Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 50 - The Dwarf, Kaka’s Talent

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Chapter 50: The Dwarf, Kaka’s Talent

Chen Rui was moved and knew that Paglio didn’t like sentimental way, so he smiled, “Since we’re partners then yours is mine, and mine is still mine. I will help you deal with all the treasures at the Silent Night Wetland! If you have a beautiful dragon sister, I can also devote myself and we’ll get even closer…”

Dealing with someone stubborn was to be more stubborn than him.

“Phft! Such a greedy guy!” The poison dragon looked disgusted. “From what I see, you and Laura that madwoman should be a pair. I hope she’ll fall for you when you guys meet in the future!”

Chen Rui remembered Paglio’s depiction of Laura being a mad scientist, and he couldn’t help but shudder. That’s not a blessing. It’s obviously a curse.

The poison dragon stopped joking and said, “Actually, what you said was right. This is a good opportunity to train. You possess the inheritance power of the grand master. Every time you reach a checkpoint, your awakened strength will be greatly enhanced. Perhaps in two months time, you can actually defeat that Greater Demon. By that time, the goal of Silent Night Wetland shouldn’t be far…”

Chen Rui knew that Paglio had always believed in the grand master’s inheritance, so Paglio had confidence in him was mainly because of that, but Chen Rui didn’t say anything.

After that, the poison dragon gave a wicked smile, “If you can’t achieve the strength to rival that guy after two months, come to the blue lake. When the Great Demon finds it here with the war contract, I will settle him! Although I only have the power of a Great Demon King now, killing a Greater Demon isn’t hard, especially the word ‘poison’ in my name isn’t just decorative!”

“So that’s the way that you mentioned. The adjective of ‘sinister’ should be given to you,” Chen Rui was more determined in his heart. “However, before that, I wouldn’t think about this. A true battle requires my full attention; I can’t wish for any luck. The deadlier it is, the more potential I can inspire.”

“It seems that your gains from this actual combat are really not bad. First, let’s think about how to deal with the “Quick Wolf”, Jesse.” The poison dragon nodded with satisfaction. “From the nickname, he should be speed type. This type of guy is the hardest to deal with as they are fast to attack and defend. Your endurance and resilience are very strong; you’re supposed to be a nemesis for speed type, but your defense is not enough, especially the strength of your opponent is still above you, otherwise, you can find a way to crush him.”

“What if… I can keep up with his speed?”

“That’s too difficult.” the poison dragon shook his head decisively. “The most effective way to train speed is to carry weight. Yet, you only have ten days, so you can’t make it, not to mention the opponent is the strongest speed type among the Intermediate Demon.”

Chen Rui thought of the gravity rule of the training ground in the Super System and smiled mysteriously, “Perhaps I have a way to increase my speed drastically in a short time.”

“If that’s the case, then of course it’s the best.” The poison dragon knew that his partner had a strange inheritance, thus he didn’t ask in detail. “Yet, even if you can keep up with his speed, the difference in power must not be ignored. Your current physical condition is not good. Go back to recover your injuries and train. Come here 5 nights later. I will try my best to control my power at the middle stage, and then speed up to let you adapt in advance.”

“Okay!” Chen Rui didn’t waste any time; he immediately rode the wyvern.

Before leaving, Paglio did not forget to remind, “In any case, be careful. If you really can’t do it, then flee to his place. I haven’t lived long enough!”

Chen Rui smiled. The wyvern spread its wings and disappeared into the night sky.

He woke up early the next morning. Master Aldas was indeed worthy of his t.i.tle. Chen Rui deliberately downed two bottles of master’s Healing Potion last night. Together with the ability of , the broken rib bones were almost cured in a night, even the more serious physical wounds were recovered.

After Chen Rui woke up, the first place he went was the Cloak Gang, of course, in the human ident.i.ty as a secretary.

Due to Aguile’s orders last night, the old dwarf, Didi showed full respect when he saw Chen Rui.

“Didi, Aguile has a very important thing for you to do,” Chen Rui said and the old dwarf immediately opened his ears. “You must collect the information about the players who partic.i.p.ate in the arena’s battle at the fastest speed. Not the Lesser Demon but the Intermediate and Greater Demon, especially the one called “Quick Wolf”, Jesse.”

In battle, we must despise the enemy, and I must have the belief and courage to win; In strategy, I must value our enemies; I can only be unbeatable by knowing ourselves and our enemies.

“I just happen to have a piece of information here; I got it when I gambled at the arena. Please wait for a while, sir.” The old dwarf heard the request, turned back to the house and soon came back with a thin booklet. The booklet’s corners were heavily worn and seemed to be used regularly for research.

Chen Rui read through it; all the main players in each level were indeed recorded in detail. As for Aguile who just partic.i.p.ated yesterday, he wasn’t included. The record about “b.l.o.o.d.y Hand”, Lance was: Lance; centaur; nicknamed “b.l.o.o.d.y Hand”; strongman among early stage Intermediate Demon; attack aggressively; means were cruel brash; possessed talent.

Chen Rui faced Lance yesterday and secretly thought that these comments were actually quite objective.

Jesse’s information was: Jess; dark elf; nicknamed “Quick Wolf”; the strongest player among the middle-stage Intermediate Demon; extremely fast; mastery of dagger and close combat; possessed skill; great timing; opponents were usually killed with one blow.

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He was indeed a speed type. No wonder he was called “Quick Wolf”. Chen Rui frowned, turned to the last page and saw Arux’s name. Arux; Great Demon; Greater Demon [note: Great Demon is the race while Greater Demon is the rank]; his specific strength level was unknown; the most recent battle was 4 months ago. He cut a middle stage Greater Demon in half within 10 minutes.

Kaka kept saying yes for a while and again showed off his achievements to Chen Rui, “Sir, the usual Lala Potato mature in half a year, but this can mature in a month. The output is also doubled, but it’s also easier to fart after eating.”

Not sure if it was his excitement or the effect of the modified Lala Potato, Kaka farted outrageously. The stench was extraordinarily rich. Chen Rui quickly covered his nose.

He recalled during the Master Challenge, he once spoofed Aldas and used the “Ten Metres Scent” to kill Sandro. Now, this could be considered as his tiny punishment.

The old dwarf’s eyes were green, “Get out! Such a rude guy!”

Kaka stuck out his tongue, turned around and ran. While pa.s.sing the entrance, he farted a louder one. The old dwarf felt extremely embarra.s.sed in front of Chen Rui. If it wasn’t his old body couldn’t outrun his nephew, he really wanted to rush over and teach this guy a lesson.

The old dwarf laughed awkwardly, “Kaka lost his parents since young, so he lacks discipline. He likes to play with these plants the most. If he offended you, sir, please don’t blame him.”

Chen Rui thought about Kaka using the Bewilder Flower powder when they first met and nodded, “It doesn’t matter. Complete the 3 tasks that Aguile a.s.signs to you. Both him and I believe in your ability.”

Those words moved the old dwarf again. Chen Rui did not stay at the Cloak Gang anymore and went straight to the palace.

In the council hall, Shea was discussing with Old Gauss; she was a little surprised at Chen Rui’s early arrival to work. She said, “Chen Rui, you’re right on time. I just received the news that Joseph has returned to the Red Spirit Estate because of his failure in the Sky Battle. The emperor was dissatisfied, and his brother, Kanita seized the opportunity to propose depriving him of his qualification to be at Dark Moon. Currently, Joseph and Kanita are fighting each other in various ways, so Joseph should not return to the Dark Moon for the time being.”

Old Gauss spoke up, “I think this is a good opportunity for us, Chen Rui. What do you think?”

After constant contact in this period of time, coupled with some of the plans that he heard from Princess Royal, Old Gauss who was wise had paid considerable respect to the new-appointed human secretary.

Chen Ruil looked like he was pondering. He had found his place in the Demon Realm. When he was “Chen Rui”, he was a strategist who planned and devise. When he was “Aguile”, he was a warrior that pursued strength at all cost.

Until one day, he would possess the power that could truly control his destiny.

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