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Chapter 72 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (9)

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Ch72 – I Hear I’m a Battle G.o.d (9)

……Zhan Yanchao and Ji Zuoshan had split.

This matter was something anyone with eyes could see. As for the reason, there were all kinds of different opinions. The most popular version was that Ji Zuoshan had stepped on Zhan Yanchao to climb onto a new, higher branch.

Before Ji Zuoshan could even react, Zhan Yanchao’s irascibility flared up first.

He pulled out all the people spreading rumours one by one in series. He would first interrogate them for the name of the person who’d spread the rumour to them, then set about dealing with them. Each and every one of them, whether they’d pa.s.sed it along in public, or whether they’d discussed it in private, would receive either a light lashing, or a heavy beating.

This caused public opinion to rebound for a period of time, with people firmly believing that Zhan Yanchao had to have a guilty conscience, and cared about his reputation, for him to become so infuriated.

But people who dared to talk about him like that soon received another round of beatings.

Zhan Yanchao had broiling with rage recently, like a demonic star. Everyone, no matter who they were, kept a respectful distance from him. The only one who dared to talk to him, was his one and only older brother, Zhan Yanling, who’d come back from the front lines to run a summer training camp for students as part of his job.

For the past few days, his younger brother’s eyes had been bloodshot. Unable to sleep at night, he would run to the training room to do simulation match training in his mecha. After finding out about the reason for all this, Zhan Yanling felt rather helpless.

Madam Zhan was indeed able to give birth to good children. Zhan Yanling was a very gentle person, both polite and dazzlingly handsome, but he had a beauty of a younger brother who was like the devil incarnate.

In a sense, the two brothers from the Zhan family were both people who could make others’ legs grow weak at just a glance.

He was eleven years older than Zhan Yanchao. By the time Zhan Yanchao began to show the first signs of being a shameful b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he had already become the most stellar Alpha of his generation.

And only in front of this big brother of his did Zhan Yanchao know to rein himself in slightly.

After joining the army, he’d had much fewer opportunities to come home. What’s more, as a young officer, Zhan Yanling had a lot of heavy duties. Even just fighting against the Zerg planet already exhausted all his energy, he really didn’t have the energy to attend to this honoured big Buddha at home.

Dressed in a stiff, dark blue military uniform with a red embroidered feather, a symbol of honour, on his shoulder, Zhan Yanling carried his younger brother who’d gotten up in the middle of the night to go crazy to the living room. He poured him a cup of black tea. “Drink, it’ll calm you down.”

Zhan Yanchao glanced at the cup. His lip curled. “I even thought that you would pour me some alcohol. Isn’t everyone in your army packing alcohol in their lunch boxes?”

Zhan Yanling replied gently, but leaving no room for disagreement, “Don’t be picky. You’ve already got it very good. On this planet, there are people who don’t even have clean water to drink.”

If it was anyone else daring to speak to Zhan Yanchao in this tone, Zhan Yanchao would have long since kicked them in the stomach.

Facing his big brother, Zhan Yanchao didn’t dare act impudent. He took the offered cup and took a small sip.

Zhan Yanling said, “Hitting people is bad.”

Zhan Yanchao raised his eyebrows. “They needed to be beaten! Each and every one of them f.u.c.king lacked a beating!”

“Just because they were saying bad things about you?”

Zhan Yanchao sneered, “You think I’m scared of them talking about me?”

Zhan Yanling didn’t speak, waiting for his explanation.

Zhan Yanchao rapped his knuckles on the mahogany long table in front of him. “They were insulting Xiao Ji. If not for them bullying Xiao Ji, would I have bothered with them?”

Zhan Yanling’s lips pursed.

Sure enough, like his father and the housekeeper had said, it was all for that human sacrifice who’d already cut off relations with the Zhan family.

Zhan Yanling had never interacted with Ji Zuoshan before, just having occasionally seen that silent and handsome child when he went home to visit his family. He spoke very little. When meeting others, he would smile, but the arc of that smile was never very big, and rather gave others a cold feeling.

Zhan Yanling had never understood why his younger brother, whose strength had outstripped his peers by a whole level since he was young, wanted to raise a human sacrifice. That was until he received a video through an internal line some time ago.

That cold looking youth was having his spiritual power tested in a closed testing room.

After he released his spiritual power, the dial-shaped tester’s pointer madly spun more than twenty rounds from its starting point, turning from a tester into a sped-up CD player.

The youth turned to the camera, c.o.c.ked his head and asked, “Is the test over? Or do you need to change the instrument?”

Zhan Yanling said, “Yanchao, you’re currently not acting quite right.”

Zhan Yanchao exaggeratedly raised an eyebrow, but he wasn’t able to hide the exhaustion and sense of loss in his eyes. “What?”

Zhan Yanling asked him, “Are you taking him as a human sacrifice, or something else?”

Zhan Yanchao was a little fidgety. “Who says he’s a human sacrifice, he’s Xiao Ji.”

Zhan Yanling stared at him and found that he didn’t look like he was faking it. He couldn’t help but ask in doubt, “You’re taking him as a friend? But I heard that you weren’t very good to him.”

Zhan Yanchao looked at the black tea in the cup and said angrily, “I was very good to him! He’s the one with no conscience! I’ve never treated anyone else like this.”

Zhan Yanling said, “Are you like this to all your friends?”

Zhan Yanchao said, just and forceful, “I don’t have any friends.”

Upon thinking of this, he actually felt a little wronged.

Ever since he was young and up till now, he’d only had one friend, Ji Zuoshan.

He often lost his temper, and had someone to cover for him, so he just kept on being nasty at every step of the way. Ji Zuoshan was the only one who had never gotten angry, so he couldn’t help but try to find out where Ji Zuoshan’s lower limit was.

Zhan Yanchao felt like it was Ji Zuoshan who’d spoiled him and then tossed him away and felt even more that this person was incredibly hateful. He thought, gnashing his teeth, I’ve found a reason now, I’ll use this reason to question him tomorrow.

Zhan Yanling watched as his younger brother gritted his teeth for a while, then broke into a smile after another while. He thought, this child really is a headache.

But now, he was more concerned about Ji Zuoshan.

Currently, it seemed like using the connection between Ji Zuoshan and the Zhan family to pull him into the West Road Army wouldn’t be possible.

Finding someone born with strong spiritual energy was a once in a hundred years event. Zhan Yanling himself was such a special case, but after watching the video, he couldn’t help but feel his back run cold.

Even now, the current him could only make the tester spin one round at most.

It was impossible for any of the military districts to ignore this kind of combat power with limitless potential. They didn’t even want to wait half a year, wishing for nothing more than to be able to recruit him immediately.

However, his current Beta const.i.tution wasn’t best suited for handling mechas.

Furthermore, they weren’t able to change the entire planet’s tournament system for him. Hence, they could only resist the itch of impatience, and put forward their wish to see Ji Zuoshan’s combat power when solo.

And the coming summer training could be said to be the nearest, and the most suitable opportunity.

Before the mecha tournament, all the students in the mecha academy got the chance to train against the Zerg. The partic.i.p.ants would pilot their personal mechas, and as for those without mechas, the military would provide them training mechas free of charge.

The compet.i.tion used the elimination system. Only mechas could be brought into the compet.i.tion area. Food, water and daily necessities were all not allowed to be brought in. Some of the mechas’ functions, such as mapping, scanning, etcetera, would be locked, and the compet.i.tors needed to collect specific spoils of war, announced in a daily broadcast, by sunset, draw a complete topographic map of the mountains and rivers of the uninhabited area, and finally return to the a.s.sembly point to submit their spoils and topographic map.

The compet.i.tion was being held in a place that had once been invaded by the Zerg and had now become thousands of li of an uninhabited, closed-off, dead area.

The scorched earth could be clearly seen on the military’s satellite map.

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It had its own new name, “The Scar”.

The humble and studious Ji Zuoshan, “Liu-laoshi, what does that mean?”

061, “……He’s saying that you’re amazing.”

Ji Zuoshan thought over that for a while, slowly reflecting on it, before his whole face flushed red. He curled up and stopped moving.

To his surprise, it was Zhan Yanchao who helped him out of his embarra.s.sment.

Zhan Yanchao, unable to stand it anymore, turned around and scolded, “Are you done talking? You all keep blathering nonstop, do you have nothing better to do?”

For the past few days, it was as if Zhan Yanchao had eaten explosives. No one wanted to set off his trigger. Everyone winked at each other, then scattered like birds and beasts.

Rosie shot Zhan Yanchao a glance, then looked at Ji Zuoshan. She found that his head was lowered as he wrote his notes, and his expression was unchanged, utterly unmoved.

Of course Chi Xiaochi’s expression wouldn’t change.

Even if Zhan Yanchao knelt down before him and asked to become his Omega, he wouldn’t even lift an eyelid.

What mattered was Ji Zuoshan’s att.i.tude.

And after a brief silence, Ji Zuoshan let out another soft sigh, “Ai.”

As Chi Xiaochi pulled off another victory in his game, he casually asked him, “What’s wrong?”

Ji Zuoshan said, “……I really want to be a Beta.”

This was of course just a grumble.

Betas were the gender that was least susceptible to pheromones. Ji Zuoshan didn’t want to be popular, not even a little.

The reason for this, was the painful memories from his “past life” making him afraid.

He had never been afraid of animals. What he was afraid of, were things like pheromones, which could turn educated people into animals.

Chi Xiaochi poked and prodded at his screen as he spoke, “When I was a celebrity, I also thought that it would be good to be an ordinary person before. But when I achieved an appearance fee of eight million per two hours, I stopped thinking that way. Everyone has their troubles. Betas will want to be those awe-inspiring Alphas, who don’t need to do inconsequential jobs that only affect trivial matters for a living. Alphas will want to be Omegas, who just need to lie down to have food to eat. Omegas will want to be Betas, who have stable lives and don’t have to worry about being dragged away by someone to become a high-ranking prost.i.tute at every moment. If you spend your whole life worrying, then you might as well not do anything.”

The slightly disheartened Ji Zuoshan blinked. “……Yes, that’s right.”

Seeing that Ji Zuoshan’s mood had gotten a little better, Chi Xiaochi asked 061, “Speaking of which, are there pheromones that smell of Chinese medicine, clams, or durians, those kind of things? Those that can make someone’s d.i.c.k shrivel with a sniff.”

061, “……”

Chi Xiaochi then asked, “Would you mind that?”

Xiao Ji thought about a him that smelled of clams, and was momentarily filled with hope, “No, I wouldn’t mind.”

Today, Ji Zuoshan gained a new goal to strive towards: to be an Alpha with the scent of clams.

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