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Chapter 639 - Meet Again

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Chapter 639: Meet Again

A huge light mark appeared in front of the 2 men like overlapping magic circles. Countless luminous spots floated out of the magic circles. Those luminous spots quickly connected to each other in a mysterious way, generating a powerful destruction power around the light mark. It instantly spread around.

The intense light shone through the mist that shrouded the woods like a ruin. The 2 men were annihilated and turned into flying ash in the dazzling light without even screaming.

Those dark magic circles that had lost control gradually became ineffective. At the same time, the strange power that restrained everyone also dissipated.

When that voice sounded in the woods, all members of the Iron s.h.i.+eld Mercenary Squad unanimously showed an expression of excitement.

In the woods, Chen Rui showed a determined smile. Even without the sensing of spiritual link, he could already determine the ident.i.ty of the person with just this [Dawn Extinction].

I have seen this trick somewhere. To be precise, I have personally experienced it.

That place… is Town Moling of Red Spirit Estate!

The man who annihilated the 2 dark magicians was lean. He was wearing white armor with brown hair and blue eyes, holding a long sword in his hands. The man was about to walk forward, but his pupils contracted suddenly because there was already a person in front of him silently with his back facing him.

When did this person show up? I actually didn’t have any signs in advance! Although the breath radiated by his back is only the lowest Warrior, his strength is unfathomable in my pair of [Truth Eyes]. A strong feeling of anxiety surged in his heart at the same time- This person’s strength, I’m afraid…

The man held the long sword in his hand tightly as the power of his whole body began to activate. At this moment, the man had already turned his head, just in time to meet the man’s vigilant gaze.

The man shook violently. His hostility was gone, and it was replaced by an unbelievable glimmer as if he had seen some incredible person.

“Long time no see, Samuel.” Chen Rui said with a smile on his face as he nodded, “It seems that the training in Red Spirit Estate is quite successful. Your strength has really reached the Demon Emperor level… Uh, it should be called Saint. The weakness of insufficient stamina seems to have also been strengthened. Very good.”

This man was the first human that Chen Rui encountered in the Demon Realm, the Dragon Bright Empire’s Silver Knight, Samuel. Kemplot, who had sworn allegiance to him.

Samuel went to the Demon Realm because he was trying to become stronger to regain his fiancée. He met Chen Rui by chance. Thereafter, Chen Rui also learned about his [Body of Light Blessing] and prince ident.i.ty. In the subsequent fundraising scandal planning, Samuel played a key role in the initial stage. Chen Rui used the human ident.i.ty of Charles, who was Samuel’s ‘brother’, to deceive Obsidian, Josh and others.

In the end, Samuel successfully advanced from the Great Demon King to the Demon Emperor under the temper of the Red Spirit’s Lord Josh. Then, he activated the s.p.a.ce seed and left the Demon Realm. After Chen Rui arrived in the human world, he also thought about trying to contact Samuel during this period, but he didn’t expect to meet him so soon.

When Chen Rui and Samuel first met, he used this earth otaku face, but there were also similar-looking people. Samuel didn’t even dare to believe it at first. However, as soon as these words came out, there was no doubt at all. He knelt down on one knee excitedly, “Dear Light G.o.d! It’s really Your Highness Arthur. Your Highness is finally back!”

The words that His Highness had said with a very firm determination back then seemed to echo in Samuel’s ears, “I am not strong enough to control my own destiny now. When my strength is enough, I will appear in front of those enemies in a domineering way. In their frightful gaze, I’ll take back everything that belongs to me! You too, understand?”

These words immensely motivated Samuel. Even in the most dangerous stage when he broke through the bottleneck, these words appeared in his subconscious mind. It helped him to finally break through the barrier of the Master and reach Saint in one fell swoop.

“Your Highness does not hesitate to stay in the dangerous Demon Realm, using battle and strategy to continuously hone yourself. Now that you have returned to the human world, does it mean… you are intending to make a comeback and take back everything that belongs to you?”

Seeing the scorching eyes of the Silver Knight, Chen Rui felt speechless in his mind. Of course, he couldn’t say that this free return trip was actually an accident and he had to rush back to the Demon Realm. After being stunned for a while, he had to shake his head, “Putting other things aside, you should call me Richard…”

In the woods, the dazzling light that annihilated the darkness gradually dissipated. The warm sunlight shone from the cracks in the canopy, forming a light beam.

A figure surrounded by the light beam appeared in front of everyone.

The members of the Iron s.h.i.+eld Mercenary Squad gathered in excitement and cheered.

“Deputy commander!”

“That technique is really powerful. The d.a.m.n dark power disappeared in the blink of an eye!”

“With the deputy commander, I won’t be afraid no matter how strong the enemy is!”

Samuel greeted everyone 1 by 1. When he turned his head and met Ina’s gaze, he smiled, “I’m here, commander.”

A strange look flashed in Ina’s eyes, then she smiled, “It seems that you, deputy commander, is much more popular than me. You might as well just become the commander.”

“I’m just a temporary deputy commander.” Samuel shook his head nonchalantly, “Just like we agreed at the beginning… By the way, what kind of enemy did you meet? I found the mark that calls for help on the way, so I immediately rushed here.”

When Ina heard the word ‘temporary’, a gloomy expression pa.s.sed by. She soon returned to normal, telling the story of the Dagger Brotherhood.

Samuel looked toward the fatty’s side, “Are they the escort targets this time?”

“Yes, you should know Pastor Mana, and that…” Ina nodded. She was slightly surprised when she suddenly saw Chen Rui next to the fatty, “Richard? Where did you go?”

“I’ve been with all of you all the time.” Chen Rui shrugged, “The dark breath just now was really terrifying. It almost deprived me of all my power. Fortunately, this… uh, your deputy commander arrived. Otherwise, I’m afraid we will all be wiped out.”

“Really?” Ina showed a suspicious expression, “Why didn’t I see you?”

“Maybe I lack a sense of presence as I’m a relatively ordinary-looking person. Furthermore, I’m relatively behind… with it.” With that said, Chen Rui patted the head of the wind leopard. The ferocious wind leopard rubbed his leg like a tame cat.

Ina thought for a while and nodded. If it weren’t for ‘Richard’ before, everyone would have died under the siege of the vipers. This person’s whereabouts were a bit strange. But after all, he was one of the employees, and everyone had their own secrets, so she didn’t ask anymore.

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Mana on the side was surprised by Samuel’s power. The deputy commander of the Iron s.h.i.+eld Mercenary Squad seems to be newly appointed. He has always acted low-key. I didn’t expect him to actually have such combat power. I’m afraid he is comparable with the Holy Feather Mercenary Squad’s Commander Dazwin.

“As for the Iron s.h.i.+eld Mercenary Squad…” Samuel paused, “Half a year ago, I was seriously injured and unconscious due to training. It was Ina who rescued me. In return, I stayed in the Iron s.h.i.+eld Mercenary Squad, but I spend most of the time in training and rarely partic.i.p.ate directly in missions. However… I recently received some bad news. As Paul was going to the White Cliff to partic.i.p.ate in the selection of Divinity Temple Knight, he requested to marry Joanna within 2 months. This request has been approved by Joanna’s father!”

“So, you must defeat Paul in 2 months?” Chen Rui showed a knowing expression. Joanna is Samuel’s lover. The Silver Knight went to the Demon Realm to train for her despite the risk.

Samuel lowered his head, “This time Joanna accepted the invitation of her close friend, Eliza, to go for a trip to Garden City. In fact, she wanted to use this opportunity to give up everything and elope with me.”

“Elopement?” Chen Rui was stunned. It seems that Ms. Joanna is sincere to Samuel. By the way… Joanna’s best friend is Eliza who is the target of the fatty’s plan. What a coincidence.

With that said, the Silver Knight knelt down on 1 knee again, “Your Highness, please forgive me for my selfishness and immaturity. I once made the Blood Oath of Light to help Your Highness clear the thorns in the road ahead, but Joanna’s decision really tempted me.”

Chen Rui really wanted to tell Samuel that this was not selfish at all. Forget about the d.a.m.n thorns. You can have s.e.x with Ms. Joanna. Your Highness doesn’t want to stay here at all…

However, before Royal Highness Chen Rui spoke, the Silver Knight had clenched his fists. “Your Highness, please rest a.s.sured, I will never betray my pledge to Your Highness because of my personal affair. I will use my life to defend the glory of Your Highness! Moreover, I don’t want Joanna to carry a bad reputation or leave her beloved mother and sister. I must beat Paul openly! Let her father change his mind!”

“I understand. Please rise first.” When Chen Rui looked at the Silver Knight who exuded a strong fighting spirit, he suddenly thought of his own woman, and he thought of rus.h.i.+ng back to save Isabella within the time limit. A strong sense of agreement surged in his heart.

“By the way, your Horadric treasure cube… Uh. Is that s.p.a.ce battlefield still there? If it is, let’s go inside.”

The Horadric s.p.a.ce battlefield was a relic left by Samuel’s teacher swordmaster, Johnson, to his apprentice. It was a special s.p.a.ce item that could also transform to the battlefield environment like the training ground of the Super System.

Samuel removed a necklace from his neck. After activating it with a special power, the necklace turned into a cube. The cube glowed, and a light gate appeared.

“Let’s go in.” After both of them walked in, the light door disappeared.

Samuel followed Chen Rui into the s.p.a.ce battlefield. Chen Rui looked at the flat ground at his feet, “How much power can this s.p.a.ce battlefield withstand?”

“Horadric s.p.a.ce battlefield can withstand any power of the Pseudo-Saint which is the Demon Emperor. Generally speaking, it should also be able to withstand a real Saint’s attack. My teacher once said that if you want to destroy this s.p.a.ce, you must have the strength of a peak stage Saint.”

“In other words, it can’t bear the power of the peak stage of the Demon Overlord?” Chen Rui nodded and beckoned to Samuel, “Aren’t you trying to beat that Paul in 2 months? Then, show me your most powerful move now. Listen clearly, the most powerful move.”

The Silver Knight was stunned, “The most powerful? Your Highness…”

Chen Rui held up a finger, “I order you.”

TL: What will Samuel think if he knows that Chen Rui’s promise is just a lie? Also, will Samuel be the first one who gets conferred with star t.i.tle?

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