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Chapter 168 - System vs. System (18): Blame, vandalism, public punishment

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Chapter 168 - System vs. System (18): Blame, vandalism, public punishment

Translator: kiribold

editor: yoantlers

In Jingxu Peak, the disciples all abided by the rules. When has such an incident as a secret attack to injure someone occurred?

Wen Yujing’s temper was known to be tame. The people in the mountains had never even heard his stern words, and they had never seen him snap at people. Who would have thought that his anger would be a monstrous thunder? Riding his sword in a brisk wind, he dragged Yan Jinhua like a dead dog all the way from Huishou Peak to the main peak. He threw him to the ground and followed Chi Yunzi into the house. Like this, he explained in detail, not allowing Yan Jinhua to speak BB.

Yan Jinhua was angry and remorseful, but Wen Yujing sealed his acupuncture points, so it was difficult to speak. He could only let his system take pictures of his injuries one by one, his heart uneasy.

…Why didn’t this guy with the surname Wen follow his persona?

In his a.s.sumption, those who were righteous must save face. Wen Yujing was cloaked in the skin of elegant literati, so his hands and feet were tied. Finding himself plotted against, at most, he would be secretly angry.

Because sparring was just something to be practiced daily, it was unwise and not worth it to have the notoriety of arguing with a junior over small matters.

As a result, the soft persimmon he wanted to squeeze turned out to be a sulfuric acid bun wrapped in a soft glutinous yuanxiao skin. His face was slapped raw. How could he not be angry?

Chi Yunzi listened to Wen Yujing talk about the cause and effect of the incident, but at first, he didn’t believe it.

Holding the scroll in his hand, he laughed and said, “If Yan Jinhua has such a victorious mind, I’d be impressed with him.”

After so many years, Chi Yunzi knew too well that Yan Jinhua had no shame when it came to winning or losing. If he had such a thing, he would have been hung by the neck in shame and anger.

Wen Yujing didn’t speak and just quietly stared at Chi Yunzi.

In silence, Chi Yunzi realized that things were a bit tricky. He thought over Wen Yujing’s words, and his expression changed some. “Take me to see him.”

When he went out, seeing Yan Jinhua’s wretched appearance, his face sank completely.

Yan Jinhua fell to the ground, his body feverish, bitterness in his mouth, and he secretly cried that it wasn’t good.

He understood Wen Yujing’s routine.

If it was just a palm strike injury, he still had room to argue. Beaten like this, everyone would know that he must have done something treacherous to anger Little Shishu Wen, not even needing to check the evidence.

As soon as the matter became serious, his little cleverness was utterly bottomed out and leaked.

For today’s plan, he had no choice but to roll his eyes over and pretend to faint to save his life. Unwilling, he had to console himself:

This game was his miscalculation, and he even lost to a system.

But he still had a hidden card. The more “Wen Yujing” hurt him, the more powerful it would be when this card was played.

Chi Yunzi knew that his second disciple wasn’t good enough and that he was self-indulgent and lazy. What could he do since he was already his disciple? He could only protect him with all his strength, but he had to take such villainous steps and touch Chi Yunzi’s bottom line.

His face was ashen. He turned around and flicked his sleeves. He didn’t even want to look at this person again. “Drag this person to the confinement hall. When he wakes up, then report to me!”

The fourth shixiong, Su Yun, and the fifth shidi didn’t know what happened. Seeing that Shifu was really angry, they didn’t dare to be slow. They rushed out from the crowd of whispering disciples and dragged Yan Jinhua down again.

Yan Jinhua, who was brutally punished publicly, faintly heard Chi Yunzi say to Wen Yujing before leaving, “Shidi, if your anger has subsided, then you can leave it to elder brother. It’s because of brother’s lax teaching, and is responsible for disturbing shidi’s spiritual training.”

Wen Yujing didn’t answer and seemed to acquiesce.

Yan Jinhua, who had still been holding a trace of hope, saw this scene in front of him before he blacked out.

What was wrong with Chi Yunzi?

In typical immortal cultivation novels, wasn’t the person in power in the mountains narrow-minded, jealous, and scornful of his outstanding peers?

No matter how he was, he was still his disciple. If he was embarra.s.sed in public, should he not want to lose face?

Yan Jinhua, who was questioning his life, was forcibly dragged away. Wen Yujing also helped Chi Xiaochi vent his anger from being frightened on the mountain road. He said goodbye to Chi Yunzi and returned to Huaishou Peak.

When he returned, the snow ear fungus soup was already cooked. No more, no less, exactly two bowls.

To conform to Duan Shujue’s character, Chi Xiaochi didn’t ask any more questions about what happened to Yan Jinhua.

The reasoning was that Yan Jinhua was Duan Shujue’s benefactor. Whether he gloated at his misfortune or kneeled and begged for mercy without distinguishing right from wrong, Duan Shujue’s character and temperament would be damaged. It was best to keep silent and pretend that nothing happened.

Wen Yujing didn’t say anything more either. After cleaning his hands, he sat down at the small table by the lake. He and Chi Xiaochi knelt opposite each other and drank snow fungus soup quietly under the moonlight.

Wearing Duan Shujue’s avatar, Chi Xiaochi was a lot more dignified. His every move was in accordance with etiquette and was extremely thorough.

Only 061 knew that when Chi Xiaochi was in private, he read through the world’s complicated etiquette in Yuguang Pool. Only after he practiced it properly did he go out to meet people and put the best image of “Duan Shujue” in front of outsiders.

Chi Xiaochi was a person with an eccentric personality, but he always paid particular attention to the details. It was warm and heart-wrenching.

Wen Yujing put down the spoon and bowl together. “Relax. There is no need to be restrained at all times in front of Shifu.”

Chi Xiaochi looked up and swallowed the food in his mouth. “Thank you, Shifu.”

Even so, the words felt polite and detached.

Wen Yujing didn’t say anything more. He transformed his body, creating a light mist. When the smoke dissipated, a kitten jumped up on the table. It walked gracefully to Chi Xiaochi’s side and rested a single paw on Chi Xiaochi’s hand, resting on the table before jumping on the person. He chose a few places to rest and finally comfortably became a small scarf.

…it was also Boss Coal’s favorite thing to do when he was young.

Chi Xiaochi was stunned for a moment, then smiled.

Feline habits all seemed the same.

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Even when no one was there, he sat straight and finished the snow fungus soup spoon by spoon.

He ordered, “Get into the bed and rest.”


089 answered quickly and loudly. He ran back to the bed and consciously took the initiative to pull up the quilt but didn’t forget to make faces at 061 from behind 023.

023 said without looking back, “089, if you keep making faces, I’ll cut your tongue out.”

089 immediately pulled up the covers, pretending to be obedient, and at the same time mouthed to 061: he’s angry.

061 came in and closed the door behind him.

061 asked, “Why is it so messy?”

089 replied, “A little thing went wrong yesterday.”

023 put the tray down on the head of the bed, took a hot towel with tongs, and wiped away the blood on his shoulder with the hot towel. “A little thing? Your broken shoulder bone is a ‘little thing’? If I hadn’t gone early in the morning, you’d still be lying face down, b.u.t.t up on the ground.”

Hearing that 089 suffered such a severe injury, 061 became more serious. “What happened?”

023 looked unhappy. “An intruder was here again.”

061: “What intruder? What does ‘again’ mean?”

023 then remembered that 061 had not returned to the main system s.p.a.ce for a long time.

“A few days ago, there was an abnormal energy body invasion in the main system s.p.a.ce. Its purpose was unknown.” 023 said, “Yesterday it came quietly again. This time it was even more extreme. Yesterday, 089 was on duty, and they injured him, tied 089 up, set the archive room on fire, and smashed the door of the “In Between Moments.”

061: “…” Isn’t that the boss’s office?

“The inspector sent by the supervisory agency happened to be here today. It looks like our system’s credit and security rating will be lowered, and I’m afraid we’ll have to rectify it.” 023 continued, “Brainy got so angry that no one dares to pa.s.s by his office now.”

061 snapped out of his shock and asked, “Has the intruder been caught?”

“If they were caught, would Brainy be so angry?” 023 shrugged and gave a look in the direction of the “In Between Moments.” “Initially, we discovered the existence of three aliens bodies. The one that smashed the door was a mecha, but it was also high-end technology, unmanned, and it was left behind after the invaders left.”

061 understood.

Three intruders came and went, injured people, destroyed the archives, and smashed the “In Between Moments.”


061 couldn’t help but think.

The vandals who came, why was it a mecha?

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