshan with a deep look.

Through the incredibly thick, grade four gla.s.s, he hadn’t been able to feel it very deeply. Only now, at close distance, did Zhan Yanchao realise how much energy was hidden within Ji Zuoshan’s body.

……What kind of treasure trove had he had in the past?

Zhan Yanchao didn’t dare to think about it again. He was afraid that if he thought any more about it, he would break down.

At six, the instructions from headquarters were transmitted to every partic.i.p.ants’ headphones.

“Before 24:00 tonight, the whole team must work together to kill three Zergs. Everyone needs to find a piece of Naman metal. This is today’s task.”

Without any sloppiness, the military announced that the battle between this group of children had begun.

And Ji Zuoshan and his group had already fought a hard battle, no matter what they were met with next, they wouldn’t be afraid any longer.

The few people’s luck wasn’t bad. Before eight, they found another two Zerg. Compared to the behemoth bug, they couldn’t be considered anything significant.

However, when it came to finding Naman metal, they met a bottleneck.

Out of helplessness, Chi Xiaochi said, “Let’s move separately, then. We’ll meet tonight at coordinates (22, 125) in Area B12. Whoever gets there first, sent up three electronic fireworks.”

After the battle, Chi Xiaochi had already silently become the core of the team. After he gave out his instructions, the w.a.n.g siblings nodded obediently and set off in the opposite direction from Rosie and Chi Xiaochi.

Even until four pm, Chi Xiaochi’s group still found nothing.

Long ago, at three, the w.a.n.g siblings had set off fireworks at the appointed coordinates.

Rosie couldn’t hide her disdain. “Ji, your luck is too terrible. Let’s split up too.”

Chi Xiaochi, “……En.”

As such, the two of them started to move separately as well.

Because he’d expended a lot of spiritual power, Ji Zuoshan had fallen asleep in his body.

With his hands behind his back, Chi Xiaochi wandered along the ruins, trying to find a picture frame or a vase made of Naman metal. After searching for a long time, he then left the city, found a little lake, and searched it with his detector, but still found nothing.

As he watched the sky turn dark, he simply fished up a big fish from the lake, planning on filling his stomach before doing anything else.

As the tense atmosphere gradually subsided and the crackling of the fire sounded, only then did Chi Xiaochi think of something. He smiled and said to 061, “Liu-laoshi, it seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve been alone together now.”

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