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Chapter 681 - A Man

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Chapter 681: A Man

The Holy Light Mountain, the Glory Forest in the Holy Blessing Hall.

The Glory Forest was on the mountain behind the Holy Blessing Hall’s palace. The trees in this forest were all white. Among them stood an angel statue. This statue was about 4 meters high and had beautiful features with 2 pairs of wings behind it. It was holding a book, exuding a touch of sacred breath.

Holy Lady Eudora was half-kneeling in front of the statue, praying in a low voice. Suddenly, there was a breeze blowing across the white forest, and there was already a man in front of the statue. This man was of medium build with brown hair and blue eyes. He had a book under his arm and looked very similar to the statues. He seemed gentleman and handsome, but there was a hint of intangible deterrence in the calm eyes.

“Eudora, I woke up in advance after hearing your anxious prayer in my sleep. Is something wrong?”

“Sir Isyorul,” Eudora lowered his head, “I’m sorry to wake you up early, but this matter is too serious, so I have to disturb Sir.”

“Oh?” The man frowned, “What is it?”

Eudora told the story about ‘Richard’ disguising as the Divinity Temple Knight servant and sneaking into the Holy Light Mountain as well as the destruction of the holy trees. She only concealed the phoenix egg matter.

“What?” The man was still calm, but when he heard the Snow Dallet Tree disappear, he finally said angrily, “You tras.h.!.+ You all actually let the enemy break into the Holy Light Mountain and destroy the holy trees! Do you know how serious the consequences are?”

Eudora’s body trembled slightly as she felt the powerful pressure. She didn’t dare to channel the power to resist, and her head dropped lower, “Sir, please calm down. It is our incompetence. This incident is probably related to the Black Death Follower. Before the incident, there had been 3 incidents of the Black Death Follower’s blaspheming faith in the Yang Shao Empire. The Holy Light Mountain sent Tribunals and a large number of troops out to clean up, but unexpectedly, the enemy was so rampant and cunning that he dared to sneak in the Holy Light Mountain at this time… Judging from Pusmeer’s a.n.a.lysis, the Snow Dallet Trees are not necessarily destroyed, they might be taken away by the enemy with witchcraft. The enemy left this blood bead. Sir, please activate your divine eyes to search for the trail of that enemy.”

“The Black Death Follower?” A cold light flashed past Yveslure’s eyes. As soon as he stretched out his hand, the dark red blood bead offered by Eudora floated up. A third eye gradually opened up on his forehead. The golden pupil shot out a gleaming light, s.h.i.+ning on the blood bead which caused a large light red projection to gradually appear behind the bead. It was actually a 3D image.

The center of the image was a fat figure. The ‘camera’ seemed to be tracking and recording, it was always locked on the fatty. One could see many buildings along the way, especially some landmark buildings. If people who were familiar with the geographical environment of the human world saw it, the location of the ‘fatty’ was already evident.

The ‘fatty’ in the projection didn’t know that the crisis was slowly approaching. He was walking casually among the crowd at this time.

The territory of the human world was very vast, yet the population density was far higher than the Demon Realm. In addition to the 2 Holy Empires, there were also many empires competing for benefits with each other, and sometimes wars occurred. However, several empires always remained neutral. There was a public teleportation point in the empire which could greatly shorten the time of long-distance travel.

In fact, behind these neutral empires were the 2 Holy Empires. The true intention of the teleportation point was more of a strategic role. Of course, at present, the 2 empires still maintained a peaceful and friendly relations.h.i.+p on the surface. They still had cooperation in many aspects as well as marriages. The most famous 1 was the marriage between Princess Landbis, who was known as the Pearl of the Blue Glory Empire, and Third Prince Arthur of the Dragon Bright Empire, because when the engagement was about to happen, Prince Arthur suddenly disappeared.

Since the Dragon Bright Empire’s Lex the Great insisted that Arthur did not die in the bloodline’s sensing, if Princess Landbis married another person, it would be equivalent to slapping Lex the Great and the entire Dragon Bright Empire in the face, so Landbis could only carry the t.i.tle of ‘Arthur’s fiancee’ and hang there.

Chen Rui was now going to the Loya Empire, 1 of the neutral empires. He could reach the Starlight Empire from the teleportation porta] of Loya Empire, then he could reach the outer edge of the Jade Forest Sea directly from the waterway of Starlight Empire.

The Starlight Empire was a true neutral king empire, and the Starlight Empire’s Starlight College was the most famous college in the human world. It had a long history and had cultivated countless elite talents. Many geniuses had also left a strong mark in human history. Many n.o.bles of emperors or kings had sent their children to the Starlight Empire Academy to study including… Third Prince Arthur of the Dragon Bright Empire. Chen Rui learned this from the fusion memory fragments.

Chen Rui started from the Garden City and pa.s.sed several small empires all the way, and he finally reached the Clear Mirror City where Loya Empire’s teleportation point was located. When in the Loya Empire, he disguised as a chubby businessman. His small eyes shone shrewdly and cunningly.

The change of this appearance was to cover up for the sake of caution. Of course, Chen Rui didn’t know that the Holy Light Mountain had a copycat Erlang Shen, let alone that his travels had been exposed because of the blood stains left by his injury.

Secondly, in order to purchase fire element minerals resources more conveniently, the phoenix egg had an increasing demand for fire element power. The previous batch of fire element minerals in Garden City last time was all consumed, and he bought it twice along the way. He frequently ran out of food now – Before the egg hatched, Chen Rui already had a deep understanding of the phrase ‘waiting to be fed’.

The Clear Mirror City was the second largest city in the Loya Empire. Due to the teleportation point, the prosperity was not inferior to the capital. However, Chen Rui was surprised that he only managed to buy 20 middle and lower quality fire element crystals after going to several magic shops or material shops. There was not enough for the little phoenix to eat after refining. Once the ‘food’ was insufficient, the little phoenix’s vitality would drop sharply. Chen Rui didn’t want to starve it to death.

The clerk at the last magic shop showed an apologetic expression, “I’m sorry, guest, there are only so few fire element crystals in our shop.”

Chen Rui looked curious, “Why are the fire element crystals so hot-selling? I see you have a lot of other magic crystals in stock?”

“This is the case. A while ago, Sir Pastor Clyde of the Hall of Light bought all the high-quality fire element crystals in the city. We urgently adjusted a few batches and sold them to Sir Clyde. In addition to the daily needs, now the fire element crystals in the Clear Mirror City are basically out of stock.”

“Why did Sir Clyde acquire the fire element crystal?”

“I don’t know, if you are not in a hurry, you can order in our store in advance. The fastest time for the next batch to arrive is 1 month later which is already the fastest in the city.”

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Chen Rui shook his head. He was in a hurry. The teleportation portal of the Clear Mirror City was open once a month due to energy replenishment and repair. Now there were 2 days before the teleportation portal was opened. If he missed this time, he would have to wait another month.

When Chen Rui fought with Lich King Glorios in the Land of Hatred of the Dead Sea, they were using this ancient magic card. He didn’t expect it to exist in the human world.

Seeing Chen Rui’s interest, the man said, “Guest seems to have a discerning vision, so you should know the magical effect of this ancient fortune telling card…”

“As far as I know, Fate Showdown is not a fortune telling card.” Chen Rui shook his head, “And I’m not interested in fortune telling. What I’m interested in is your bead chain. Tell me the price.”

Chen Rui was referring to a red bead chain worn by the man which looked old and weird. It was actually made of rare flame soul stone which had powerful fire element power. It was said that only a small amount of it was formed from the volcanoes with extremely rich fire elements. This string of beads was very pure and hardly needed refining. Although the quant.i.ty was small, the quality was high enough for the little phoenix to ‘eat’ for several days.

The man’s eyes shone as he looked at Chen Rui seriously, but he didn’t see through his [Camouflage]’s strength. He grinned, “Fatty, I didn’t expect you really have a good eyesight. You can recognize the origin of this magic card at a glance. Except for that old guy, you are the second one… My beads are not for sale. No matter how much you pay, it’s useless, but since you recognize the ‘Fate Showdown’, you must be an expert… If you can beat me 3 times, I will give you this flame soul stone bead chain, how about that? If you lose, give me all your money.”

Chen Rui was moved. He showed hesitation, “I only watched 2 seniors play this kind of card before. It seems that there is a special table and there are 3 ways to play. It shouldn’t be difficult, but my spirit power is too weak to control these magic cards.”

“Spirit power is not a problem!” The man suddenly became energetic and jumped up, “My territory can… Uh, I have a way. As long as you know how to play, I can ensure that you won’t consume any spirit power!”

“I am not really good at playing…” Chen Rui said reservedly.

“Not really good? That means you know a little? Great! Let’s do 1,000 rounds. You just need to beat me 3 times.” The man showed great enthusiasm.

“1,000 rounds?” Chen Rui was taken aback. This buddy is so ridiculous, “I don’t have so much time as I will leave the day after tomorrow.”

“Then 500 rounds! 300? 100?”

“Is it… as long as I win 3 times?” Chen Rui looked at the chain of beads as his small eyes shone brightly.

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