Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Su Su Su Ru Yi

Chapter 934 - Great News

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Chapter 934: Great News

Su Huixian’s heart ached at Sun Jingping’s words. She forced a smile and said, “Aunt, I can’t possibly have a child without getting married first, right? It’s fine if I’m married, but if I have a child without getting married, outsiders will gossip.”

“That’s true,” Sun Jingping said, “I won’t care much about your marriage matters. You can discuss it with Du Luo.”

At the mention of marriage, Sun Jingping avoided it.

After all, she had said all the good and bad things. She had many requests for Su Huixian, but she refused to let her marry Du Luo.

Su Huixian felt bitter. The Du family was too much. Wasn’t it obvious that they wanted her to break off the engagement?

She had endured it all for so many years. If she were to break off the engagement now, wouldn’t all her efforts go to waste?

Su Huixian would never do something so foolish.

Sun Jingping said, “Don’t bother about the investment. Let the professionals handle it. I’m leaving.”

With that, Sun Jingping picked up her bag and left.

Su Huixian threw the pillow at her back.

Just as she was fuming, she received a call from Tang Yue’s a.s.sistant asking her to go over.

Su Huixian immediately tidied up her makeup and drove toward Sheng Tang Entertainment.

As she could not gain the approval of Du Changwei and Sun Jingping, Du Luo’s feelings for her had obviously changed.

Su Huixian had nothing to grab onto. Tang Yue was her only hope.

As she had hated Su Bei for so many years, she could feel that Tang Yue hated Su Bei as well.

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Su Huixian could empathize with Tang Yue and her situation. Tang Yue was supposed to enjoy the love and care of her parents alone. She was supposed to be the only heir to her parents’ a.s.sets in the future. Now that a cruel younger sister had appeared out of nowhere, Tang Yue had to share everything. If it were Su Huixian, she would definitely not be able to stand it.

Mai Lele bounced over and shouted, “Su Bei!”

“Lele, are you in this production too?”

“Yes, I heard that you were joining. I also read the script and found that it’s not bad. I’m playing a small role. My parents knew you were in this production too, so they agreed!” Mai Lele said happily.

Usually, the small roles in the production team would be given to those who brought in funds. People like Mai Lele, who wanted to enjoy herself and did not want to be too tired, would be given some small roles too.

Mr. and Mrs. Mai really doted on Mai Lele. Su Bei looked at her enviously.

Mai Lele said, “Su Bei, I think I have some scenes with you. When the time comes, I’ll definitely practice more and try not to drag you down!”

“Okay, let’s learn from each other.” Su Bei quite liked her.

Mai Lele bought a huge pile of snacks and distributed them to everyone. She was a ray of suns.h.i.+ne, so the atmosphere in the production team became lively.

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