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Chapter 483 - Contract

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Chapter 483: Contract

The black-clothed girl flew for a while, seeming to lack strength, and landed unstably. Many people didn’t see the scene in the air, but they felt that there was a girl suddenly appearing in front of them.

This girl had long black hair with a pure and cute appearance. She was dressed in a black robe and had a slender figure, especially her long legs that were completely perfect. If one really wanted to pick out any shortcoming, it was that her chest was a little small, but it had a special charm.

Paglio felt the faint dragon breath on the girl’s body, and his eyes lit up, “Did you see that beauty? She turns out to be a dragon! I finally see my cup of tea.”

“Wait! Don’t you like those with sharp teeth, tall and plump…”

“Do you understand what it means by good in many things but specialize in one? You know what’s a wide range of hobbies? Little Betty is also not a tall and plump type… Ok! Now I am the protagonist, don’t bother me from pursuing my happiness. You as the supporting actor should just watch out for me here!”

As soon as the girl appeared, she immediately attracted the attention of many people. Some people had already started to strike up a conversation. However, the expression of the girl looked a little uncomfortable. She even covered her belly as if she was unwell.

The girl ignored these people, but looked around as if she was looking for someone. Suddenly, she looked toward Chen Rui’s side with a surprised look, then she walked over.

Paglio was going to walk over, but unexpectedly, the girl actually walked toward him. He looked back and said with a proud feeling, “Hey, did you see it? This is called charm!”

Paglio quickly adjusted his clothes. His gaze suddenly was full of vicissitudes of life. Together with the handsome face, he had quite the temperament of a lady-killer for women of all walks of life. He walked unhurriedly toward the girl.

The girl’s eyes brightened, and soon, the beautiful woman and the handsome man met.

“Little girl…” The handsome man just said 2 words in a deep and s.e.xy voice, then he was stopped because the beauty did not stop. Instead, she pa.s.sed by him with a surprised expression and continued to walk forward.

Obviously, he was ignored.

“So here you are!” The girl came to Chen Rui. She said pitifully while rubbing her belly, “I have already come early, so you can’t deduct money!”

The handsome actor in front was immediately dumbfounded. He turned his head back and looked at the “tea” in his heart who was having a close conversation with the supporting actor. By the way, her face even looks spoiled?

d.a.m.n Dragon G.o.d!

At this moment, the dragon suddenly understood the feelings of that poor Demon G.o.d’s left eye.

The appearance of Miss Olypheus made Chen Rui frown, “Why do you look like this? Are you injured?”

“No, uh… I ate all the food the next day. I flew over with an empty stomach for the past 3 days and almost died on the way. Remember to give me a bonus of 200 black crystal coins.”

“Why don’t you find a town on the way to buy food and eat?”

“That requires money! I’ve seen it in the capital, even a thin cake requires 3 white crystal coins!” Ms. Black Dragon looked dignified,”My mom said that a good dragon’s vault can only have income and no expenditure!”

“So you flew with an empty stomach for 3 days?” Chen Rui was already speechless against her. I’ve seen those who choose money over life, but I haven’t seen one who risks her life for 3 white crystal coins, and she is even a dragon!

“I’m about to starve to death. Quickly bring me to eat the legendary hot pot, the legendary purple berry wine and so on.” Ms. Black Dragon said while swallowing her saliva. Her stomach also made a growling sound correspondingly.

Before Chen Rui spoke, Paglio had already walked over while gritting his teeth. It took him a long time to utter a sentence, “Are you planning to bring a group of female dragons to fly around above my head?”

After half an hour.

In a room of the Cloak Gang’s hot pot restaurant, a super-large hot pot soup was almost empty. There was a towering stack of empty side dishes next to it.

Miss Olypheus touched her bulging belly and leaned on the chair with bliss, surprise and enjoyment.

——Life is so wonderful. Not only there are free delicious foods, but also an early arrival bonus of 200 black crystal coins. It is worthwhile to fly with an empty stomach for 3 days. Mom is right, there is a reward when you put effort into it.

“Miss Olypheus,” Chen Rui had recovered from the shock of Ms. Black Dragon’s appet.i.te. “Didn’t you say that you have to reach the peak stage of the Demon Overlord to get out of the Mountain Seckred? How come you get out of the mountain earlier?”

In Chen Rui’s [a.n.a.lytical Eyes], Olypheus’s strength was really only the initial intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord. She had not reached the peak stage of the Demon Overlord. Could it be she sneaked out?

“This is the case. After you left last time, I missed the smell of the barbecue, so I wanted to try to make a little bit by myself,” Olypheus said embarra.s.sedly, “I tried many times without success…”

“Then you sneaked out to find me for the barbecue?”

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“No,” Ms. Black Dragon looked even more embarra.s.sed, “Because I accidentally killed some demonic beasts while cooking barbecue and burned a few forests…”

Chen Rui was almost choked: What are you thinking?

Ms. Black Dragon said righteously, “Mom said that girls should learn to love themselves and never let men take advantage of them before getting married; unless you want to marry me!”

Then, she asked curiously, “By the way, what is taking advantage and getting married? Is it edible?”

“Cough…” Chen Rui really choked up now: In your dictionary, is there only eating beside money?

After finally calming down, Chen Rui also put on a righteous appearance, “Stop thinking nonsense! My condition is that we sign a contract!”

The contract content proposed by Chen Rui included that Olypheus should not harm the employer in any way. She must do her best to protect the employer during her lifetime, keep all the secrets of the employer, protect the target designated by the employer, and fight the enemy for the employer… The whole contract was simply a harsh indentured labor contract.

In terms of treatment, due to Olypheus’s insistent pestering, it had been increased to 500 black crystal coins per year. In addition to free board and lodging, there were some fixed benefits.

If this contract were given to any Demon Overlord, the so-called employer will be beaten, let alone the dragons with superb “financial management” ability. However, Ms. Black Dragon believed that she had taken a big advantage and her original salary had skyrocketed by 5 times. She could even eat and drink for free, reimburse travel expenses on official trips, holidays and some small benefits. They were much better than being nestled in the poor Blackwood Cliff.

By the way, the next time I go on an official trip, I can work harder and fly there by myself, then I can claim the fare of the carriage. I can also eat low-quality food, then claim a high price reimburs.e.m.e.nt when I come back… Ms. Olypheus quickly calculated. She was rejoiced.

Chen Rui didn’t know that this little girl had the innate ability to take rebates and report false accounts. He wondered if he was too blackhearted. Only 500 black crystal coins to hire a black dragon who was about to be the peak stage of the Demon Overlord. Lest Olypheus changed her mind, he offered some benefits first.

“I have a water pearl that can s.h.i.+ne in the water. It can also help in the training of the spirit power. It is a rare treasure. There is also a set of quasi-legendary grade equipment. As long as you sign the contract, I will give them to you as a gift.”

The legendary water pearl! And the legendary quasi-legendary grade equipment! They are even the legendary free gifts!

It seems that I finally found the legendary dumb rich man!

Ms. Black Dragon’s eyes flashed with dazzling stars, and her voice was shaky. Her words were incoherent with excitement, “Hurry up and hand over the contract! Otherwise, I will kill your entire family!”

Chen Rui, “…”

This mc?…. is getting more and more shameless…

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