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Chapter 640 - Pointers

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Chapter 640: Pointers

Horadric s.p.a.ce battlefield.

The dazzling light continued to flicker as the waves of powerful air currents rippled out. If they were outside, the entire mountain area would have collapsed long ago. However, the Horadric Cube could easily withstand any attacks at the Demon Emperor level, so even though Samuel’s burst of power was amazing, the s.p.a.ce remained intact.

“Boom!” Under a huge thrust, Samuel was pushed back for several tens of meters. Eventually, he lost his balance and fell on the ground.

——As ordered by ‘Royal Highness Arthur’, the Silver Knight had unleashed unreservedly, but he was knocked down again and again by ‘His Highness’ with only 1 finger.

Samuel couldn’t believe his eyes. When he saw His Highness Arthur’ for the first time in the Red Spirit Estate, both their strength was at the same level of the peak stage Warrior. Later, ‘His Highness Arthur’ took the lead in entering the Saint level (early stage of the Demon Emperor). Meanwhile, Samuel also broke through the bottleneck and reached Saint with the help of Josh.

After leaving the Demon Realm and returning to the human world, Samuel did not relax for a moment. He had been through a.s.siduous training, and he had also overcome his weakness of low endurance. He had gradually stabilized the power of the Pseudo-Saint. The next step was to hit the intermediate stage and later stage, and then reach the real Saint.

However, when they met again this time, the strength displayed by ‘His Highness’ was beyond imagination! With just one finger, he defeated me as a powerful Saint!

Even Teacher Johnson couldn’t do this! Is this still the weak Royal Highness third prince?

What level has the strength of His Highness’ reached?

“Too many unnecessary movements! The subsequent attack is too slow!” Chen Rui’s voice made the Silver Knight wake up in shock, “Stand up! Come again!”

Samuel rolled over and leaped up. With a wave of the long sword in his hand, countless luminous spots appeared in the air, followed by a sharp qi spreading from the Silver Knight.

In an instant, the star-like luminous spots were connected to form a crisscrossed sharp qi, showing the golden arcs drawn by the blades. It was gorgeous and dazzling- Facing the strong pressure of Chen Rui, Samuel did not hesitate to activate his strongest territory power.

[Thousand Crack Aurora]! Samuel’s body had disappeared in countless sharp arcs in the midst of the shouting. The murderous aura and sharp qi rushed toward Chen Rui from all directions. This move was somewhat similar to the Super System’s [True Destructive Aura Blow] which was impossible to avoid.

However, Chen Rui didn’t need to evade at all. When he stretched out 2 fingers and waved slightly, the sharp arc light all over the sky suddenly stopped. The long sword appeared between Chen Rui’s 2 fingers. This long sword with powerful territory power made a buzzing sound, but it was clamped by 2 fingers and could not move.

“Clang!” As the finger shook, the long sword was broken in half.

All the static arcs instantly collapsed without a trace. Samuel flew backward and fell hard to the ground from the recoil of his territory. He panted violently. The bones all over his body seemed to fall apart; he couldn’t get up for a while.

“The territory at the Pseudo-Saint stage is not a real territory, it can be called a ‘pseudo-territory’. It imitates a territory from the power of the original body.” Chen Rui’s figure appeared in front of Samuel, “But even if it’s a pseudo-territory, your understanding is only superficial. To say it frankly, it is fancy but impracticable. The ultimate goal of the battle is to knock down the opponent. Other than that, everything else isn’t needed. Not just the territory, your usual moves, attacks, and following moves all have this defect. If you can understand and improve this in essence, your combat power will increase tremendously.”

Although Samuel was exhausted, his eyes were s.h.i.+ning. After all, penance training was ‘working blindly behind closed doors.’ He really needed someone with a discerning eye to give him pointers. Chen Rui’s strength had already convinced him. The pointers really made him have a kind of enlightened feeling.

“Your Highness, let me ask boldly, what is the real territory?” When Samuel asked this sentence, it was equivalent to placing Chen Rui’s level at the height that needed to be looked up at.

In fact, this ‘height’ was higher than he imagined…

“A close dragon friend of mine at the peak stage of the Demon Overlord once said, “The real territory is not entirely individual power. Instead, it is using oneself as a medium to trigger and mobilize the greatest natural power between heaven and earth.” If you don’t understand this, even if your power reaches the Saint as you mentioned, you are still not a true Saint powerhouse.”

A dragon at the peak stage of the Demon Overlord? Samuel’s eyes were brighter. The dragon had at least tens of thousands of years of combat experience. For a trainer at the Pseudo-Saint level, this understanding could be described as ‘extremely precious’.

Speaking of this, Chen Rui paused as he revealed a pondering expression, “And my understanding now seems to be somewhat different. It is not using my own power as a medium, but using myself as a small world, integrating the real power of heaven, earth, and nature. The cycle continues forever just like…”

Chen Rui’s body glowed with a faintly cold breath. This cold breath had no special pressure as if a natural cool breeze blew. However, the next second after this ‘cool breeze’ pa.s.sed, Samuel felt his blood, breathing, power, his whole body, and the whole environment solidified into a static state. Even the ‘sun’ in the sky was the same.

To be precise, the whole world was frozen by that ‘faint’ chill in an instant as if ‘frozen’ was the only theme of this s.p.a.ce battlefield.

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Samuel, who was frozen on the ground, had a feeling that in this ice world, the other party could completely eliminate his life with just a single thought – He, the so-called ‘powerhouse’ stepping into Saint, had no room for resistance at all when facing this seemingly plain power.

“Don’t underestimate the ability of the Silver Knight.” Samuel bowed slightly, and he added, “Especially the ability to be beaten.”

After that, both of them smiled at each other.

In fact, Chen Rui was also using Samuel to try his power this time. What was more amusing was that the poor Silver Knight was grateful after being beaten up.

1 night pa.s.sed. The next day, the careful Female Commander Ina found that Samuel seemed particularly tired. She asked out of concern, “Are you okay? Did you consume too much power to rush all the way to rescue us yesterday? I’ll watch the night tonight. take a good rest.”

“It’s okay, I just need to watch the second half of the night by myself.” Samuel shook his head. The opportunity to get the guidance of a peak stage Saint powerhouse is too rare. Not to mention that Paul would marry Joanna in 2 months at the latest. There is not much time left, so I must seize the time to improve and comprehend in order to defeat Paul openly and reclaim Joanna!

“Alright.” Seeing Samuel’s persistence, Ina nodded and said loudly, “Attention, everyone, we are taking the nearest shortcut. According to this itinerary, we will enter Black Rock Mountain area at about dusk which is the site of the mountain hobbit. Be mindful to be patient and cautious, and we must not have any conflict with the hobbit. If anything happens, I will negotiate.”

Everyone nodded. Chen Rui heard Samuel talk about the hobbit tribe last night. The human world not only had humans. There were also other races such as the hobbits, elves, and orcs.

The hobbit was a relatively special tribe. They were short in stature, but surprisingly powerful. They were proficient in hammers and axe weapons. Its physique had considerable resistance to poison and magic. Its life span was about 500 years which is much longer than an average human. Speaking of the hobbit, they were most known for their forging skills.

Even in the human world where the human population had an absolute advantage, the equipment made by the hobbits still occupied a considerable share in the high-end market. their superb forging skills and unique rune craftsmans.h.i.+p made many human mechanic masters admit defeat.

The hobbits were divided into mountain hobbits, cave hobbits, and forest hobbits according to their living areas. Each had their own characteristics. The mountain hobbit was best at forging techniques, the cave hobbit was proficient in minerals mining and refining, and the forest hobbit was closely related to the elf. They had unique rune craftsmans.h.i.+p.

The mountain hobbits lived in the Black Rock Mountain where Chen Rui and others went.

TL: He is the first one who rejects the gift from Chen Rui xD

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