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Chapter 481 - The Whereabouts of Ms. Black Dragon

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Chapter 481: The Whereabouts of Ms. Black Dragon

Early the next morning, when Chen Rui went to look for Aldas, he found that the dark elf master had been waiting at the gate of the palace for a long time. From his bloodshot eyes, he could tell that Aldas had stayed up all night.

However, Chen Rui was not much better than Aldas. After returning from Isabella’s place last night… he indeed had some trouble sleeping.

The dark elf master didn’t notice so many details. He pulled Chen Rui to the Cloak Gang’s lair in a hurry. With the referral of “Aguile”, Aldas succeeded in becoming Tetenis’ student without any problems.

As time was short, the old man Tetenis rushed to give lectures immediately. The first thing he taught was the basics of pharmaceutics. Chen Rui used the Super System to memorize a lot of pharmaceutics materials by rote before, but that was it. Tetenis had a very strong presenting skill and teaching standard. If he was in another world, he would definitely be a famous professor in the Lecture Room. This basic knowledge was very useful for Chen Rui to digest the materials that he memorized forcefully. Even Aldas could learn new things from Tetenis when reviewing these basics.

After the two-hour basic course, Tetenis also had a general understanding of the level of his two students. Aldas was undoubtedly a satisfactory top student. Although his foundation was not particularly solid, he had rich practical experience and a very focused att.i.tude, lest he miss a word. His occasional questions were also on point. After understanding it, he benefited a lot. On the other hand, “Aguile” was simply an absolute rookie. Apart from his surprising memory, he was simply good for nothing. Even Aldas frowned when he raised those “naive” questions.

Tetenis knew that this rookie was strongest in mechanics, so he didn’t care. In the next mechanics lecture, Aldas did not partic.i.p.ate. Instead, he went back to the laboratory to eagerly digest and experiment with the precious experience that he just had.

Tetenis did not start with the basics of mechanics’ lectures. Instead, he let Chen Rui ask difficult questions. This time, Chen Rui did not let the old man down. He truly showed the strength of a trio-specialized “genius master”. Whether in theory or practice, he was experienced and had a strong ability to understand. The questions raised seemed as though he had immersed in this field for hundreds of years. Moreover, he could understand many things with just a simple pointer. Tetenis was amazed in his heart, and he put more effort into teaching Chen Rui.

The inherited knowledge obtained from countless predecessors was really extraordinary. Many doubts were solved. Chen Rui thought for a while, and he decided to start learning from the basics. Despite the guidance of [Deep a.n.a.lysis], Master Rummenigge and the basic books, relatively speaking, his foundation was not very solid after all. Since there was a quasi-grand master here now, it was just perfect to make up for his shortcomings.

Once he made this request, Tetenis was even more satisfied. The old man had already seen from some of the previous questions that the foundation of this apprentice was not very solid, and Chen Rui actually recognized this clearly. Since he can see his shortcomings clearly, his apt.i.tude is really extraordinary.

The course continued until noon before Tetenis, who was still unfulfilled, let Chen Rui leave. Before leaving, Teta.n.u.s repeatedly advised him to go back and concentrate on the experience. He asked him to continue to attend the cla.s.s tomorrow morning, and never waste his time on the “troublesome things” such as military and government affairs which would make him gain less in mechanics. Chen Rui could only nod and say yes.

After leaving the Cloak Gang, Chen Rui came to the secret headquarters of the Dark Demon. He had to contact a lady at the capital’s base, Walong Hotel, through the magic circle of the Dark Demon’s headquarters- It’s just a trivial matter if she gobbled up all the base’s funds, but it would be disastrous if the base of the Dark Demon is exposed due to the lady being too eye-catching.

I wonder if the leader madam is in the Dark Demon’s headquarters?

Chen Rui’s heart suddenly beat a little fast, and he touched his neck subconsciously. The scene last night was still vivid to him.

If the dead duck dragon or the rogue nephew knew about the events of last night, they would definitely denounce him that he was not a man who was weak by nature and had a certain functional disorder… He didn’t even want to take up the chance that was presented to him.

It was just that Chen Rui knew what he really wanted. Due to this, he dared not act rashly to take responsibility.

Thinking of the wicked traitor who betrayed him… Uh, demon traitor, Chen Rui’s teeth tickled with hatred. That guy probably divulged all my background for Inheritance Rock! Although the key was the flaws in the last accidental incident where Isabella had almost guessed everything already with her wisdom, he is still a demon traitor! Since I can’t do anything to the aunty, uh… I’ll redirect my anger to that b.a.s.t.a.r.d nephew!

By the way, at this moment, she should be having her lunch or taking a break, right…

With a fluke mentality, Chen Rui came to the Dark Demon’s headquarters. He successfully pa.s.sed the investigations and traps along the way and entered the core underground base.

The headquarters of the Dark Demon was just a building on the surface, the real confidential departments were deep underground. Chen Rui came all the way to the commander office lobby and saw Delia. It seemed that Isabella was not there, and his heart relaxed a lot. For some reason, there was a little disappointment.

“Leader,” Delia had received the report since Chen Rui stepped into the headquarters. There was no one else in the office lobby, so her words were also very casual, “What are you doing here?”

“I need to contact the person-in-charge of the Dark Demon’s Walong Hotel in the capital immediately.”

“Okay, I will arrange it right away. The secret communication tower will probably take 15 to 30 minutes to connect to the capital’s base.” When Delia pressed the call b.u.t.ton, a female dark elf walked in and retreated immediately after accepting the order.

“Then I will just wait here.” Chen Rui sat down and looked at the late night wave flower in a pot that was not far away. This kind of flower was very common in underground bases. It could purify the air and calm the mind.

“Is everything alright with you here?”

At this time, another person opened the door and came in to deliver a doc.u.ment. Delia took a glance, nodded and said, “It’s very good here. I kind of like it. The inst.i.tution and facilities are basically complete. There are also some gadgets for the Dark Demons to use. I have to admire the clever ideas of leader.”

This underground fortification originated from Chen Rui’s original design proposal. It was inspired by spy war movies in his past life. Aren’t those Intelligence Department and even the Pentagon located underground? “Gadgets” were the spy tools that were unique to the Demon Realm. Based on Chen Rui’s inspiration and the current level of mechanics, they were naturally not difficult to design.

Chen Rui smiled, “By the way, when can that guy finish training?”

Of course that guy was the shameless traitor nephew. Delia’s eyes were warm at the mention of Roman, “It’s only been a few days. It probably will take a while.”

“I miss him very much.” Chen Rui looked at Delia who was a little surprised, and he added, “My fist misses him. Would you mind if I beat him up for 1 round after he comes out?”

“Of course I mind,” Delia smiled and stood up while holding the file, “Because 1 round is too little. There should at least be 3 rounds as the punishment for him trying to hook up with 3 women this month. Okay, I still need to head out to settle some matters. Tara will take you there after they get in touch.”

Watching Delia leave. Chen Rui was a little sweaty. It seems that every move the b.a.s.t.a.r.d is under the watch of his madam wife who is the second boss of the secret intelligence. That guy still thinks that he is smart, but Delia does not seem to be as calculative as she appears to be. In her heart, she is more tolerant toward Roman. Not only Delia, but I guess Athena and the others are the same as well.

Tolerance is also a kind of deep love, right?

Chen Rui suddenly felt guilty. At this time, a voice sounded, “According to Delia’s words, shouldn’t a greedy, unfaithful person be chopped to pieces?”

Chen Rui shuddered as he saw a moving figure coming out of the inner office. It was Ms. Yini that he was most afraid of seeing. It turns out that the secret intelligence boss was in the inner office inside, and she even heard our conversation just now!

I admit to being “greedy”, but “unfaithful”… Haih, I guess I’ll admit it too.

“Isabella…” Chen Rui stood up.

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“It’s Madam Isabella!” Isabella said coldly, “Finally, you still remember to come here. If the base of Walong Hotel suffers any changes, you will be fully responsible!”

“I won’t be late! Don’t deduct money!” Olypheus efficiently wiped out the food in her hands with tears in her eyes. She said indistinctly, “I’m going now…” After the call, the magic circle closed, and Chen Rui let out a sigh of relief. He finally solved the big problem, Ms. Black Dragon.

“She is really a black dragon?” Isabella’s suspicious voice came from the back. It turned out that Ms. Secret Intelligence had been using some kind of surveillance system to stay invisible at the side.

“She is at least a black dragon at the intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord.” Chen Rui replied with shame. She is a black dragon indeed, but she is just a little weird…

“Intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord?”


“Are you sure she will leave the capital’s base immediately and come over?”


“That’s how you lied to girls…”

“…” (Fortunately, he had been tested by Student Zola usually, so he didn’t dwell into it.)

When Chen Rui felt 2 sharp-edged gazes fixed on his face, he immediately reacted and restored “Simon”‘s face to his original appearance. Isabella stared at his face tightly as her red lips squirmed slightly. She seemed like she was about to say something, but she endured it and threw something over.

Once Chen Rui caught it, he took a look and broke into cold sweat again. This was a recording stone. It was not only the dancing and kissing at the ball that day, but the hug from last night was also recorded in it. Now there was more “evidence”. He couldn’t prove his innocence even if he jumped into the Dead Sea.

There must be countless copies of this.

“Tonight, remember to go to the palace.”

Isabella uttered this sentence and turned away.

The palace? What about after the palace? Chen Rui smiled bitterly as he watched her back leaving. He glanced at the late night wave flower blooming in the corner, and he suddenly remembered a question in his heart.

Do you like flowers?

Do you?

Hmmmm, I wonder how would the Ms. Black Dragon change after she met other dragons?… ‘Kill your entire family’ ?

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