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Chapter 71 - I Hear I’m a Battle God (8)

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Ch71 – I Hear I’m a Battle G.o.d (8)

Even disregarding the blow from that overwhelming spiritual power, just seeing the copper bones and metal skin of the mecha fall apart piece by piece was already a terrible blow to his psyche. That person’s entire body went limp. When he was placed on the floor of the training room, he fell straight to his knees and stared up at Ji Zuoshan with glazed eyes.

In front of the dark blue, two metre tall mecha, he was so weak that he wasn’t even worth being attacked.

Chi Xiaochi didn’t pay him any more attention. He turned to the gobsmacked Rosie, placed his hand on his chest, and leaned over in a shallow bow.

After he straightened up, the Ji Zuoshan in his body hurriedly asked Chi Xiaochi, “Mister Chi, do we need to pay compensation for this?”

After coming out of his fierce fighting mode, Ji Zuoshan stared at the scattered pieces of the wrecked mecha, slightly shocked silly.

“……Pay compensation?” Chi Xiaochi said, “If you’re going to pay for everything, then later on, whenever you leave the house you should remember to bring more cash with you, so for every Zerg sh.e.l.l you smash, you can leave them the medical fees.”

Ji Zuoshan, “……”

Chi Xiaochi asked, “So are you going to pay compensation?”

Ji Zuoshan obediently replied, “Not paying.”

Chi Xiaochi, piloting the mecha, strode over the scattered wreckage on the ground and returned to the preparation room.

Ji Zuoshan’s humble background and nearly two years of being an Omega had given Ji Zuoshan the misconception that he was inferior to others all this time.

Before today, he might have been; but from today onwards, no one had the face to point at Ji Zuoshan’s nose and say, “You human sacrifice”.

Outside the sparring room had already exploded with noise.

They had seen mechas being damaged in fights before, but they had never seen someone directly tear a mecha apart by hand.

After being stunned for a moment, Rosie began to walk over to the preparation room. When she pa.s.sed by Zhan Yanchao, she didn’t forget to turn to him and nod in greeting. “Having such high standards for a ‘human sacrifice’, Second Young Master Zhan really has style.”

The meaning behind her words was, are you worthy?

Zhan Yanchao’s face was slightly green.

He’d had absolutely no idea that his Xiao Ji was this capable.

Actually, he had never really cared before.

In his point of view, he was already sufficiently strong, enough to protect Xiao Ji. Whether Xiao Ji was strong or not simply wasn’t important, it was just important that he be his Omega.

However, if he asked himself honestly, even if he used his own personal mecha, Zhan Yanchao had no way of destroying a mecha made from grade 4 steel to this extent.

Before, he had never been willing to take the time to think about how Ji Zuoshan felt. He just felt that Xiao Ji was really useful, that he felt really warm when held in his arms, that his lips were really soft when he kissed him.

But today, seeing Ji Zuoshan’s performance, Zhan Yanchao, who had always thought in a straightforward manner, had a vague thought.

If Xiao Ji really was this strong……

In the next second, his dark expression unexpectedly turned light. Not sparing Rosie any mind, he rushed towards the preparation room before she could get there.

As he expected, Ji Zuoshan hadn’t left yet.

Zhan Yanchao blocked the door. “Xiao Ji!”

Ji Zuoshan had just taken off the upper half of his bodysuit, revealing the beautiful, solid lines of his waist and abdomen.

The sun shone in from the window, rendering the curves of his slender waist and backside with the same care one would for an oil painting. His body wasn’t built like those of his age who exercised meticulously, rather, he was thin and tall, with an almost flashy beauty.

Ji Zuoshan went silent.

With him instantly going quiet, Zhan Yanchao felt as if his punch landed in cotton. Even if there was a fire waiting to explode in his heart, it couldn’t.

However, after choking momentarily, he remembered why he was here.

After adjusting his expression, he put down his arms, walked to Ji Zuoshan’s side, and asked tentatively, “Are you still angry?”

Ji Zuoshan pulled on his uniform blazer. “There’s no need.”

Zhan Yanchao had never put down his pride and asked for someone’s forgiveness before in his life. He could only look to what he had done before after fighting with Ji Zuoshan. He sat down on the stool next to Ji Zuoshan, lessening the distance between them, but the words that came out of his mouth weren’t human. “I only whipped you a few times, and it’s not like I’ve never whipped you before, what are you holding a grudge over? So petty.”

After saying this, he reached out a hand and patted Ji Zuoshan’s back a few times, hitting loud enough to make a noise. “You see? Isn’t it already healed.”

Ji Zuoshan just smiled, still not replying.

Zhan Yanchao, listening to his own words, also felt them a little strange. He mulled over it for a moment, and felt that this seemed inappropriate for an apology.

He stood up once more, and paced back and forth before him, his hands placed behind his back. After pacing for a long time, he felt like it was about time, so he asked, falsely casual, “……Did it hurt?”

The moment those three words left his mouth, before Ji Zuoshan could reply, he felt himself break out into gooseb.u.mps.

Ji Zuoshan said, “I’m used to it.” But Ji Zuoshan quickly followed with the second half of his sentence, “I don’t want to be used to it any longer.”

Zhan Yanchao, “……”

Resisting the impulse to whip him across the head, Zhan Yanchao tried to pull the topic of the conversation back on track, “I know you’re not angry because I hit you, it’s because I said that I wanted you to be my Omega.”

Sure enough, Ji Zuoshan’s motions of putting his clothes back on paused.

Zhan Yanchao naturally felt like he had found out the truth. “With this kind of strength, how could you be willing to be an Omega? If you come back to me, I’ll let you be an Alpha, that should be enough, right?”

Ji Zuoshan just stood there, not moving.

Zhan Yanchao watched his back, expectant. He was twisting his fingers until they hurt, but he didn’t notice the pain. His heart gradually relaxed:

Sure enough, he had just gotten into a huff.

He was a little kid after all, after getting huffy he was just making a fuss about leaving home, he hadn’t really been serious.

“‘Let’ me be an Alpha?” Ji Zuoshan’s cold voice sounded, “Those words sound really familiar.”

Having failed to get an immediate “I’ll come home”, Zhan Yanchao also became impatient. “What do you mean? Are you coming home or not?”

“I’d still better not.” Ji Zuoshan pulled his sweater over his head. “I’m afraid that you’ll forget what you said after an instant again.”

Zhan Yanchao felt like he’d been punched in the face. He slammed his Martin boots into the metal cabinet next to him in a kick and raged, “Ji Zuoshan, what exactly do you want?!”

Ji Zuoshan turned around. “Sir has already sent me away. Now there’s no need for you to care about my matters.”

Zhan Yanchao was trembling with anger. “Surnamed Ji, if you dare call me ‘sir’ one more time, don’t doubt that I’ll——”

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“……Whip me?” Ji Zuoshan said, “Then sir should first consider it carefully, who knows if I’ll whip back.”

……He’d really gone crazy!

Seeing the burns on the back of his hand, the housekeeper’s cold sweat gushed out, flowing down his body. He pushed Zhan Yanchao into the villa, repeatedly calling for people to prepare burn medicine and ice.

However, it was as if Zhan Yanchao couldn’t feel the pain. He flipped open the notebook. Finding that only one corner had been burnt, he couldn’t help but nod contentedly.

Inside was Ji Zuoshan’s notes on Mecha Engineering, incredibly dense and detailed.

Zhan Yanchao wasn’t the type to like taking notes for theory, so he would always order Ji Zuoshan to take notes for him. Ji Zuoshan would obediently do as he said every time. He thought it was just Ji Zuoshan listening to his orders, which was naturally incomparably useful.

But now, flipping through the notebook page by page, every diagram had been drawn with incomparable precision, and the name of every part had been marked down in a neat, tiny font. There was even an improvement plan drawn on the back of the notebook.

Zhan Yanchao caressed the meticulous to the point of exact drawing, an indescribable feeling forming in his heart.

After Zhan Yanchao left in a rage, Rosie came.

She didn’t have as much to say as Zhan Yanchao, only praising Ji Zuoshan with one or two sentences before leaving for her own training.

After all, Ji Zuoshan’s excellence had nothing to do with her, she was only pleasantly surprised to find that she had found a treasure, she didn’t hope for the treasure to repay her.

Before she left, she said, if he had some time in a bit, he should come to her private sparring room in his mecha, she wanted to train with him.

After she left, 061 spoke up, “You stripped really fast.”

Chi Xiaochi smiled, “It’s from when I was a model.”

But Ji Zuoshan didn’t speak.

Both the human and the system knew, Ji Zuoshan was currently in a very complicated mood, so after their simple exchange, neither said anything else.

Half a moment later, Ji Zuoshan murmured, “So it was actually this simple.”

It turned out, as long as he had let Zhan Yanchao see his strength, would he have agreed to letting him be an Alpha?

So it was actually this simple?

He chuckled softly to himself, thinking he was really both laughable and weak.

Why didn’t you know to say it, you idiot.

A strong urge to vent welled up within Ji Zuoshan’s body. Chi Xiaochi could also feel the surging waves hidden under the calm. In a timely manner, he opened his mouth and said, “You can vent as much as you want, don’t mind me.”

Before 061 had the time to persuade him otherwise, Ji Zuoshan raised his fist and swung it fiercely at the clothes locker.

The locker definitely wouldn’t be able to stand this spiritual power-boosted punch, but neither would Ji Zuoshan’s fist.

061’s eyebrows jumped.

Ji Zuoshan’s punch landed, but it was as if it landed on a tough rubber surface.

At a loss, he looked up to see that dark blue mecha standing in front of him. That punch had just happened to land on Blue.

Although it didn’t hurt, the tendons in Ji Zuoshan’s fist were still slightly numb from the impact.

Blue’s docile eyes stared straight at him. In a gentle voice, it said, “……In the future, I will remember to make the part of me that touches Master even softer.”

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