Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chu Yue

Chapter 1778 - 1778 Utterly Disgusted

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Chapter 1778 - 1778 Utterly Disgusted

1778 Utterly Disgusted

The Beitang couple smiled wryly as they listened to the siblings squabble.

“Just ignore them, Yin’er. They can’t go a day without fighting. Come sit down and have dinner.” Yuan Xin beckoned to him, beaming.

“Of course,” Long Yin replied.

Everyone took their seats.

Yuan Xin served Long Yin food cordially.

“You’re going to be exhausted by the wedding preparations during your time here, so eat more. Otherwise, your mother would be distressed if you return looking thinner.”

Looking at the small mountain of food in his bowl, Long Yin laughed. “This is enough, Aunt Xin. You don’t have to serve me any more food; I can’t eat that much anyway. I’ll let Xinxin and He’an have some.” He then transferred a portion of the food to Hexin and He’an’s bowls.

Before Hexin could decline, he said, “I haven’t started eating, so don’t worry.”

Hexin could only swallow her words of refusal.

He’an glanced at her bowl, then at his own, finding them somewhat different.

Although the food had all been served to Long Yin by their mother, it was clearly different when divided between him and his sister.

For example, the chicken in his sister’s bowl was all fleshy pieces, while his had bits of bone here and there. It was the same for the braised pork—his sister had received more lean meat whereas he had mostly gotten fatty meat.

He rested his chin in his palm, letting his gaze wander back and forth between Long Yin and his sister.

He could not help feeling that Long Yin was playing favorites.

“What’s on your mind, He’an? Hurry up and eat.” Yuan Xin turned her head and caught her son s.p.a.cing out, much to her annoyance and amus.e.m.e.nt. “Don’t daydream during your meals.”

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Sighing, He’an poked at the food in his bowl. “I just feel that Big Bro Long Yin is nicer to Big Sis than to me.”

Thank goodness their guest was Yin’er and not someone else, or it would have been dreadfully embarra.s.sing.

She could not help shooting Hexin a disapproving glance. She wanted to reprimand her but eventually decided against it due to Long Yin’s presence.

“I’m sorry you had to see that, Yin’er. Both of them bicker all the time—I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.” Long Yin slid a glance to Hexin, knowing why she had stuffed fatty meat into He’an’s mouth.

After dinner, Long Yin and Beitang Rui played a few rounds of chess. When the hour had grown late, he rose to bid them farewell.

Before leaving, he said to Beitang Rui and Yuan Xin, “The weather’s been quite pleasant recently. If you don’t mind, Uncle Rui, I’d like to invite Hexin on an outing with me tomorrow. She has mentioned that she wants to visit White Eagle Mountain, and I happen to be interested as well.”

Hexin’s brows furrowed at once. “I…”

Before she could reject, Beitang Rui beamed cheerfully and said, “No problem. Hexin has been longing to visit White Eagle Mountain for some time, but it’s a long journey there, and your Aunt Xin and I are busy. Since you’re planning to go there, you can bring the siblings along tomorrow.”

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