Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Su Su Su Ru Yi

Chapter 935 - Disgust Her

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Chapter 935: Disgust Her

After she distributed everything, she ran over to Su Bei’s side and stood there while eating potato chips.

Previously, the two had eaten together, causing everyone to look at them with envy. How could ordinary female artists dare to eat and drink like that?

The director clapped his hands and said, “Everyone is here now. Let me introduce the actress who’ll be playing the female lead!”

Everyone immediately looked at the director expectantly.

Mai Lele and Su Bei stopped eating their chips and stared at the director.

The female lead this time was a stunning beauty. Actually, most people had expected Su Bei to be the female lead.

However, Su Bei chose the second female lead. This made the director worry about the selection for the female lead for a few days. He nearly went bald.

Everyone was naturally very curious as to who could be the female lead.

There were many actresses in the entertainment industry who were good at acting, but it was rare for them to be beautiful and talented.

Mai Lele poked Su Bei’s arm. “Who could it be? Who else could be better-looking than you?”

“The world is big and there are so many people. It might not be that hard to find.” Su Bei gently bit off a potato chip.

The director smiled and said, “Now, let’s invite our female lead, the famous beauty of the entertainment industry—Su Huixian!”

Su Huixian stepped out after the director’s introduction.

There was a moment of silence.

No one said anything.

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Su Huixian was indeed beautiful. To be able to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry, she definitely had the looks.

Mai Lele said frankly, “But isn’t Su Huixian a model? Why did she suddenly become an actress?”

When Su Huixian heard this, she smiled at Mai Lele and said, “Su Bei is also an actress who became a model. Su Bei can do it, so can I, right?”

“But Su Bei has reached the pinnacle of the modeling industry. That’s why she’s here to act in films. What about you?” Mai Lele asked.

When Su Huixian heard that, she felt extremely unhappy. However, she could not retort, so she pretended not to hear it and walked to the side.

Mai Lele wanted to chase after her and ask more questions.

Su Bei knew that this was a huge gift from Tang Yue. The script for this movie was not bad, but Tang Yue forced Su Huixian into it. It was obvious that she wanted Su Huixian to disgust her. She did not intend to make a profit from this investment.

Tang Yue was really generous.

However, Su Bei could not reprimand Tang Yue for such a matter. Tang Yue always made her words sound reasonable. Su Bei could decide on her own matters, but could she have a say about the casting decisions?

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