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Chapter 792: 3 Kings Of Light

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Chapter 792: 3 Kings Of Light

Bracelet of Brilliance? Chen Rui wanted to complain about the square shape of this bracelet’, but the origin fragment Crown of Wave and the Nightmare Band which he had seen before did not have a flattering appearance either when changing into their true forms.

“I said, I promise you 3 conditions.” Seeing the light origin fragment disappear into Chen Rui’s hands in an instant, Delkus recovered his composure, “In addition to the light source power and the wind source power, your third condition should be the fire source power. After I got the news from Sethtine, I looked for the Fire Elemental King Ogmarton. The fire source power is not a problem. Can we exchange it now?”

“Unfortunately, Your Highness Delkus.” Chen Rui shook his head, “My third condition is not the fire source power, but I want to know the whereabouts of something.”

This sentence surprised Delkus while the Fire Elemental King Ogmarton screamed, “Despicable guy, you dare to tease us! Immediately hand over the Bracelet of Brilliance now, or your blood and flesh will evaporate under the wrath of the king!”

Chen Rui had heard about the hot temper of the fire elementals long ago. He ignored Ogmarton and just glanced at the Light Elemental King lightly, “Your Highness Delkus, is this your answer too?”

“Don’t get me wrong, Sir Richard.” Delkus frowned and said to the Fire Elemental King, “Ogmarton, there is 1 thing I didn’t tell you. This ‘despicable guy’ that you mentioned once fought against the joined forces of the archbishop, Paladin Captain and the 3 major cardinals alone in the Holy Light Mountain. In the end, under Pope Vantis’s watch, he took the 3 Snow Dallet Holy Trees and escaped easily. I don’t think you have the ability to evaporate his blood and flesh. Before the trade for the origin fragment is completed, I suggest you remain silent.”

Ogmarton let out a dissatisfied snort. Chen Rui shook his head, “Your Highness Delkus has overpraised me. In fact, I just fought with the Paladin Captain only. When the pope arrived, if it weren’t for me to escape quickly, I would have been annihilated.”

“The light elementals won’t please anyone. I just recognize your strength,” Delkus smiled proudly, “If running away with 1 Snow Dallet from the Holy Light Mountain is just a fluke, then who killed the 4-winged angel with 3 eyes? Although this involved the internal secrets of the church, I happened to hear the name of the murderer when I left the Holy Light Mountain. Is this a coincidence?”

The news of the Light Elemental King made the other 2 kings look surprised. To kill the 4-winged angel of the church, he needs to possess the strength of the kingdom level at least. It seems that I did underestimate this person just now.

Chen Rui knew very well that strength was the most fundamental reason that he could negotiate with the 3 Elemental Kings here as equals. He did not act humble at the moment as he smiled and said, “I’m honored to be recognized by Your Highness. I know the 3 Royal Highness Kings are restricted for some reason, and your strength on this plane cannot break through the limits of Demon Overlord. If calculated according to their true strength, the 3 Royal Highnesses are the existences I should look up to.”

“Elemental War, origin fragment, elemental world… these things are definitely not within the scope that ordinary powerhouses can know.” Sethtine’s eyes flashed with suspicion, “Previously, I thought you were a close friend of Delkus or Ogmarton, but it wasn’t until they came here that I knew that this guess was wrong. I am very curious… who told you these secrets?”

“If you think the other party has the intention to cover up a certain matter, then no matter how he explains it, it is also a cover up.” Chen Rui smiled slightly and did not explain, “I don’t need any cover up or explanation. The third condition is the whereabouts of the earth origin fragment.”

Collecting all the original fragments was a ‘coming of the end and the beginning’, and it was also the biggest wish of elementals. Before gathering them all, the biggest role of the original fragment was Elemental War. When the king with the origin fragment fought against the king without the origin fragment, the latter was more likely to die than the former.

Although the 3 Kings of Darkness did not oppose the return of the light origin fragment to the 3 Kings of Light, Chen Rui could not help but consider his best friend, Moore, so his third condition was the whereabouts of the earth origin fragment. If he could obtain the earth origin fragment, then the 3 Kings of Darkness would all have the origin fragment. With that, the winning rate of their next Elemental War would be greatly improved, and the risk of Moore’s death would be much smaller.

As soon as this condition was mentioned, the 3 kings were all shocked. Sethtine’s eyes burst with silver light, “No doubt it is you! Last time in the deciduous basin, you activated [Gravity] with the power of element blessing and later escaped my pursuit! Unexpectedly, you are actually a demon!”

“No! He is not a demon, but a human who owns the [Body of Light Blessing].” Delkus shook his head, “Although now he uses the secret technique to cover his breath, I could clearly sense his light-element physique last time.”

“Who on earth are you? And the Demon Realm… No, what is your relations.h.i.+p with the Earth Elemental King?” The Wind Elemental King’s voice became sharper. The ornaments on his neck glowed with a green light, and there were countless golden lightning in the hall in an instant. They intertwined into a giant net far away, sealing all the escape routes.

“I can call Earth Elemental King Moore a trustworthy friend.” Chen Rui stood up slowly, “I will not deny my friends.h.i.+p with him. Even when facing the 3 Kings of Light at the same time. I came here alone to trade not only for myself but for my relatives and friends and for the future of all elementals. If the battle between us is really inevitable, then I will never back down. I need to remind you that if I want to leave here with the light origin fragment, even if this is the Cloud Palace, even if the 3 of you join forces, it will not stop me. Now, I want to know the choices of the 3 Royal Highnesses.”

The Fire Elemental King glanced at the Light Elemental King, “You just said that the 2 archbishops of Holy Church, plus Paladin Captain and the 3 cardinals can’t stop him?”

“Also a kingdom-level light pope. He uses only the strength he displayed now.” Delkus nodded solemnly, “As for Isyorul… I didn’t see it personally. If he really did it, then, it is us who need to run away now.”

“Very good!” The Fire Elemental King Ogmarton shouted to Chen Rui, “You said you came for trading. Compared with bargaining, I prefer to use my fists to solve problems. As long as you use your strength below the kingdom level to outperform me, then we can continue the trade; if you lose, you have to hand over the light origin fragment.”

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Chen Rui’s gaze turned to the other 2 kings, “This is also the intent of the 2 Royal Highnesses?”

“Okay, Liliz, come in. It’s okay now.”

Liliz, who was outside the yard, just walked in and wiped the sweat from her forehead. “It’s the third time this month.”

“En.” The veiled woman smiled, “The little guy seems a little excited, but this kind of flame power seems to be getting stronger and stronger. These daily tools should be replaced with more fire-resistant magic items.”

“Understood.” Liliz had always been puzzled. With such a powerful and pure flame power, is this child’s father… the Samael Royal Family who has [Fire Mastery]? But I haven’t heard before of the Samael Royal Family’s children having such a big movement and power in mother’s stomach?

As the most trusted confidant, I have never heard that Her Majesty Empress has a man, but now she suddenly has a child…

The veiled woman seemed to see through Liliz’s mind and frowned, “Don’t think about it, just do your own thing.”

Liliz looked a little apprehensive, “Yes.”

“Liliz, forgive me for being harsh.” The woman’s voice softened again, “You have been working hard these days. I’m sorry for delaying your wedding and vacation.”

Liliz showed warmth in her eyes as she bowed, “Your Majesty’s trust is the best reward for me. Liliz will retreat first.”

Watching Liliz’s departure, the veiled woman gently stroked her slightly bulging abdomen with maternal tenderness in her calm and watery eyes.

TL: Hmm, this child maybe Chen Rui’s biggest crisis ever ?. Chen Rui vs Fire Elemental King, he can just absorb the fire with Nirvana right?

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