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Chapter 642 - Evidence

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Chapter 642: Evidence

At the gate of the city, a black-bearded hobbit wearing black armor with a brandy nose greeted the s.h.i.+eld warriors. Under the light of the torch, one could see that the ends of the beard were actually woven into fine braids.

In the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes], the hobbit’s comprehensive strength had reached A-level which was comparable to Samuel. The power attribute had reached A-level.

“Are these humans?” The black-bearded hobbit asked loudly, “Borrot! You caught those despicable bandits so quickly? Great!”

“I’m not sure either.” Borrot shook his head and glanced at him strangely, “Because one of the humans said she is your friend.”

“My friend?”

The black-bearded hobbit was taken aback when he heard Ina’s voice, “Uncle Tecklin, do you remember me? I’m Enrel. Span’s daughter, Ina.”

“Enrel. Span?” Tecklin thought for a while. He stepped forward, looked up at Ina for a while, and revealed a puzzled expression, “That guy’s daughter? Why both of you don’t look alike?”

Ina directly ignored the last sentence, “Father once told me one incident. He and you once drank wine at Yang Shao Capital late at night. You were drunk and sang loudly which alarmed the guards on the curfew patrol. Your beard was burned by 1 section when you ran away…”

The hobbits around heard the embarra.s.sing incident and laughed in low voices. Borrot laughed out loud, “Tecklin, it turns out that your beard was burned because of this back then. You told me that you were splashed by the fire sparks when casting the iron!”

“Who said so? It was really an accident when casting iron… Don’t talk about this anymore. Back to the main topic!” Tecklin’s brandy nose turned red as he showed an embarra.s.sing expression. However, his gaze at Ina was much more relaxed. “It’s really you, Little Ina. You have grown up; even taller than me…”

Ina again ignored the last sentence and explained, “Uncle Tecklin, I’m the commander of the Iron s.h.i.+eld Mercenary Squad. These are my partners. We are escorting a pastor to Garden City this time. Due to time constraints, we chose the Black Rock Mountain as a shortcut. We just came here not long ago and we don’t know anything about the bandits.

“Tecklin,” Borrot stopped laughing, “If you can guarantee that they have nothing to do with the theft, then I will let them go.”

“The nature of this theft is very serious. Furthermore, I haven’t been in contact with Little Ina previously.” Tecklin showed a thoughtful expression. He shook his head, “So, unfortunately, I can’t guarantee anything as one of the guards. Especially when Little Ina’s father, Enrel, is also a… bandit.”

It was the d.a.m.n last sentence which made the originally relaxed atmosphere instantly become tense again.

“If this is the case, detain them first and let Royal Highness Ovge handle it.” Borrot waved his hand and asked the large s.h.i.+eld warriors to take everyone away.

Ina did not expect to be doubted even more because of the relations.h.i.+p with this acquaintance. She quickly spoke up, “Wait a minute, Uncle Tecklin. I want to figure out what this theft is all about. Perhaps, I can try to prove my innocence.”

Tecklin motioned to Borrot to wait, then he briefly explained the matter.

Yesterday was the wheat wine festival of the hobbits. It was originally a festive day to drink wheat wine, but in the afternoon, several places in the Thick Soil Castle caught fire at the same time. After the hobbits put out the fire, they realized that this was a diversion. The real target of the other party was the warehouse in the castle. They stole a batch of equipment and an important blueprint.

That batch of equipment was weapons and armors that were exchanged with humans for supplies. The equipment had reached high-quality excellent grade which was of great value, but the most important thing was that blueprint which was far more valuable than the equipment.

The hobbits whose festivals were ruined were so angry that they immediately dispatched regular warriors to hunt for the nasty intruder bandits.

Normally, with the relations.h.i.+p between Ina and Tecklin, it should not be difficult to pa.s.s the Black Rock Mountain, but they coincided with the theft incident at this sensitive moment. A word appeared in Chen Rui’s mind: Self-defeating.

“Okay, no need to talk to them!” Borrot said impatiently, “Humans are unreliable guys. These humans are very suspicious since they appear in the Black Rock Mountain area! I will detain and starve them all in jail for a few days, then they will naturally tell the truth!”

This sentence made Samuel frown. A faint murderous aura spread to the surroundings. The hobbits suddenly sensed it. They tightened the grip of their weapons, revealing a vigilant expression. Tecklin stepped forward, blocking in front of Borrot as his short body burst with a strong aura. He was at a standstill with Samuel for a while.

“Samuel!” Ina exclaimed, “Don’t be impulsive!”

“I don’t have time to delay in this kind of place.” When Samuel fixed his eyes on Borrot, his fighting spirit burned, “If I’m locked up unjustifiably, I’d rather fight.”

A black giant axe appeared in Tecklin’s hand, “Despicable human! The Thick Soil Castle is not a place where you can go rampant!”

As a result, the tension between both parties became extremely tense. Just as it was about to be triggered, Chen Rui said, “Uh, sir deputy commander, don’t forget that your mission is to escort us. Since everyone is innocent, then… I think it’s better to meet the ruler of the hobbit to explain it clearly.”

As soon as His Highness spoke, Samuel’s aggressive vibe suddenly faded. His eyes were fixed on Tecklin’s face, “Take us to see your king immediately! Otherwise, even if you can detain or kill me, the hobbit will have to pay a heavy price!”

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Samuel’s strength was similar to that of Tecklin. Once the fight started, it would definitely affect the rest of the tribe, but the stubborn temperament of the hobbit would surely not compromise on this. He showed a fighting posture, “Come on, just a cowardly bravado. I will chop off your head with an axe now!”

Ovge glanced at Samuel, and he added, “If there is any resistance, kill them!”

Although Samuel did not understand what Ovge was saying, he could see the strong hostility of the king of the mountain hobbits from his fierce gazes. Not only that, his eyes also had a terrifying force that made Samuel’s heart tremble as if he was facing an invincible existence.

Race: Hobbit.

Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: S

Physique: S, Power: S, Spirit: A-, Speed: S-.

[a.n.a.lysis]: Earth attribute, has anti-poison and anti-magic; power type warriors.

Chen Rui was secretly surprised that the king of the mountain hobbit was actually at the Demon Overlord. No wonder he is called the strongest guardian. The Black Rock Mountain can also stand tall in the coveting eyes of humans. It’s just that my time is also very precious like Samuel’s. I definitely can’t stay here.

“Royal Highness Ovge, please wait a moment.” Chen Rui took 2 steps forward. He used the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes]- The mountain hobbit language.

This kind of communication without the use of words was intentional. Ovge was slightly surprised. He glanced at him and asked, “The soul language? Are you an elf tribe? No, your appearance… Are you half-elf?”

“Half-elf?” Tecklin looked at Chen Rui in surprise, “I have never seen a half-elf that looks so ugly.”

The elf tribe were all handsome men and beauties. Even a half-elf was far more outstanding than ordinary human appearances which did not match Chen Rui’s common face.

Like Ina, Chen Rui also ignored Tecklin’s last sentence. He secretly wondered: Do the elf race in the human world have a skill similar to the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes]? What is the soul language?

“I’m human, but I have sufficient evidence to prove that we have nothing to do with those bandits.”

TL: Did Chen Rui find out the bandits already?

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