Devil's Son-in-Law


Chapter 49 - Partner! Poison Dragon’s Support

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Chapter 49: Partner! Poison Dragon’s Support

Chen Rui’s current strength was equivalent to a freshly advanced Intermediate Demon while Arux was at least at a stable period of Greater Demon. In other words, it was early-stage Intermediate Demon facing middle-stage Greater Demon. The difference was as huge as an entire stage; the difference between those two was like sky and earth.

Although Chen Rui had been making the impossible possible since he came to the Demon Realm, he was relying on his intelligence and luck before. Yet, now, it was about actual strength!

“Sir Arux, I finally remember!” Keithahn at the side patted his head and said, “The name of No. 64 is Aguile; he is also the leader of a small organization called Cloak Gang in the city.”

“Cloak Gang?” Arux nodded and the smile when he looked at Chen Rui became crueler. “Very good! Then I have one more bargaining chip which is all members of Cloak Gang. If you fail or run away, every head from the Cloak Gang including yours will be hung at the arena.”

Chen Rui said seriously, “I admit that this challenge is very difficult. So, from now on I need urgent training, and I don’t want to be disturbed by anyone! I only have one question, after signing the contract, will my whereabouts be exposed within these two months?”

“It’s clearly written on the contract that the time is after 60 days. I can’t detect your whereabouts within 60 days.”

Chen Rui already had no choice, so he took a deep breath, bit his fingers and wrote the name of Aguile on the flame-contract with fresh blood. The blood texts turned into golden words and disappeared in the flame. Arux also did the same and completed the contract signing.

Keithahn at the side was stunned. He never thought Sir Arux would sign a war contract with an Intermediate Demon. That was detrimental to his dignity.

Arux moved his mind and the war contract disappeared. He nodded and said, “Nice! However, your current strength is not enough to challenge me. Since you said that you want to break through the seal between life and death, I will help you! Today’s ‘b.l.o.o.d.y Hand’, Lance is just an early stage Intermediate Demon. Your next opponent is ‘Quick Wolf’ Jesse, the strongest among the Intermediate Demons. I will give you 10 days for recovery and special training. The battle will be in ten days. If you lose, I don’t want to repeat the consequences.”

“I understand,” Chen Rui asked shamelessly, “What if you lose 2 months later?”

In a sense, the plan to delay and to spur had succeeded. The rest depended on his actual strength. According to common sense, let alone two months to challenge Arux, even if it was two years, it might still be impossible. However, his possession of the Super System was beyond common sense. Not only that, but he also had Paglio and a newly metamorphosed strongman’s heart.

Just like the battle against Lance today, one needed to be stressed. With more stress, more potential could be released. Since he couldn’t withdraw, he might as well put everything at stake and find a way out at the brink of death.

“I will lose?” Arux seemed to hear the funniest joke. Keithahn at the side immediately sneered at the opportunity. “If you can really break through the so-called seal step by step and defeat me in two months. This arena and my life are all yours! However, don’t even try your luck to escape as even if you escape to the edge of the Demon Realm, I will take your head!”

“A true warrior only dies in battle, but not being pursued because of escaping.” Chen Rui said faintly, turned around and left.

“I was looking for some fun anyway. So, I’m looking forward to beheading you at the arena two months later.” Arux smiles became increasingly cruel, but admiration flashed through his eyes. “Wait!”

When Chen Rui turned around, he saw the Great Demon waved his hand. Then, the more than 1 meter tall fluorescent stone sculpture slowly levitated and flew toward him. He quickly caught it with both his hands, and he was very surprised.

“This is what you deserve!” Arux didn’t pay attention to him anymore, sat down and raised his gla.s.s of wine.

Right after Chen Rui left, Keithahn took out his guts and asked, “Sir Arux, you could easily kill Aguile just now. Why did you lower yourself and sign a war contract with this incompetent person?”

Arux’s wine gla.s.s paused and some kind of nostalgia seemed to flash through the b.l.o.o.d.y red iris. His voice, however, became scary, “Keithahn, you are my trusted aide, and you have been following me for nearly 100 years. You should know what to ask and what not to ask.”

The lich looked terrified. He knew that he shouldn’t have said that and quickly bowed, “Rest a.s.sured, sir, Keithahn understand.”

Although it was already late at night and his injuries weren’t light, Chen Rui didn’t have time to spare because of the two-months period. He didn’t stop when he returned to the lab and immediately mounted the wyvern to fly toward the blue lake.

Along the way, Chen Rui entered the Super System. The Experience Value in the status bar had reached 6%. He finally realized the strange changes on the 3-D human body. At the perverted part, the “Alkaid” light ball was s.h.i.+ning even brighter. With that as the center, every part of the body had a ray of light; it appeared indistinctly like a smokescreen. A thin skeleton form was built faintly.

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What does this “skeleton” change mean? Chen Rui was confused. After the battle with Lance, he felt some obvious changes in his body, as if the use of power was smoother. Paglio was right that the more life-threatening the battle, the faster the strength improved.

“Paglio, listen to me. I think this is an opportunity. Didn’t you mention that actual combat is the fastest way to improve? You also noticed that my current strength has improved significantly as compared to last night. That Arux has arranged that after 10 days, my opponent is a middle stage Intermediate Demon. If I win, he will continue to arrange new opponents from lower to higher strength until I can challenge him. These battles are dangerous, but looking at a different perspective, it’s as if Arux is pus.h.i.+ng me forward! So, I want to take the risk and truly fight.”

While Chen Rui was speaking, his eyes lit up, “I almost died at the arena today, but I gained a lot. Also, I have already truly understood a lot of things. If there is no courage and fighting spirit, even if there is the inheritance of… grand master, I will just be an opportunist who relies on luck and my wit to barely survive for the rest of my life. Can I still go to the Silent Night Wetland? Can I still find the fairy dragon, Laura? It’s not only for you but also for myself. I need strength; I want to be a true strongman!”

Compared with the many mountains and alpines on his path, Arux was just a small summit blocking in front of Chen Rui. If he couldn’t conquer this summit, how could he cross more, higher summits in the future?

Although the stress was huge, so as the driving force.

Poison dragon said disdainfully, “Everyone wants to be a strongman, but this path is full of threats of death at any time. There’s not many that truly survived and became a strongman! Aren’t you afraid of dying? Think clearly!”

“Paglio, didn’t you reach where you are now like this step by step?” Chen Rui wasn’t moved. “I have decided that even if there would be crises of death everywhere, I will never back down. I don’t want to be the destiny’s puppet anymore, I want to choke its neck!”

The poison dragon’s eyes gradually became serious, and he carefully examined the human that had never been serious. He asked coldly, “Overconfident guy, are you sure you want to do this?”

“We humans have a saying that a cowardice person had died thousands of times before he or she truly dies whereas the brave man only dies once. I know what you are worried about. Can the symbiotic contract be removed by any way? Even without the contract, I will still go to the Silent Night Wetlands to help you unlock the seal. If you don’t trust…”

“Unless you reach the level of demiG.o.d, if not you can’t resolve the contract’s power! Besides, I’m concerned with your sinister and greed, so I rather maintain the contract!” The poison dragon interrupted him impatiently. “Since you’ve decided, Master Paglio will take this risk with you! I really want to see how you choke destiny’s neck in the future! I just realized now that you are not only greedy and despicable, but also you are a complete madman! I truly don’t understand how did I get such a partner!”

“However, since you’ve decided, you can give it a try. If you really can’t do it, I have a way to deal with that guy!” The poison dragon added subsequently.

Although Paglio didn’t say nicely, he had expressed his trust and support. The word “partner” even moved Chen Rui as he knew that this proud dragon had fully recognized his courage. Of course, his mouth was as stubborn as ever.

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