Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 682 - Holy Apprentice

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Chapter 682: Holy Apprentice

2 hours later, Chen Rui walked out of a certain hotel contentedly and tossed the string of flame soul stone beads.

“Wait a minute…” After walking a short distance, the man behind had already chased after him.

“What, Clark?” Chen Rui looked surprised, “You still want to go on? Are there more exquisite items?”

“You pretended to be weak at playing and tricked me!” The man cursed, “You have won all my possessions!”

“I originally wanted to go after winning 3 times.” Chen Rui looked innocent, “I didn’t force you. You are not willing to give up and insist on continuing. As a result, you lost everything. I’m quite kind to let you keep these clothes. Otherwise, you don’t even have your underwear.”

Indeed, apart from the clothes and the red headband, all on Clark were gone. He scolded, “Who knows that you d.a.m.n fatty are so cruel, beating me 30 rounds in a row!”

“Can’t afford to lose?”

“d.a.m.n fatty, who can’t afford to lose?! Forget it!” Clark glared at Chen Rui and said quietly, “It’s the first time I, Master Clark, lost so badly. You don’t look like that kind of old man, yet you are actually so proficient in the ancient magic cards that have been almost lost. It is much more powerful than that old guy! I still have little use for the flame soul stone, so I can’t give it to you; the rest belongs to you; consider me unlucky.”

“What I want is the flame soul stone.” Chen Rui shook his head. He took the rest of the and threw them to Clark, “Give you back these.”

Chen Rui had a good feeling for this guy. At least his gambling ethic was decent. He didn’t try to rob with brute force.

Clark caught those things in surprise. These ‘bits and pieces’ contained a gale necklace and thunder ring which were quasi-legendary grade magic items. The value was not below the flame soul stone beads. This cunning d.a.m.n fatty doesn’t seem to have much power, but he is an ace in ancient magic cards. I wonder if he hides his strength. At the very least, he has the vision to identify treasures. Since the fatty can discern the flame soul stone, it is impossible not to discern the value of the rest, but he still returns them so casually.

Clark grinned, “Fatty, you are quite interesting, but I intend to give this flame soul stone to a chick. Tell me honestly, what is it for? If it is not urgent, just return it to me first.”

“A good friend of mine is in urgent need of fire crystals for training.” Chen Rui certainly couldn’t tell the truth, “I went all over the city and couldn’t find fire crystals. I heard that it was bought out by Sir Pastor Clyde earlier.”

“So you targeted my flame soul stone?” Clark suddenly realized, “It’s all that d.a.m.n Clyde’s fault. In order to curry favor with the chief bishop, he bought all fire crystals in the city!”

Chen Rui asked tentatively, “Curry favor? What’s the matter?”

“Don’t you know? The capital’s Chief Bishop Phil arrived in the Clear Mirror City yesterday for inspection. Phil is a dual-element swordsman of light element and fire element, and he has stepped into the edge of Saint. He is majoring in fire element… Hmph, Clyde is just trying to please him, but Phil has always been frugal, honest, and staying away from females. Clyde’s flattery will be counterproductive.”

Chen Rui understood why Clyde did this. After the selection of the Divinity Temple Knight, there would be major changes in the personnel of various churches, so Clyde seized the opportunity to please his superiors, as did Mana and Solanton.

Chen Rui showed a puzzled expression, “This is not public news. How can a guy who cheats money by fortune telling know so clearly?”

“Who said I’m a cheater?” Clark slapped his chest, “I’m an important member of the church!”

“You?” Chen Rui looked at Clark a few times. He also checked the portraits posted on the roadside looking for missing persons, wanted criminals, and the likes.

“d.a.m.n fatty. What kind of gaze is this?” Clark followed Chen Rui’s gaze and jumped up.

“Just now we seem to have met people from the church. Why didn’t those people salute you, an important member?”

“I’m Light Knight who belongs to the Holy Light Mountain… Uh, the candidate for Reserve Light Knight.” Clark was a little lacking in confidence, “It hasn’t been long since I first came to the Clear Mirror City. Those little characters naturally don’t know me.”

Chen Rui was no stranger to the t.i.tle of ‘Reserve Light Knight Candidate’. With Clark’s true strength, it was absolutely no problem to become a Paladin in the Holy Light Mountain. If it was the Light Knight, Chen Rui really didn’t believe it. This guy was more like a recluse trainer wandering around.

“Okay, Sir Light Knight Reserve Light Knight Candidate, I’m leaving. Lend me the flame soul stone for 2 days first, then I will return it to you. If you are still setting up a stall in the plaza instead of being the master in the Hall of Light maybe we can even have a couple of drinks.” Chen Rui ignored Clark and turned away.

“Fatty! If you dare to lie to me, even if you escape to the sky, I will let you spit out the flame soul stone! And wine money!” Clark did not chase this time as he watched the bloated figure disappear into sight. He suddenly hit his forehead, “I forgot to ask what the fatty’s name was!”

Clark’s personality was somewhat similar to that of a widow-controlled guy. He was not bad and worthy of being a friend. However, Chen Rui didn’t want to touch the flame soul stone anymore. The so-called ‘borrowing’ was just a cover for action. His real target was Phil and Clyde in the Hall of Light.

If Clyde wanted to curry favor with Phil, he would definitely do his best and spare no effort to bribe. If this succeeded, then there was no need to buy fire crystals after arriving the Starlight Empire.

At night, the Hall of Light seemed very quiet and still tightly guarded. There were many Light Knights patrolling back and forth. For Chen Rui, who had already explored during the day and had been in the Hall of Light before, it was a breeze to sneak in.

Due to the Black Death Follower incident, the churches in various places were now on alert and combat-ready. Besides the strengthening of defenses on normal days, the prayer halls were closed at night and various protective magic circles were activated.

It was not time for Shura’s rebirth yet. Furthermore, the ‘high purity’ faith that Chen Rui obtained from the Holy Light Mountain was enough to convert the faith crystals, so he didn’t need to steal faith power at present. The surprising thing was that in the guest room where the VIPs lived, the capital’s Chief Bishop Phil was not found, and Pastor Clyde was not in his room.

It was said that Phil was frugal and honest, and he refused all banquet and entertainment. Chen Rui had been lurking in the dark to observe and stalk in the afternoon until nightfall. He didn’t notice Clyde or Phil going out, but now both of them ‘disappeared’ in the Hall of Light?

At the pastor’s underground meditation house.

This bas.e.m.e.nt was very s.p.a.cious and brightly lit, illuminating the figures of 2 men.

The man at the front was of middle age. He had a burly figure, thick eyebrows, and a stern appearance. He seemed formidable without being furious. It was Chief Bishop Phil of the Loya Empire’s capital. Behind him was Pastor Clyde, the leader of the Clear Mirror City’s church. He was thin and ordinary-looking with small eyes. He squinted with a smile and looked harmless.

The chief bishop of the capital was the church leader of the entire empire who was directly appointed and dismissed by the Holy Light Mountain. He was definitely Clyde’s boss. Although he was 1 of the confidants, he still dared not neglect the slightest. He said respectfully, “Sir Phil, there are a batch of fire crystals in this which I seized from the suspect of the Black Death Follower. They are contaminated with some dark powers. As my power is not enough to be purified, I specially presented it to sir. After returning to the capital, sir can use the light power to destroy these dark crystals.”

Phil took the s.p.a.ce ring handed over by Clyde and scanned with his spirit power. His eyes lit up, and he nodded approvingly.

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Clyde was overjoyed in his heart and said, “By the way, I also captured 2 Black Death Followers this time. Sir, please interrogate them in detail.”

He kept the ring in the storage s.p.a.ce, looked at the ugly naked corpse on the ground, and suddenly thought of the child-prost.i.tution case of a certain church priest he had heard in his previous life. He became more angry and stepped on the head of this polite-looking chief bishop. It burst with a ‘bang’.

Soon, Chen Rui and the 2 rescued boys took advantage of the darkness and quietly escaped the meditation room.

After avoiding the Light Knights’ patrols along the way, they proceeded carefully, but when they were about to approach the plaza, Chen Rui’s movements suddenly stopped. He put down the 2 boys, whispered a few words, and slowly walked forward alone.

“Come out.” Chen Rui said lightly.

The plaza, which was originally only shone by moonlight, was instantly brightly lit. A large number of Light Knights quickly appeared in front of Chen Rui, but he turned a blind eye to those people and just focused his attention on 3 people.

The first one was actually an acquaintance with a red headscarf and a sloppy look. He had many bits and pieces hanging on his body- The magic card fortune telling man whom I met during the day: Clark!

The other woman was wearing dark silver full-body armor. She was slender with purple hair and black eyes. She was beautiful, and she held a spear in her hand.

The third was a tall and st.u.r.dy man with darker skin, huge muscles, and extremely sharp gaze. Below his right elbow was a huge bronze metal arm as if his arm had been enlarged several times.

The strength of these 3 people was all Demon Overlord level. Clark and the woman were S, and the st.u.r.dy man was S+.

Chen Rui could see that these 3 were all experienced and battle-tested warriors, unlike the cardinal and others who were pampered by the Holy Light Mountain. Their real combat power was probably not under Glorious Swordmaster Parsali.

Clark took a few steps forward, looked at Chen Rui, and asked hesitantly, “Are you… the fatty?”

At this time Chen Rui had changed into a different look, but Clark unexpectedly still recognized him. He could deny or refuse to answer, but he thought for a while and nodded.

“It’s really you…” Clark’s expression was a little strange. He seemed a little bit regretful and a little determined.

Chen Rui frowned, “This morning… is it a trap?”

At that time, Chen Rui approached Clark by himself. After a magic card game, he intended to befriend him. I didn’t expect that it was actually a well-designed trap.

Clark shook his head, “No, I didn’t receive the emergency summoning order at the time. I just guessed that you would go to the church to get the fire crystals, and I intend to stop you. I received the summoning order and saw the enemy’s image in the afternoon. Only then did I know that the fatty I encountered this morning is actually the Black Death Follower that sneaked into the Holy Light Mountain and almost destroyed the holy trees!”

“I’m not the Black Death Follower,” Chen Rui smiled lightly, “I just learned that you are really from the Holy Light Mountain, Sir Light Knight Reserve Light Knight candidate?”

“Actually, I’m the Holy Light Mountain’s…” Clark’s eyes gradually became sharp like a sharp blade out of its sheath, “Holy Apprentice.”

TL: Will Chen Rui let this ‘friend’ go or he will show no mercy?

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