Divine Emperor of Death


Chapter 2304 Tired?

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Chapter 2304 Tired?

Near the South Ascendance Monument, Davis gazed at the wicked path immortals and many others, etching their unbridled undulations into his heart.

For the wicked path to be present here… were they welcoming their ascenders? In that case, why did beings who had just become immortals was also watching the South Ascendance Monument? There were also Fire Phoenix and Ice Phoenix Immortals, not to mention Earth Dragon Immortals, likely out for Isabella and s.h.i.+rley.

With a disdainful scoff, he took his gaze off them, knowing now was not the time to kill them or alert them. The only regret was that he wasn't able to see who had gathered in the North and East Ascendance Monuments but felt that they all should be from the same power anyway.

"The wicked path here is different. They're not seen as completely evil in the sense that they need to be destroyed on sight."


Davis turned to look at Founder Alstreim Windstorm, who suddenly offered some words, causing him to blink.

"Because of the covenant exchanged by the Azure Dragon and Saintess Lunaria?"

"Indeed," Founder Alstreim Windstorm smilingly nodded his head, "The wicked path here is agreeable compared to the ones in the Fifty-Two Territories. Not because they had turned good or anything but because they still followed the same teachings but with different sets of rules. The wicked path no longer targets the innocents, at least, not openly, just like righteous path people who won't target innocents openly, which puts them at the neutral zone."

"However, in the righteous path, your dead life can be bought with wealth in the name of compensation, unlike the wicked path whether if you touch one of their loved ones, they won't rest until one of you dies."

Davis couldn't help but blink again. What now? The wicked path mostly adopted a similar att.i.tude to himself? Why did that sound like making him want to join them?

"Don't get me wrong." Founder Alstreim Windstorm shook his head as he continued after a pause.

"It isn't like that they're inflexible. After all, wealth does wonders… but they mostly won't take bulls.h.i.+t if they think they're being played a fool which the righteous path is rather good at."

Davis raised his brows, "I didn't think Founder would know of this game..."

"Ai, don't say it." The Founder sighed, "I was a fool until I was forced to notice it. Not a single righteous path power tried to help me for real after I ascended. All they wanted to do was take advantage of me, but on the other hand, I had coincidentally met a wicked path immortal while hunting for treasures, and I was really surprised to find that I walked out with an equal amount of treasures in hand."

"Not all wicked path cultivators can be like such a person, though..." Davis smiled, causing the other party to nod.

"Indeed. The same can be said about the righteous path cultivators."

Davis stared at the Founder before he couldn't help but ask, "Is that what Founder wanted to tell me?"

"You seemed like you wanted to hunt them down for some reason." Founder Alstreim Windstorm seemed hesitant before he shook his head, "I mean, you might have offended a few of them already with your actions in the Grand Beginnings Continent. I'm just reminding you that if you get caught, they'll hound you to death with no trials and laws protecting you unless you have a really powerful backer from the wicked path."

"So if I rise in the righteous path, I can at least use the unspoken rules of morality that protect the innocents to my advantage?"


Davis couldn't help but cast a knowing look, causing the Founder to shake his hands heavily.

"Don't look at me like that. I don't want my descendant to die. You're too powerful but also extremely vulnerable as you're still a mortal. I can give you my life, but I don't have the confidence to protect you, so I can only advise you to remain careful of the path you decide to take, no matter what it may be."

"Advice accepted."

Davis nodded before he gestured, "Now, take us to the location Founder told me about."

With how Davis easily nodded, Founder Alstreim Windstorm blinked, wondering if Davis truly understood his words.


Nonetheless, he nodded, going to the front deck as he gave directions to Legion Commander Yotan.

Since they saw where the South Ascendance Monument was, it became easier for Founder Alstreim Windstorm to traverse the region.

They made sure to lay low as they flew through the air. Although this may be a concealed flying boat, it could only hide from the senses of Level One Immortals or so. If they went near those immortals, they would surely be caught, so Davis didn't make the mistake of going near them to better view their dead faces.

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Everywhere they pa.s.sed, what reflected in their eyes was the sight of utter destruction. Particularly, right after they had left the South Ascendance Monument, as they pa.s.sed through the valley, they chanced upon a city that was ten thousand square kilometers, and yet, it was grounded to the surface like it was smashed by a ma.s.sive hammer.

"A Vacuous Beast!"

It was a giant rabbit. With each hop of its ma.s.sive legs, it traveled tens of kilometers in an instant. Its bloodthirsty eyes were targeting a few people in the distance, and when it landed, it raised its rabbit forefeet and crushed them underneath its weight. It then moved on to lick its forefeet, tasting the blood with its long tongue.


Founder Alstreim Windstorm rushed out of the concealed flying boat. Within a few seconds, he appeared behind the Level Five Immortal Vacuous Beast and waved his hand.

The air whizzed as a wind blade sliced through its neck, beheading it first before thousands of smaller wind blades struck its head, causing it to explode into meat paste.

Davis told Yotan to stop the boat. However, he didn't exit but waited for Founder Alstreim Windstorm to return.

When the latter returned, Davis couldn't help but open his mouth.

"What's going on?"

Davis had seen Founder Alstreim Windstorm interact with a survivor who luckily managed to hide before the Vacuous Beast could strike him, so Davis believed that the other party should have the answers he sought.

How come the Vacuous Beasts were still here?

Considering that they had waited almost half a month to ascend, shouldn't all the Vacuous Beasts be hunted down already?

Founder Alstreim Windstorm possessed a complicated expression on his face, "It seems that the Vacuous Beasts go into hiding after they tire themselves out."

"What?" Davis's pupils dilated.

If that was the case, what if some Vacuous Beasts had hidden in the Grand Beginnings Continent just because they had gotten tired!?

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