Divine Emperor of Death


Chapter 1489 - Beauty Snow's Intent

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Chapter 1489 - Beauty Snow's Intent

Davis and the two Ancestors exited the Ancestral Hall, heading towards the northeastern end of the Grand Alstreim City. They didn't move far away but stood at the border, waiting for the special kind of idiots to arrive with disdain in their eyes, especially the couple. They were both enraged while Davis waited with a bit of expectation, wondering if he would have the chance to test his might.

Soon, the figures of two people could be seen zooming in from the horizon. They changed from two dots to two distinctive appearances.

Davis's eyes widened in surprise.

White hair that looked like a sheet of fur covered the person's head and chin. It appeared to be a man dressed in imposing white robes. His eyes were not human-like but resembled a feline's, while two small elegant white wings stretched out of his back, making him look sharp yet swift.

He appeared to be not a human but a fey!

On the other hand, the other Ninth Stage Powerhouse was a handsome man who resembled a human, although he possessed the same white hair as the half-tiger.

Davis looked closely and charted the path they had taken and determined that these two had come from a Mid-Sized Territory, the...

"White-Winged Tiger Empire...!"

Ancestor Dian Alstreim uttered with solemness while Davis became astonished because the White-Winged Tiger Empire was an empire owned by magical beasts! Furthermore, he heard that they were magical beast supremacists and not welcoming human races into their territory, treating them like slaves.

However, that didn't mean that they didn't allow human races to live in their Territory. There were many righteous powers and wicked powers alike, but magical beasts were in the majority in the White-Winged Tiger Empire Territory. They just didn't welcome them to their empire, their home.

But, one should not misunderstand that their tolerance for humans came from concern or fear of the Four Great Righteous Sects because of the fact that they were to the north of Astral Light Sect, one of the Four Great Righteous Sects.

The White-Winged Tiger Empire is also a Peak-Level Emperor Grade Power! They were similar to the Burning Phoenix Ridge in which they were also experiencing a severe drop in their bloodline quality, degrading with time. But contrary to how one might feel, they were strong, extremely strong, as they still had two Peak-Level Ninth Stage Powerhouses, alive and kicking since they were younger than Ancestor Cornelia of the Burning Phoenix Ridge!

One should not forget that they were magical beasts and not humans. Unless humans had two cultivation systems at the same stage and level as them or an overbearing prowess in one cultivation system, they would find it difficult to match.

Therefore, it was known that the White-Winged Tiger Empire was strong enough to defend against or even attack one of the Four Great Righteous Sects! Combined with the three other magical beast hegemons from the northwestern part of the map, the Dark Moon Crow Empire, Three-Eyed White Serpent Palace, and the Trident Ocean Abyss, they were collectively able to defend against the Four Righteous sects and the other human powers if there ever were to be an incursion!

Sometimes, when their Clans produced more offspring, there would inevitably be war as the battle for resources would begin, but fortunately, such a war last happened almost ten thousand years ago. One wouldn't be arriving anytime soon as the war between magical beasts and humans before that last war was forty thousand years ago.

They couldn't be here for Ancestor Tirea Snow, right? Or so Ancestor Dian Alstreim thought while he awaited them to come near.

Soon, they reached a distance of a few kilometers from them and stopped, their voice resounding.

"Beauty Snow, it's been a long time..."

The handsome human spoke while the half-man half-tiger stood beside him, floating in an authoritative manner with his hands folded.

Contrary to what Ancestor Dian Alstreim doubted, Ancestor Tirea Snow had a cold expression on her face as she knew what they were here for, and it was more or less revealed when they opened their mouths.

They were undoubtedly here for her.

"I already rejected your marriage proposal hundreds of years ago. Begone, I have no interest in you as my heart lies with Dian Alstreim."

Ancestor Tirea Snow icily uttered.

She had already worn a white veil. Her white hair graciously danced in the wind, and combined with her authoritative tone that cracked the men's hearts as it sounded melodious instead, she appeared remarkably beautiful.

"Ah, so beautiful..." The handsome man seemed to simply admire her beauty and voice with covetous eyes.

"We can't have that, Beauty Snow..." The fey beside him spoke with a stern voice.

"If you're open to marriage, then you should follow the rules of the cultivation world and let the strongest man have your hand in marriage. My young brother Ignatius Claw is best suited for you rather than that weakling."

"Elder brother Ulysses, your thoughts are a bit extreme but it works for me."

Ignatius Claw chuckled, looking at Ancestor Dian Alstreim with contempt.

Ancestor Tirea Snow's eyes flashed with cold intent. She took a step forward, intending to fight them, when a hand reached out, blocking her from moving forward.

Her eyes glanced towards the side and saw that it was her man.

"Unfortunately for you, Ignatius Claw... Tirea and I both love each other. There's simply no s.p.a.ce for you or anyone to enter. I hereby announce that our marriage will take place a month later!"


Ignatius Claw's brows furrowed.

"Loves you? Love doesn't mean anything before you marry, nor is it solidified until you attain the woman. I will make her mine and mine alone. You don't know... we have the same beautiful white hair that we would make a great couple and bear beautiful and talented children. I would give up anything to have her hand in marriage."

He pa.s.sionately spoke as he had his hand on his c.h.e.s.t before reaching out the same hand and gesturing.

"Do you want my wealth, Dian? I can give you more than half for Beauty Snow!"

His expression became covetous as he spoke with a smirk, "Just consider it a price I pay for this loss. You're the Alstreim Family's Ancestor, right? You have to look out for the entire family, no?"

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Seethed in it were temptation and threat, but Ancestor Dian Alstreim remained unfazed, having an indifferent expression on his face despite the rage he felt in his heart.

Ancestor Dian Alstreim gnashed his teeth without changing his expression. This situation was entirely sudden, so there was no time for people to retreat from this place.

It was a repeat of the Aqua Flood Dragon situation they faced, but different from the last time, there is a powerhouse who will wholeheartedly join him in his responsibility to protect the Alstreim Family.

"Tirea, I'll leave their lives to you."

He took a step forward, possessing a confident expression on his face as flames seared.




Icy wind shot abruptly past him as the sound of a sword being drawn echoed.

Ignatius Claw's smile froze when he saw Ancestor Tirea Snow come for him with an icy killing intent flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes. His eyes widened as he shouted.

"Hey, wait!!!"


As Ancestor Dian Alstreim shouted and Ignatius Claw back-stepped as he spoke, resplendent light flashed from the latter's body, covering the s.p.a.ce around him while Ancestor Tirea Snow flew into it, her body covered with an icy sheen of her essence energy.

Inside the white light, no one knew what was happening for a second when her melodious yet icy voice resounded.

"Seven Glacier Steps Revolution~"


With a swing of her icy sword, the resplendent light in the surrounding s.p.a.ce was cut through seven times simultaneously and dispersed, revealing a figure that flashed behind with an ugly expression on his face as he saw the tear on his s.h.i.+rt oozing out blood in low amounts.

He raised his hand and clenched his teeth, wanting to curse for this sudden attack. However, his eyes abruptly widened.

"Beauty Snow, are you crazy!?"

Ancestor Tirea Snow still followed him as he kept retreating. She relentlessly chased him down, her expression remaining utterly cold which made his scalp turn numb!

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