Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 51 - Turn Waste into Treasure! The Miracle Powder

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Chapter 51 Turn Waste into Treasure! The Miracle Powder

Chen Rui read through the information and understood the fight between Joseph and Kanita. After pondering for a while, he finally nodded and said, “This is indeed a good opportunity. Kanita should be someone that we can make use of.”

“An enemy’s enemy might not be an ally.” Shea frowned and said, “Even if it’s Kanita who is coming to the Dark Moon, his purpose is still to complete the mission of controlling the Dark Moon by the capital.”

“That’s not how the computation goes, Princess Royal,” Chen Rui shook his head. “Joseph’s economic control on the Dark Moon is almost perfect. Unless the old family forces that support Princess Royal, like the Saiful family defects to the Red Spirit, otherwise, our situation will not get worse. On the contrary, Joseph’s strength in Dark Moon’s is one of the important a.s.sets he uses to compete with Kanita. So, Joseph will never let Kanita take over the forces that he worked hard for. Even if Kanita truly comes to the Dark Moon, he is bound to suffer tremendous resistance or even trigger more counterattacks by Joseph. We can take advantage of this opportunity to secretly undermine and get rid of the Red Spirit’s economic control.”

Shea kept nodding while listening and Old Gauss looked admired, “Princess Royal is right. It’s wasting your talent to be a secretary.”

“Sir Gauss, you have overpraised me. Actually, the secretary position is already high enough.” Chen Rui certainly didn’t want to walk on stage and attract attention. He quickly shook his head and said, “I’m still a human after all. Being able to provide some tiny ideas behind the scene and help Princess Royal is satisfying enough.”

“That is not just a tiny idea. Your wisdom and ability are undisputed.” Shea’s beautiful purple eyes were full of burning radiance. “I don’t like to make empty promises, but if there is a chance, I will never treat you wrong.”

Chen Rui did not put much attention on those words as things constantly changed. He had seen lots of examples of betraying and not keeping promises. His objective wasn’t on this so he didn’t bother now.

Old Gauss moved the conversation back to the main topic. Actually, Shea had long prepared to undermine and get rid of Red Spirit’s control that Chen Rui just said. Although almost half of the Dark Moon’s commerce was controlled by Joseph, Joseph’s half actually included the Mellon family’s part; the other half was in the hands of the Saiful family and several old families. These forces were deeply rooted, and most of them supported Princess Royal. Besides, the Mellon family was an opportunist. They only wanted to rely on the big force, Red Spirit, but it wasn’t truly loyal toward Joseph.

One of the most critical issues at the moment was food. The Dark Moon was rich in herbs and minerals, but it had always been lacking food. The demons’ food was mainly crop and supplemented by meat. Due to the special soil quality of the Dark Moon Estate, the crop yield had always been difficult to increase. Even during the most prosperous time of the year, most of the food was purchased from other estates.

Through several years of hard work, the Saiful family and several other families had cultivated a large number of pigs and cows. The source of meat had been greatly alleviated, but the more important crops still couldn’t be improved. They could only rely on the supply and support from the Red Spirit Estate. Chen Rui once heard Shea mentioned that as s.p.a.ce equipment was extremely rare, and its capacity was too small; it couldn’t store a large amount of food. So, she could only rely on caravan transportation. The food-purchasing caravans to the south and west that she sent were all robbed and killed by the so-called ‘thieves’; she suffered heavy losses. Thus, if the food problem could be solved, the Red Spirit’s control over the Dark Moon would be greatly weakened.

Food, crops… Chen Rui frowned and did not say anything. He had too little knowledge of agriculture. Besides, the Demon Realm’s geographical conditions were special, so the Earth’s agricultural knowledge might not come in handy…

Suddenly, he thought of the two loud farts at the Cloak Gang just now. His eyes brightened and suddenly stood up: Lala Potato! Lala Potato that matures in a month with doubles the yield!

It seems that I almost ignored an important talent!

His movement made Shea and Old Gauss focused their eyes on him.

When Kaka was taken by the guards from the Cloak Gang to the palace hall, the poor dwarf thought that the incident of his failed robbery attempt was exposed, and his green face was scared to white. Especially when facing a legendary big shot like Princess Shea, his entire body s.h.i.+vered that he even forgot to bow.

“Kaka.” The human secretary that the dwarf was familiar with walked toward him. “Tell Princess Royal about the Lala Potatoes.”

“Sir, save me!” Kaka seemed to have grabbed his lifeline and said incoherently, “Lala Potato…that, I… I will never dare to fart anymore!”

After he said that, a loud noise disappointedly came from the dark dwarf’s b.u.t.t. Now even Chen Rui’s face was white. He had already learned the power of this gas, so he quickly retreated.

The dark dwarf almost wanted to cry out loud. His entire body crumbled to the ground softly. What did I just do? In the famous palace council hall, facing Princess Royal Shea, the Dark Moon Lord, I actually faa, fart…

Shea face was unchanged. Old Gauss waved gently and a breeze appeared. The smell were all blown out of the door, but the guards at the door had to suffer.

“Your name is Kaka?”

Shea’s faint voice made Kaka recollect his mind. He quickly kneeled down and pressed his forehead on the ground, “Your Royal Highness, please forgive me. That wasn’t intentional; it’s just because I ate those Lala Potatoes. It’s really…”

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“I forgive your rudeness. I heard from Chen Rui that you can double the yield of Lala Potatoes, and let it mature in a month?”

Kaka stunned and then took a closer look. He was excited, “This is it! In turn out that these are made by sir!”

After confirming, Chen Rui finally understood that it was the powder remained after . It actually has such a wonderful effect. Fortunately, the large amount of powder that I converted later is all placed in the storage and it isn’t thrown away yet!

In this way, the crop problem that had been plaguing the Dark Moon for decades could actually be solved, and the key was actually him, a reincarnated person!

No wonder Kaka said the “magic powder” was found around the blacksmith’s area; it should the ones left after he used that time.

“Actually… these are not what I made but are something left after Master Aldas’s certain experiment.”

Chen Rui signaled Shea with his eyes and Shea immediately understood. She ordered Kaka to keep a secret about the magic powder. The astute, Old Gauss said that he was willing to accept Kaka as a follower. He made Kaka go back to pack things immediately, move to Old Gauss’s house in the afternoon and wait for commands.

Kaka didn’t expect something would fall into his lap; he actually could get such a good treatment. He quickly recognized Old Gauss as his master, thanked Shea and Chen Rui and left happily. Not far after he walked past the entrance, the long-endured Lala Potatoes’ gas could no longer be sealed; he excitedly made a series of loud farts.

Chen Rui couldn’t hold back anymore. “Psst!” and he laughed out loud. His laughter obviously influenced Shea, and her face couldn’t help but turn red. Her cold face actually had a really shallow smile. Although the smile wasn’t unrestrained, it showed an unprecedented mien.

Chen Rui was stunned looking at her; Shea immediately realized that she forgot herself in the laughter. Instantly, she had already returned to a cold look, which made people feel regret for a moment.

There was shocked in Old Gauss’ eyes by the side. As the long-serving minister for the crowned prince, Grimm, he watched Shea grew up. Since Shea took over the Dark Moon, she had become a cold princess thoroughly. There had never been a smile on her face, even if she was facing her sister, Alice.

Now, she actually inexplicably smiled under the influence of Chen Rui. How influential is this human being?

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