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Chapter 170 - System vs. System (20): Mo Xie, come quickly, they both disappeared

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Chapter 170 - System vs. System (20): Mo Xie, come quickly, they both disappeared

Translator: kiribold

editor: yoantlers

Because of Yan Jinhua’s words, Chi Yunzi began to pay special attention to the master-disciple pair in Huaishou Peak.

Once he looked, he saw a lot of shocking things.

He didn’t know where Wen Yujing found the interest to go down the mountain to buy some books on weaving and embroidery. He weaved protection amulets and sewed brocade bags, making one for himself and one for Duan Shujue. In this master-disciple pair, one had his brocade bag tied to his umbrella handle, and the other had his hanging from his waist—one red, one blue, swaying through the market.

…Looking at it made Chi Yunzi’s brain hurt.

While Chi Yunzi and Wen Yujing leisurely chatted, he pretended to be casual and asked, “When did shidi become obsessed with these petty things? The interest isn’t bad.”

Wen Yujing laughed and said, “I have nothing to do. I just made it for my disciple to play with.”

Chi Yunzi: “…”

After secretly observing for a while, Chi Yunzi was shocked to find that there weren’t only one or two ambiguous actions between the two.

Not to mention, they went in and out together and slept in the same room. One time, Chi Yunzi used the excuse of observing how his little shidi taught his disciple to climb Huaishou Peak.

Duan Shujue performed swordplay in front of him. His swordplay was excellent, like a fish in water, like a mighty wind. After a set of Jingxu swordsmanship, Wen Yujing wasn’t satisfied. He got up graciously, rustling on a pair of thin silk gloves. He held Duan Shujue’s hand, clenching the sword in the stone, and danced the swordplay with him, whispering in his ear to point out how he should perform the sword set, as well as a few omissions he made.

Although this action could barely be explained by the deep love of a master and disciple, the scene of their sleeves touching, their clothing flowing together with the mountain breeze, and the white and blue clothes separate yet entwined made Chi Yunzi’s mood extremely complicated.

Another time, he had different intentions visiting Huishou Peak in the middle of the night. He saw Duan Shujue holding the scroll in his right hand while his left hand gently touched a ball of velvet snow on his lap.

His little shidi was comfortably biting the tip of his tail, sleeping sweetly.

He didn’t know if it was because they both had innocent temperaments by nature or if they had a relationship that couldn’t be explained clearly. Chi Yunzi wondered if he was a depraved person who saw depravity, but he was genuinely worried about his shidi and was deeply distressed because he didn’t know how to ask questions.

On the other hand, after returning to Yuguang Pool, Yan Jinhua sent many snake scales and molts to prove what he said was true.

Chi Yunzi examined them and found that the residues were indeed shed from the body of a hui-viper that had yet to become a jiao-dragon It was difficult to distinguish good from evil before the viper became a jiao.

However, even if the other party was villainous, he couldn’t convict Duan Shujue from this.

Chi Yunzi wanted to summon Duan Shujue to come alone, interrogate him in detail, and then remind him to pay more attention to his relationship with his shifu. He didn’t expect that his wanderl.u.s.t shidi would be so senseless as to follow Duan Shujue here every time. When Duan Shujue answered his questions, Wen Yujing turned slightly to his side, bent his fingers against his temples, and looked at Duan Shujue earnestly from the side with a n.o.ble and gentle expression.

In this scene, Chi Yunzi only hated himself for being redundant. How could he open his mouth to ask?

In desperation, he called a few shidis to look for ideas.

After half an hour of discussion, Ren Tingfeng rolled up to Huaishou Peak like a gust of wind. When he saw Wen Yujing, he opened his mouth and said, “Sixth Shidi, you get along very well with your disciple. Do you intend to become cultivation partners with him?”

At that time, Duan Shujue was treading on the water to practice swordsmanship on the lake and couldn’t hear their conversation.

Wen Yujing was stunned for a moment, but he then laughed lightly, “Third shixiong, don’t let Shujue hear this. He’ll be embarra.s.sed.”

Ren Tingfeng ignored it and continued to ask, “Then you and him, are you in love or not?”

Wen Yujing looked down at his book and replied, “It is the love between master and disciple. Nothing more.”

Ren Tingfeng replied, “Good,” rolled up his sleeves, and went down the mountain. He told Chi Yunzi the story and told his shixiong to rest a.s.sured.

Chi Yunzi was so angry that he almost raised his sword to slash him.

He said angrily, “What can you find out if you ask like this?”

Ren Tingfeng spread his hands and said, “Shixiong, Wen-Shidi doesn’t say anything, so you say he’s hiding something.Wen-Shidi said he didn’t but you refuse to believe him. Forgive this shidi, but what exactly do you want to hear?”

Chi Yunzi also knew that his paranoia and overthinking weren’t the best ways to solve a problem.

But even if it was made clear, what would be the use?

With a loud mouth, rumors were like a knife. He could protect his shidi by force, but he couldn’t guard against this invisible blade.

Such was the case. After all, whatever you were afraid of would inevitably come.

A picture book began to circulate among the lower-level female disciples of Jingxu Peak. It depicted the story of an immortal in the clouds and his gentleman apprentice—one dressed in snow white, the other in blue like the waves. The two of them were doing unspeakable deeds in the clear mountain ponds. The paintings were relatively obscure and erotic. Yan Jinhua exhausted all his imagination and spent a lot of money to invite an unknown painter to paint it.

In such sordid things, he showed rare good taste.

Chi Yunzi accidentally got a copy. After turning two pages, he was furious and ordered the book to be burned to the ground and to investigate the source thoroughly. The female disciples were terrified and said they had bought it at a bookstore while sneaking down the mountain, unaware of how widespread it had become.

When Chi Yunzi heard their words, he almost fainted on the spot.

When Yan Jinhua got a little bit of this sweetness, he became more reckless.

He was from modern times. He knew how to fight public opinion wars too well.

A few days later, Su Yun took a few young disciples down the mountain to vanquish a hanged ghost haunting a city not far from Jingxu Peak.

Su Yun and the disciples arrived in the city and were about to find a place to stay when he saw a crane-haired, chicken-skinned old man with a rather bookish look holding a green bamboo pole, tapping the ground resolutely. His eyes were straight, not dodging or evading, facing the approaching several people.

…It seemed to be a blind man.

Su Yun naturally gave way to him. Pa.s.sing by him, the blind old man turned his head sharply, twitched his nose a few times, and immediately lost his color. He pointed, shaking fingers directly at them, shouting, “Ominous! Ominous!”

His cry was sharp and ear-splitting and instantly attracted a lot of attention.

Su Yun was surprised and looked around, but didn’t feel anything wrong. “Elderly sir, you….”

As if the blind old man had encountered a snake or scorpion, he staggered and ran quickly without even leaving an explanation to Su Yun.

All the disciples were puzzled and looked at Su Yun.

Su Yun stared at the back of the old man with his brows fixed. He didn’t know what the so-called “ominous” meant. After thinking about it for a while, he couldn’t understand it, so he simply restrained his excess thoughts and said to the disciples, “Let’s go. Don’t think about it. Seeing that it’s going to rain, it’s important to find a place to stay quickly.”

What he said was right. The sky was cloudy, and rain splashed heavily like thick ink.

The “blind” old man turned a few streets and alleys to confirm that no one was behind him. Then he hugged the green bamboo pole in his arms and hurried to a side alley.

The alley revealed Yan Jinhua’s face.

He looked around and asked, “Is it done?”

“It’s done.” The old man smiled greedily. His eyes were already on the gold-embroidered red money purse.

“Not a single extra word?”

“No, no. I just b.u.mped into the cultivator and said ‘ominous’ twice. How can I remember this wrong?”

Yan Jinhua breathed a sigh of relief. He used two fingers to open the money bag to pay. Unexpectedly, the other party long had bad intentions, and a hand grabbed his full purse and ran away.

Yan Jinhua didn’t expect it. “Stop!!”

How could the other party be willing to listen to him? He ran like an old hare, like an old steed in the stable.

Yan Jinhua didn’t dare to use magic lightly. First, he wasn’t well versed in the art and could easily attract attention. Second, his plagued fourth shixiong was still in the city, so if he inadvertently led him here, it would be a real disaster.

Yan Jinhua cursed but was helpless.

This man was a poor householder in the city. He took the exams and became a scholar in his early years and was successful for a while. Later, he became a gambler and lost his entire fortune. He had to set up a small stall on the street. He made a living by copying letters for others. He was hungry one meal and full the next, so he occasionally did some dirty work for others.

He had always been shameless, but Yan Jinhua never imagined him to be this shameless.

Yan Jinhua was in a bad mood from being scammed until he thought about the plan to be implemented next, and his expression relaxed slightly.

Before he had time to be complacent, he heard the mechanical voice of the system. “Host, I need to remind you that you don’t have many of the things that you acc.u.mulated left now. Besides the thunder talisman, there is only one wind pearl, two water-repelling pills, and a few small things saved from the previous world. You need to conserve them now.”

Yan Jinhua was poked in his painful spots by his own system and said furiously, “Is it any of your business? I have my own arrangements!”

The system stopped talking.

But after the reminder, Yan Jinhua was shocked to realize that he was in a dire situation. When he took out the thunder talisman, he was so distressed that he shivered.

Forget it! If you’re reluctant to give up the child, you can’t catch the wolf!

He quickly rushed out of the city.

The dense clouds in the sky became darker and deeper, gathering into the shape of a beast, which was terrifying.

When the thunder sounded for the third time in the sky, he flicked his fingers and burned the thunder talisman on his fingertips.

In the distance, back at the summit’s peak, a five-hundred-year-old ancient pine was cut off from the waist by a thunderbolt from the sky. The flames rose like a madman dancing. The sound was so loud that it shook Chi Xiaochi and Wen Yujing’s dimensional s.p.a.ce.

Where they were, the breeze was gentle, the sky was bright, and they didn’t know what had changed in the outside world.

Wen Yujing closed his scroll. “What is it?”

Chi Xiaochi was also quite surprised. “Shifu, wait. I’ll go out and take a look.”

Fortunately, he went out to take a look and was able to preserve the trees in the mountains.

The incident caused quite the stir.

After all, in ancient times, things like “struck by lightning” were often linked to the will of G.o.d, which inevitably provoked people to think more.

After Su Yun and his party returned, Su Yun customarily went to his Shifu, Chi Yunzi, to report what he had seen during the trip. He was a little concerned about meeting the blind old man in the city, so he mentioned it in pa.s.sing, but his face changed significantly when Chi Yunzi heard the words. He asked him for many details and who he had met before leaving Jingxu Peak.

Although Su Yun was puzzled, he answered truthfully, “Answering Shifu, in Jingxu Peak, this disciple doesn’t have many places to go. I went to Huaishou Peak to seek out Duan-shidi to exchange some qi refining experience.”

Chi Yunzi’s face became more and more colorful.

When he left the hall in a daze, he learned from the disciple who was sweeping the ground that Huishou Peak had been struck by lightning. Su Yun realized that something was wrong. He immediately went to find the few shidis and shimeis who had gone with him to defeat the ghost and told them not to take the hearsay seriously or gossip everywhere.

But a new round of rumors inevitably spread. The main content was that Duan Shujue was an ominous thing, harboring evil intentions, and though the thunder sent by the heavens on Huishou Peak seemed accidental, it was a warning.

Wen Yujing didn’t say anything and took Chi Xiaochi to hide in Huishou Peak, living their quaint little life.

061 didn’t know how many times he asked Chi Xiaochi, “You really don’t want Wen Yujing to come forward and explain for you?”

Chi Xiaochi flipped through the little yellow book ordered to be destroyed by Chi Yunzi a few days ago with a peaceful expression. “The surname Yan is a shrewd calculator.”


“If you don’t explain, people will say that Duan Shujue is definitely a calamitous person.” Chi Xiaochi said, “Once explained, people will say that Wen Yujing and I are people who attract disaster.”

With that, he tapped the page with his knuckles.

On the page of the book, two vague figures rolled into a ball in the tent. The picture was very charming.

061 understood, hummed gently, and stopped talking.

Chi Xiaochi raised an eyebrow. “Liu-laoshi, you’re not going to ask again?”

The 200 regret points were still stuck in the single digits and slow to move, but 061 neither cared about the progress nor what tricks Chi Xiaochi intended to use. Compared to him who was particularly worried in the past, this time was different, which made Chi Xiaochi worry.

061: “No need to ask. I believe you. Even without me, you can take care of him handily.”

Chi Xiaochi said, “Not without you. This time you don’t need to lift a hand. You don’t need to do anything this time. Just don’t attract the attention of Yan Jinhua’s system, and protect my Liu-laoshi well. It will be considered a great merit, do you hear?”

061 smiled. “Okay.”

After another April, the snowy season, the rumors died down. As usual, Chi Xiaochi came out of the mountain with Wen Yujing.

But this time, there were a lot of people accompanying him. Not only Ren Tingfeng, but all the disciples of Chi Yunzi who were still in the mountains were transferred here.

This showed how dangerous this mission was.

In the Hollow Heart Mountain, there was an evil Jiao, which fed on human flesh. The people in the nearby towns fled their homes one after another, leaving their villages behind. They were so frightened that they had to pay and invite Daoist cultivators to come and slay the dragon.

According to the original text of The Mermaid Immortal, this hollow mountain slaying Jiao was another big opportunity for Duan Shujue.

In the book, Duan Shujue and his shixiongs came to the mountain. The sword in the stone was unsheathed in front of everyone for the first time. It was a great splendor, arousing the admiration of everyone.

In the book, Ye Jiming also came to the mountain.

He had a grudge against this evil Jiao. Earlier, he and Ye Jiming fought for territory. Although Ye Jiming defended his mountain, several of his little demon followers who served him were swallowed.

Since then, the two Jiao-dragons forged a rivalry, and Ye Jiming had been brooding about it. After many years, he immediately rushed his way over when he heard the news of the Jiao-dragon’s emergence.

Coincidentally, Ye Jiming and all the Daoist cultivators met on the narrow road in the mountains. Before the evil Jiao’s real form was seen, he was naturally mistaken for the man-eating evil Jiao. A black pot fell from the sky , completely unjust.

Duan Shujue wanted to defend him, but who would have thought that Ye Jiming not only didn’t accept his goodwill but instead laid a trap, deliberately provoking the anger of the cultivators.

Duan Shujue knew that this wasn’t Ye Jiming’s nature, and guessed his intention. He took the initiative to fight him on behalf of everyone. The two fought in one place and fought into the Valley of Lost b.u.t.terflies, and the cultivators were separated from them.

After some “fighting,” the Duan Ye duo pretended to be defeated. They lured the evil Jiao, intent on reaping the benefits, to come forward to harvest the results of the battle, but it was defeated by the combined efforts of the pair faking their injuries.

Ye Jiming’s purpose was to kill the evil Jiao that once killed his little demons. After his wish was fulfilled, he left with a flick of his sleeves. Before leaving, he turned his head and closed the small bamboo fan in his hand. He pointed it at Duan Shujue, giving an evil smile lightly. “Immortal cultivator, this battle is not over yet. Let’s temporarily set it down. The next time we meet, you must make sure this lord enjoys himself, ah.”

…It could be said that he gave him the stage.

In The Mermaid Immortal, Duan Shujue killed the evil long worm. Duan Shujue inadvertently cut out the Jiao-essence pill, which gained him fame and a hundred years of cultivation foundation.

After getting such a bargain, he didn’t touch the Jiao corpse again, so the shixiongs divided it up and used it for cultivation purposes. But for the time being, let’s not mention this.

However, after the rebirth, the plot was forced to change significantly.

Ye Jiming was brought back to Yuguang Pool by Yan Jinhua when he was a child. He didn’t have the time to make a grudge against the evil Jiao, so naturally, there was no revenge.

Ye Jiming was aware of the original plot and knew that he should intervene here. But he also knew that too many Jingxu Peak disciples surrounded Duan Shujue in this plot point.

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In his own words, why should this lord join in the fun at this time and find himself unhappy?

He had to say, it was really low and nothing new.

Yan Jinhua walked just a shoulder’s length away from him.

He overdrew all the surplus energy he had gained from going through three worlds in exchange for an hour of spying power. Therefore, he was now the equivalent of a ghost accompanying Duan Shujue’s side. Yan Jinhua could observe his every move, but Duan Shujue couldn’t see him.

He looked at Duan Shujue’s flushed face and put one hand to his ear with a smile. “System, send the photos and videos of the ‘invasion system’ attacking me to your main system. Now, immediately.”

The system said, “Received, has been sent.”

Yan Jinhua couldn’t wait to confirm again, “How long will it take to reply?”

The system said again, “Please rest a.s.sured, host. Our system has always attached great importance to the personal safety rights of employees. The report has been approved, at most a matter of a few minutes.”

On the other side, the breathless Chi Xiaochi only felt like crying.

He had experienced the same feeling before.

In Ji Zuoshan’s world, a presented omega not only made him almost lose his control but also made him have some not-so-pleasant contact with 061.

The muscles in his lower abdomen twitched and tensed up. He used his right hand to press it down, trying to rub it away, but the evil fire rushing up in the wind burned more and more. His feet were restlessly moving back and forth on Wen Yujing’s feet. He wanted to leave Wen Yujing, who made him feel uncomfortable and hot. But he remembered the consequences of stepping on the wrong eye. For a while, the torment tightened, and the corners of his eyes seeped with some tears.

Wen Yujing saw that his condition was inappropriate. He immediately put his hand on the back of his neck, trying to regulate his qi pulse. “Hold your breath.”

That cold and indifferent command seemed to tickle his earlobe. Burning his itchy earlobes, which were stimulated by this, causing his whole body to tremble.

061’s voice also sounded in his ears. “Xiaochi, you…”

At the same time, Yan Jinhua’s system happily said, “Host, the main system has given a reply!”

The double ba.s.s of their voices made Chi Xiaochi’s mind messy. Then, Chi Xiaochi felt his arms were empty, and he almost fell to the ground. Thanks to his sanity still existing, he barely managed to stand firm.

…In an instant, the person who pulled him to his feet disappeared into thin air.

The shoes, robes, the green umbrella, and the jade flute were still there, but the man seemed to have melted like a droplet into the water, disappearing like a dream.

The body temperature of the outer robe remained in his arms. Chi Xiaochi hugged the white robe tightly and looked around, bewildered, “Shifu?”

Was it possible he just stepped on the other formation eye by mistake?

Standing alone in the fog, Chi Xiaochi looked around. Not a single shadow was seen. He immediately felt cold all over but was tormented by a burst of fever and dizziness.

He decisively slapped himself in the face, and when he calmed down, he asked, “Liu-laoshi, what’s the situation?”

No one answered.


Chi Xiaochi’s heart fell, and he raised his voice unconsciously, “061?”

Still no answer.

—His mind was silent as if that voice had never existed.

Amid the silence, a sound was getting closer and clearer.

It was the sound of a cold-blooded animal crawling across the ground.

Chi Xiaochi pulled out the sword in the stone backhandedly, but he couldn’t lift the sword because his arms had gone soft and his legs were weak. He thrust the sword’s tip into the soft mud in front of him and barely stabilized himself.

He gritted his teeth and stifled a groan, no longer wasting time on futile calls. He tried to open his storage s.p.a.ce but realized that the display screen in front of him had also disappeared.

Favor value, regret value, storage s.p.a.ce, none of them existed.

Wen Yujing was gone, and 061…was also gone?

He stood trembling while leaning on his sword, trying to sort out the logic of this.

And the sound of the serpent beside his ear was getting closer.

Yan Jinhua, who was just a shoulder away from him, could no longer hide the smile on his face.

This was his plan.

The surname Wen has been successfully dealt with as he planned. This merman was also under the influence of the mermaid scale, and his body was weak. He would die in the mouth of the evil Jiao-dragon. He only needed to sit on the mountainside and watch the tigers fight. Once Duan Shujue died, he would find an opening for a surprise attack and try to kill the evil Jiao. If it didn’t work, it wasn’t a loss to drag away Duan Shujue’s body to refine a mermaid pill.

Even if he didn’t die, the things Yan Jinhua had done earlier were enough to convince others that Duan Shujue was a villain. Anyway, the system wasn’t coming back, so Wen Yujing has since disappeared from the world. It was no big deal to let Duan Shujue carry the name of killing his Shifu too.

Three birds with one stone. Three eagles with one arrow. He felt that he was a f.u.c.king talent.

Just as he was sketching out a bright future with unbridled joy, the spatial formation that Duan Shujue was in, which he was monitoring, showed a slight fluctuation.

A light and swift figure landed on a formation eye half a meter behind Duan Shujue.

The black-gold longsword’s force surged with violent sword energy, sweeping dozens of feet in radius, which blocked the body of the evil Jiao intent on hunting to a stop.

Yan Jinhua’s jaw dropped. “f.u.c.k?!”

Not to mention Yan Jinhua, who long had a plot, even Chi Xiaochi didn’t expect Ye Jiming’s arrival.

He tried to straighten up. “You…how…?”

Since Ye Jiming obviously flew all the way in a hurry, he was slightly out of breath, and he still had to pay attention to his surroundings. He really had no time to explain, so he showed Chi Xiaochi the bright thing on his right palm.

At first glance, Chi Xiaochi didn’t understand what it was.

In Ye Jiming’s right palm was a golden word. The flamboyant dragon flying, phoenix dancing character was clearly the word, “come.”

Only Ye Jiming knew what this represented.

Half an incense stick ago before Wen Yujing disappeared for no reason.

Ye Jiming didn’t enter the Valley of Lost b.u.t.terflies. He turned back into his human body, leaned on the edge of a small bush, and picked some snake berries, putting handfuls of them into his mouth. He was waiting for Duan Shujue to come out of the valley, and then he would look at him from a distance, and then he could feel at ease.

He had just finished eating some snake berries and was still in the mood to pick another handful when he suddenly felt a tingling pain in his palm.

The pain was somewhat sharp. Ye Jiming hissed, took a deep breath, retracted his hand, and opened his palm to check the situation.

At this glance, his heart tightened for a while.

When he was in the Mountain of Time and Rain, Wen Yujing inexplicably stamped the word “come” in his palm.

Over the past few days, he tried his best to remove the golden seal, but he didn’t know what kind of strange technique he had used. He studied all the spell casting techniques of Daoism, but he couldn’t understand how the seal was put on.

The word “come” had been somewhat dull, but it was unusually eye-catching at this moment. The word “come” was now followed by three new exclamation marks.


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