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Chapter 171 - System vs. System (21): Snake slaughter, trouble, reversing the army's checkmate

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Chapter 171 - System vs. System (21): Snake slaughter, trouble, reversing the army’s checkmate

Translator: kiribold

editor: sarah

Once he saw the person behind him clearly, Chi Xiaochi dazedly clutched Wen Yujing’s white clothes in his arms with his left hand and said with difficulty, “Knock me out! Take me away!”

Ye Jiming also saw that he was in a different state and didn’t ask too many questions. The black-gold sword sheath came out from the back of his hand, accurately hitting the back of Chi Xiaochi’s neck.

Chi Xiaochi only felt numbness in the back of his neck and lost consciousness. He was about to fall forward when a hand precisely caught his right hand, pulled him over, and spun his body around to meet his back.

Pulling the unconscious man onto his back, Ye Jiming wrapped Duan Shujue’s wrists around his chest with one hand, held his sword with one hand, and rushed toward the road where he came.

But before he took a few steps out, he felt a thick white mist spray from behind his head.

He turned around abruptly, the patterned black snake scales emerged on his face, and his golden eyes flashed fiercely, “How presumptuous!”

The miasma in front of him was like a flowing cloud, so he couldn’t see what was in the s.p.a.ce. The rustling sound of a snake roaming was everywhere, giving everyone gooseb.u.mps.

“Oh? A young snake.” An ethereal and wicked female voice came from the fog, making it difficult to tell which direction it came from. “It’s been a long time since I found such a delicious little dessert.”

Ye Jiming cursed loudly, “Put your farts away! Go home and eat yourself.”

The female voice fell silent.

She found that the food that came in this time was so well-dressed, and they all looked like handsome young masters. But she didn’t expect that as soon as she opened her mouth to tease, she bit down on a hard bone.

She quickly returned to her senses and covered her mouth with a smile, “Aiya~ such a rude young man. It really hurts this servant’s heart, ah.”

Before she finished speaking, three small poisonous snakes came from three different directions in the dark. They opened their mouths and spewed out a few strands of transparent venom, attacking the Duan Ye duo.

Ye Jiming used one palm to spin his cloak, dancing it in the air and draping it over the unconscious Duan Shujue. A few drops of venom landed on him, hissing and burning for a bit, but it didn’t hurt him in the slightest.

Ye Jiming’s tone became cold. He gritted his teeth and said, “This lord said, how presumptuous!”

A purple poisonous mist formed around him and quickly merged into the white smoke.

Hui were originally highly venomous snakes. The three snakes about to strike couldn’t resist the poison of the purple mist and died on the spot, softening into three colorful ropes.

As soon as Ye Jiming was about to leave, he felt more fishy heat around him, and the earth’s surface vibrated faintly.

He stood on a formation eye, vigilantly looking around, and suddenly felt something different under his feet.

Ye Jiming tapped his toes on the ground and jumped up.

His intuition wasn’t wrong. Just after his toes left the ground, a b.l.o.o.d.y snake mouth suddenly burst out of the land where he had just stood. The snake body moved upright three feet out of the soil, and it still wasn’t the end!

…That evil Jiao had been slithering underground, quietly trailing them.

The huge abyssal mouth chased straight after Ye Jiming. He could see the venomous liquid on the snake’s fangs, which were only inches away from his feet, intent on swallowing him alive!

Ye Jiming couldn’t escape. He cursed, turned around, and drew his sword, wanting to cut off the head of the dragon, but the snake body’s shadow in front of his eyes instantly transformed into a naked beauty, smiling at him sweetly.

She thought that this man would be charmed by her beauty.

A young and beautiful little snake with strong blood and vitality. Even if it wasn’t used to feed her belly, keeping it as a pretty face was also lovely.

Unexpectedly, Ye Jiming didn’t hesitate at all, and the blade of his sword slashed straight at the beautiful face and sliced down!

The Jiao didn’t expect this and directly received the sword to her face. Thanks to the hard scales of the Jiao-dragon, her head wasn’t cut into a rotten watermelon by the sword.

But there was still a bloodstain left on her face.

This sword strike thoroughly angered the evil Jiao-dragon. Her whole body emerged from the mud and re-formed into the body of a dragon. She raised her tail, warping a strong wind to sweep at Ye Jiming’s waist!

Ye Jiming protected the unconscious Duan Shujue with one hand and attacked with the other. It was challenging to do what he could, but now that he was suddenly attacked, he tried to dodge, but it was unsustainable. Being swept impartially at the waist, his whole person flew backward.

He hastily embraced Duan Shujue to his body and protected his head.

The next second, his body slammed hard into the tree. His blood swelled, and a mouthful of moist heat spurted out.

But he didn’t notice in the slightest. His movements were nimble. He dodged and kept moving, holding Duan Shujue face to face. He jumped a few times across dead trees, his figure disappearing into the forest.

The Evil Jiao shifted into a human body and spat out a forked bright red tongue, licking away the blood flowing on the corner of her lips. Her body gradually melted into the soil, disappearing without a trace.

The Valley of Lost b.u.t.terflies was her territory. She was confident that this little viper couldn’t escape.

He had to pay for this wound.

Ye Jiming jumped between the trees, blood spilling from his lips. To escape with his life, he could no longer follow the path he came from.

His sense of smell was particularly sensitive, and he had lived with Duan Shujue for a long time. He knew that Duan Shujue had a special and elegant fragrance of water on his body, so he followed that smell to find a way to save Duan Shujue.

After these blind jumps, he had managed to lose his way.

After escaping a certain distance, Ye Jiming was in pain and fatigued. It was hard to move even an inch, so he had to put Duan Shujue down under a dead pine and rest for a while.

He gasped and leaned alongside him against the tree. Wiping the blood at the corners of his lips, he growled, “Surname Chi, you’re going to get this lord killed.”

The man’s eyes were closed, and he didn’t move. His left hand was still clutching the white robe, which had been stained with some of Ye Jiming’s blood, and looked quite tragic.

He didn’t say anything, which made Ye Jiming a little angry. But when he saw that quiet sleeping face, Ye Jiming became soft-hearted. He muttered twice, put his head against the tree, wanting to close his eyes for a while and then escape.

The evil Jiao was indeed not easy to deal with. Ye Jiming was reborn. Although he had corrected his problem of three days of fishing and two days of drying nets, defeat was inevitable with his current cultivation base going directly against the formation-level evil Jiao.

Thinking of this, he became anxious again.

If Duan Shujue could fight side by side with him, the odds of winning would increase with the stacked battle power of the two of them.

But looking at the current situation, Duan Shujue couldn’t get up again, and he was afraid that he had to risk his life.

Ye Jiming was in a trance when suddenly his left hand was lightly clenched.

Ye Jiming thought it was his own illusion. When he looked down, he found that his left hand was indeed held in the right palm of that person. His face darkened by three points. “Surname Chi, are you awake?”

The person beside him said nothing, his eyes still closed.

Ye Jiming rolled over and half-knelt in front of him, looking at his face carefully. “Don’t tease this lord! Surname Chi, explain to me clearly, how is little fish? Wen Yujing, where did he go?”

That person didn’t move.

Ye Jiming got impatient and got closer. “Can you hear this lord speaking–”

Unexpectedly, the right hand actually grabbed his front collar and pulled him forward. Ye Jiming’s body lost balance, and he fell, meeting his lips.

Ye Jiming’s body instantly went stiff, his hands propped up on Duan Shujue’s knees, his elbows trembled slightly, and his heart beat wildly.

When he finally reacted, he had the heart to kill.

This Surnamed Chi was crazy–

However, in the next instant, something entered his mouth.

As soon as it entered his body, Ye Jiming felt his whole body relax, and his exhaustion disappeared. The power in his blood multiplied, and his spiritual energy surged. There was a wave and three repeats. The momentum was endless.

Ye Jiming was a little fl.u.s.tered once he separated from Duan Shujue. He covered his mouth and quickly spat out the object.

The thing shining brightly in his palm was Duan Shujue’s merman core.

The next second, he met a pair of dark blue eyes.

The gaze was calm, cold, and gentle. Ye Jiming had dreamed about this pair of eyes for many years.

Pulling Ye Jiming close and kissing him seemed to have exhausted all of his strength. Soon, his eyes slowly closed, and his hand weakly slipped down his front.

Ye Jiming grabbed Duan Shujue’s right hand. His lips were numb and hot, and the heat burned to his cheeks, leaving him at a loss for words and mixed feelings.

He put that hand against his forehead and whispered, “…Little fish.”

A merman’s core was their life. When he gave it to Ye Jiming, he gave him his life.

How could he let him down?

Ye Jiming set up a protective spell around Duan Shujue’s body. He untied Duan Shujue’s belt, blindfolded him, and ordered, “No peeking.”

And the next moment, he took the merman core in his mouth, swung his black gold longsword, and plunged it into the soil without hesitation!

A woman’s shrill scream suddenly came from the ground!

As the merman core entered his body, his spiritual aperture opened wide. He knew that the evil Jiao had already dug into the ground under their feet, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

This time, he wouldn’t let her take the lead!

Ye Jiming shifted and transformed into his original form.

After more than a year of training hard, he wasn’t the small viper looking out for the wind anymore. He grew into a three-zhang black python in an instant. He opened his snake mouth and let out a long, earth-shattering roar. Then he immediately took a painful bite of the evil Jiao’s body, which arched out of the ground, and threw her out!

Although he was still in the body of a Hui-viper because of Duan Shujue’s cultivation supporting him, he was surrounded by mermaid energy.

Ye Jiming didn’t know how far Duan Shujue’s cultivation had reached. Still, he only knew that after swallowing the mermaid core, all the energy in his body was tumbling, and it managed to suppress the evil Jiao not to move.

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He refused to let go of this great opportunity and didn’t hesitate to put down the killer.

“Two people, come here. Take Duan Shujue back to Jingxu Peak and take good care of him, but don’t let him walk around freely.” Soon, Ren Tingfeng calmed down and commanded, “The other disciples stay and search the mountain. Wen-shidi was in the formation, how could he disappear into thin air?”

Hearing this, Yan Jinhua smiled.

Why couldn’t he disappear into thin air?

“Wen Yujing” had completely disappeared and couldn’t come back. No one would cover for Duan Shujue again.

And his disappearance would push Duan Shujue directly to the guillotine.

Even if Duan Shujue was eloquent, he wouldn’t be able to explain it clearly.

While Yan Jinhua controlled himself not to be overjoyed, 061 had been completely controlled in the system s.p.a.ce of the Book Transmigration System.

Out of humanitarian principles, when 061 didn’t stubbornly resist or refuse to explain his origin and the other’s bad behaviors, the systems couldn’t take coercive measures such as purging, formatting, forcibly reading information and other coercive measures.

He was escorted to the interrogation room. He waited for the system investigators to review and question him.

Many systems had heard that an intruder had been arrested and wasn’t bad looking, so they came to watch, and the interrogation room was very lively for a while.

In the water of the dark blue clothes of the systems, 061 stood out in a white shirt and black pants.

The 061, who was surrounded by a substantial crowd, was very quiet.

He was wearing electronic shackles on his hands, a pair of heavy chains also bound his ankles, and he wore a black data shock collar around his neck. His face was ashen, but he didn’t seem alarmed. He had his hands in his lap, looking at the ten rules of the system hanging on the wall. His expression was extraordinarily gentle, as if he was thinking about something.

061 faintly heard someone outside complimenting him on his good looks.

He smiled softly, thinking of a problem that had nothing to do with his current situation.

Why did the Lord G.o.d turn off their self-perception system for so long?

089, 023, all still had their memories, so they would remember what they looked like when they were alive without having to look in the mirror.

However, after being formatted, 061 lost his memory of being human and had long forgotten what he looked like.

Therefore, before meeting Chi Xiaochi, he almost lost his ability to perceive himself and his emotions. He lived without waves, even thinking he was born as a natural system like 009.

He wondered why the Lord G.o.d would do this.

The commotion outside dissipated with the arrival of the investigators.

Two systems, a man and a woman, entered the room and sat in front of 061.

They weren’t the least bit worried about any violent measures the system in front of them could take.

For one thing, their confinement measures were in place. Second, before being imprisoned, 061 had been thoroughly investigated by the system. All sharp objects on his body had been removed, and even the top b.u.t.tons of his shirt containing copper were ripped off.

As soon as the two systems sat down, 061 took the initiative to greet them, “h.e.l.lo.”

The man and woman who came to interrogate him looked at each other.

061’s temperament was too soft and harmless, not like the thug accused by Host 199.

The man asked him. “Name, or serial number?”

061 answered truthfully, “The Sc.u.m Gong Recovery System. No.061, performing mission 1329 on this world line.”

The woman transmitted a complaint letter of about 800 words to the public screen. She pointed to Yan Jinhua’s b.l.o.o.d.y and tearful accusation on it and asked officially, “Host No. 199 has made some accusations against you, do you admit them?”

061 laughed.

The woman had a serious personality and said coldly, “Don’t be yin and yang, answer the question, yes or no.”

“It’s a coincidence.” 061 ignored the woman and said, “I also have something I want to show you.”

The two interrogators looked at each other again. The woman frowned and knocked on the table, “Behave yourself. We have arrested you for questioning.”

061 bowed slightly and said, “My sincerity is sufficient. After all, it wasn’t you who arrested me. I have something to tell you, so I came here on my own initiative.”

Speaking of which, 061 pressed his handcuffed left hand to his chest, bent over gentlemanly, and said sincerely, “Within my hard drive, I have a report of all the illegal operations of Host 199, and I have summarized roughly 40,000 words of specifics, so please accept it.”

Two investigators: “…”

They were obviously unable to accept the fact that the “subject of arrest” had become the “prosecution.”

And 061’s att.i.tude was always calm and polite. “Please believe that I am here just to deliver the letter to you.”

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