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Chapter 503 - Plot

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Chapter 503: Plot

Zeta didn’t understand what “10,000 black crystal coins” meant. Faced with the girl’s powerful and determined punch, he instinctively felt an unprecedented danger. He quickly activated the bloodline talent of the great demons, teleportation, and barely avoided this blow.

With the power level of Demon Overlord and his talent, he teleported very far away this time, but he could not escape the strong senses of the girl. She immediately estimated the position of Zeta’s teleportation, jumped into the air, and closed the gap in the blink of an eye.

This flying ability made Zeta’s eyelids flicker. The magic wand in his hand emitted strong wind magical fluctuations, and an extremely strong blue lightning struck the girl.

The girl didn’t dodge the lightning as if she didn’t see it. She also didn’t activate any defensive or dodge means, allowing the lightning to strike her body.

“Buzz buzz buzz buzz…”

Admist the lightning arcs, the girl shook the remaining electric sparks on her body casually as if a breeze just blew past her. She flew toward Zeta with the same speed.

Zeta could hardly believe his eyes. This lightning seems ordinary, but it is my compound magic from my proud research. In addition to lightning, it also contains the power of the water element which is several times more powerful than ordinary lightning magic. Even a powerhouse of the same level can’t take it head-on without dodging, but the girl did just that.

At this time Zeta could no longer use the great demon’s teleport talent, but he still had the teleportation magic. He teleported far away once again. The moment he stabilized his figure, he quickly charged another magic. Several groups of poison clouds mixed with white mist sprayed out, wrapping up the girl.

This was a combination of the 2 magics “[Poison Cloud]” and “[Freezing Ice Explosion]”, but unfortunately it was still useless. The girl walked through the bursting poison clouds casually without even a tear on the cloak she was wearing.

There was already cold sweat on Zeta’s back. He teleported away once again without using attack magic. Deceleration, weakening, and curse technique… were all launched at the girl he tried to disrupt the opponent’s tempo.

The girl tanked all the magics as before, but she was a little bored with the repeated useless moves of this enemy. She calculated the distance and came to Zeta in the blink of an eye with a punch in his face. Before the punch hit him, the terrifying fluctuation had made the s.p.a.ce slightly distorted. Judging from the punch speed and power, it was not affected by the debuff magic at all. Zeta was shocked. Since he activated magic too quickly just now, it was too late to use the teleportation magic. He immediately hit the magic item on his body, and a round transparent magic s.h.i.+eld immediately appeared around his body.

The girl’s punch hit the s.h.i.+eld. The originally solid round s.h.i.+eld turned into an oval shape under the extremely terrifying pressure. It was knocked far away with Zeta in it.

Although the s.h.i.+eld blocked the punch, Zeta absolutely suffered some damages as if he was in a stormy sea; he could be crushed at any time. His nose and mouth could no longer bear the pressure and bleed.

The s.h.i.+eld lost a lot of magic power under the pressure. It finally disappeared without a trace with a pop. Zeta almost fell to the ground as he lost his balance, feeling barely escaped from death.

Immune to magic and has powerful attack power. This is simply the nemesis of all magicians. How else can I fight against her?

Seeing the girl rushed over again, Zeta was so shocked that he was no longer bothered about Samoer. He burst his extraordinary potential, maximizing his flying skills to flee away with all his strength.

“Run away? This trick that will deduct my money is simply unforgivable!” The girl’s voice swiftly moved along Zeta’s figure. At a glance, she seemed to transform into a huge black cloud-like body, then there was a faint horrified scream…

Samoer had no time to pay attention to these. He didn’t even have the chance to have a fierce fight with the mysterious cloaked cavalry leader because there was a terrifying enemy wrapped in flames in front of him. The other party hadn’t used the territory yet, but the breath of power alone made Samoer’s territory shake. The Toro Family’s elder who surrendered to the Dark Moon, Demon Overlord Vanim!

I’m doomed! Completely doomed! Not only him, but the entire army.

The scorching flame power had wrapped Samoer’s territory tightly; there was no hope of escaping.

For some reason, Samoer suddenly thought of the scene of the encounter with the mysterious cavalry leader that night. Although today he saw the enemy cavalry leader wearing a cloak and the skill similar to [Magic Shadow Charge], a subtle feeling told him that his opponent that night was Nesta.

By now, the truth was no longer important because he was defeated.

The winner rules. It was as simple as that.

Even if he fled back to the Red Spirit City, there was only one result for him as a defeated general whose whole legion was wiped out. As for whether Nesta was innocent, it no longer had any meaning. There was also no good ending in surrendering to the Dark Moon. Let alone his feud with Nesta, the Dark Moon would sooner or later be destroyed with the capital’s power.

Samoer felt that his territory power was on the verge of collapse in the Demon Overlord flame. If he didn’t want to be captured alive as a prisoner, there was only one way left.

Samoer’s face showed a fierce and decisive look as he made the biggest and final decision in his life. The oppressed force of his whole body suddenly became manic as if it had rejuvenated. His blood vessels and muscles began to expand in a terrifying manner.


The one-sided battle was quickly over. 30,000 well-prepared elite soldiers against 10,000 exhausted soldiers without a leader, the result was expected.

A few days later.

Outside the Red Spirit City, the coalition army barrack.

Obsidian listened to the military report ahead with a pale face.

A total of 90,000 soldiers of the Nether Hydra Legion and 2 estates were wiped out.

The Nether Hydra Legion’s commander, Samoer, died.

The 2 lords, Sauter and Jox, were captured.

Demon Overlord Zeta, the elder of the Kamon Family, was captured.

Kanita, the heir of the Red Spirit Estate, died.

The Magic Shadow Legion’s commander, Nesta, led the 4,000 Magic Shadow Legion soldiers to surrender to the enemy.

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This was a complete defeat. 90,000 soldiers were all annihilated without survivor.

The 2 great victories over the capital’s Magic Shadow Legion and Nether Hydra Legion inspired the Dark Moon Army. Nesta, who surrendered to the Dark Moon, was appointed as the Red Blood Legion deputy legion commander and cavalry commander.

Originally, the Dark Moon had 30,000 cavalries. This time, there were 4,700 cavalries who returned with Nesta, plus more than 7,000 of the Magic Shadow Cavalry initially captured in the Moonlight Fortress, the total was more than 40,000 cavalries.

Such re-use of a surrendered general showed Shea’s extraordinary courage. Nesta was very grateful and swore the blood oath of never betraying the Dark Moon in the name of the royal family in front of the Dark Moon ministers.

In addition to boosting the military morale, the surrender of the capital’s famous general also improved Shea’s influence power to a certain extent.

Shea was indeed a very courageous lord, but this appointment had nothing to do with courage because Nesta had already become the puppet of Chen Rui’s G.o.d-Eating Mask.

There were two puppets of the G.o.d-Eating Mask initially. One was the capable general under the Midnight Sun, the peak stage of the Demon Overlord Loki; the other was Kanita, the son of the Red Spirit Lord Josh. Due to the limited number of puppets, Chen Rui ended Kanita’s life before turning Nesta into a puppet.

As for Kanita, who later appeared in front of Samoer, it was the slime that could transform into any form. The slime first pretended to be the lord and was domineering in the Red Spirit Estate for a while, then he followed Royce as a bystander silently. Now he worked very hard in front of his owner. From the beginning where he rushed out and fell “tragically” in the end, every line and every action was on point. He successfully fulfilled the historical mission of “Kanita”.

Those arrows were actually just like tickling to Dodo who was immortal.

With the puppets who were obliged to obey and the character who could transform freely, the Bloodmist Valley was actually a good show to lure the capital army. Only the cavalries of the Magic Shadow Legion were kept in the dark.

That night, Samoer saw the real Nesta outside Town Mordo, but the cavalry were the Dark Moon soldiers. In the end, Samoer was lured into the Black Mountain Forest. The 90,000 soldiers on the expedition were wiped out. The indignated Magic Shadow Cavalry also truly surrendered to the Dark Moon.

In this scene, the Red Spirit Lord Josh was the most authentic character. It was precisely because of this that he could confidently make suggestions in front of Obsidian. If he was a puppet or disguise, perhaps he would be unable to fool the capital’s powerhouses.

As early as after the war of lords, the seriously injured Josh was imprisoned. Dodo pretended to be Josh, and Kanita’s fake rebellion was used to get rid of Josh’s confidante and to help Royce and others to the upper position. He succeeded in fully controlling the situation of the Red Spirit Estate without raising the capital’s suspicion.

In order to save his life, Josh chose to surrender and became Chen Rui’s servant, and he took a chronic poison from Paglio, then only he was allowed to return to the position of lord. In fact, he was a puppet manipulated by the Dark Moon.

Out of the 4 major estates of the empire, Shea already accounted for 3.

In the capital’s crusade against the Dark Moon, Josh became the most important piece of chess. Using Kanita’s death, he got an important position and schemed Zeta. This further deepened the conflict between the elder families and Obsidian. At present, Josh’s main task was to continue lurking. This chess piece would never be moved until the most critical time.

“Chen Rui stays; the rest can go.” Shea said lightly while looking at the latest intel.

Everyone got up and retreated. The wonderful eyes behind the veil of Isabella glanced at Shea lightly and paused briefly on Chen Rui’s face before she walked away.

Dodo came back with realistic transformation and superb acting skills ?

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